Match Report U7 Bears (11-05-2013)





U7 Foxes



Match Report

The Bears played the Foxes on a sunny morning at Knapsack and as usual it was a great game against a very speedy opposition.

Daniel provided great support for his team by defending strongly and by doing a great pass to Harry which resulted in a goal.

Harry was able to score several more times by dodging defenders down the field.

Jasper once again was the master at huge clearing kicks down the field to get the ball into position in front of the goal.

Joey was consistent as always with strong footwork and passing and calling to his team mates.

Mason was relentless in attack and was able to capitalise on great team work to score 5 times.

Wil played a great all round game in defence and attack and scored several times.

The Foxes were a worthy opposition and it was a lovely game to watch.

Goal Scorers

Wil, Mason, Harry.

Player of the Match