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RAMS Home Loan Offer to BMFC


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Match Report – O35.2 – 29/05/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 29/05/2016

BMFC O35.2: 2
Richmond Ex-Servicemens FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ibra, GH

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that the O35 2’s took to the Knapsack Cauldron to take on Richmond. As we were defending a lead on the points table we certainly wanted to press the point that we deserved to be there!

Before the whistle we got to pay our respects to a long serving referee. Refereeing is not a profession that comes with many accolades or a salary worth writing home about.

Many a young referee (such as the one today) are molded by the respect that us older players show them. Our code can lose a referee as quickly as one decides to give it a go! A lot of words of this report has been spent talking about referees … yes, there’s a childhood story to get out there! I was a young referee (well I referee’d one round robin when I was 13) who would’ve benefitted by a mentor (to let me know how I was to deal with a situation where I made a mistake). I will be ok (30 years on!) but if each player in the team shouted me a beer, I’d certainly be better…

Before I return to the game, where’s Turtle?? Turtle was a no-show and the team truly hopes that everything is ok. Because if everything ok, the team has requested a case of beer!

The first half was where Richmond’s best effort was made. Their attack was similar to ours but we were giving up penalties because we were struggling to contain individual players. The effort by the team was huge but, even so, we each needed to lift 5% (plus CPI & GST) to bring the pressure down.

Attacking was generally easy for our team and in one play forward the opposition keeper came off his line to challenge Ibra for the ball. With both players leading with their feet, they came together … and as both players felt the pain of the collision … one player put this on hold whilst he slotted the ball home for our first goal. The player …. was Ibra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Some comment about the opposition equalizing, nah!]

Just prior to half time Hollywood made a game changing save. He pushed a shot to the side of the goal, keeping us well and truly in the hunt!!! Thank you to Tash who captured the shot (see attached).

The teams were drawn, heading into half time. As we left the field we all knew individually that something needed to change. What was it? Was it going to be a Dekka talk? A Rusty email? A pearl of wisdom from the player with the best view of the game (Ping-Pong-Guru, Hollywood)?

Whatever it was, it did the trick and Richmond began to really struggle to keep up with the pace.

I apologise to the player who pushed the ball to GH for his goal winning effort … because that was obviously a good ball! As GH received the ball, 20 players were in our half … GH received the ball inside our half and sprinted all the way to the keeper at the other end of the field. If it were to be a one on one … we’d expect the contest to be an easy one … but as he maneuvered the ball to get around the sweeper, a further four of the defence had made the distance. The left foot was called into action and the net rattled! That was the end for Richmond as the team continued to push and press our advantage (in across-the-field-fitness).

Great effort all over the field. Well done!!!! 3 more points.

Moving forward, and as GH takes on a less direct style of coaching, the team will be tested. But I know there is a quiet confidence that this team can win the points battle. Let’s do it.

Hollywood Save!

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Match Report – 10.Blue – 28/05/2016

Match Report – 10.Blue – Game Date: 28/05/2016

BMFC 10.Blue:
Springwood United FC Inc:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Matt, Harry C, Ben, etc

Player of the Match: Matt

Match Report: Cold, damp, muddy…………the morning began with a quick reminisce of the days back in blighty, freezing November mornings in a field in the middle of nowhere, frost so white they gave you a fluro orange ball to play with………and trying to get changed at the end but not able to button your shirt because your fingers had no feeling left in them. Ahh…. nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be……

But today it was blues against Springwood and although cold, things got off to a warm start. Corner from Matt 5 mins in and keeper fumbled into his own net. That was followed by Ben’s shooting boots doing the talking. A couple of shots off the bar and he finally got one to make it 2-0 at half time.

Second half and Springwood pulled one back to make it 2-1. An interesting incident, the Springwood keeper putting the ball down to take goal kick when the ball hadn’t gone out of play. Harry C almost scored but the ref called him back. In the end Harry got one and the blues saw out an easy match 4-1. Daniel deserves special mention for his efforts today, he came close to getting a goal for himself and worked hard for the team.

Matt picked up MOM for him hard running, and blues move on to next week.

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Match Report – O35.1 – 22/05/2016

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 22/05/2016

BMFC O35.1: 1
Hazelbrook FC: 5

BMFC Goal Scorers: The Dentist

Player of the Match: Braddles

Match Report: Still smoldering from the lack of spark we showed last week we knew today’s game was season defining against the red hot runaway leaders Hazo

Dunny and Paulie had been on fire at training on Thursday – there were cones all over the pitch which always keeps them happy. They had continued the theme right through the night and into the next morning. They both had a certain glow about them when they arrived for the game

With a full squad available for selection, selflessly Sean stood himself down to act as Manager for the day with The Gaffer away for a few weeks

To break the pensive mood The Bearded Lady had brought his boom box and his favorite tunes started playing – The Prodigy’s Fire Starter was ironically on as Dunny and Paulie walked in the sheds; and as Pirate arrived the end of the chorus of Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s ‘tick, tick, tick, tick boom’ of Boom! Shake the Room.

For the first 20 minutes or so we played with fire in our bellies and seemed to have the upper hand. Tolly’s head took a battering from the opposition winger’s face that left the winger covered in claret – we hope the injury is not as bad as it looked. A well taken goal by Hazo put them in front. We pressed hard looking for an equalizer but were hit by three goals in five minutes just before half time that left us badly burnt

At half time Sean said we needed something to re-ignite our belief – a spark if you like – Dunny and Paulie didn’t know where to look

Second half was much better – The Dentist extracting one from a great Tolly cross. We had more chances but a counter attack led to a penalty as Paulie, fired up, exploded into his opposing player.

Post game and the Pom and Pirate gourmet sausage in a roll was in full swing although questions were raised by the Pirate on the value Pom brings to this set up….to be discussed Thursday evening

Like Dunny’s pool fence our chances of winning the league were extinguished today …

Like Dunny's pool fence our chances of winning the league were extinguished today


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Match Report – O35.2 – 22/05/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 22/05/2016

BMFC O35.2: 4
Jamisontown FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: GB, Disco(2), Bruce

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: PART I – The Game

It was a dark and stormy morning that the (top of the ladder )O35 2’s took to the field against Jamo. It was a home game and the Cauldron was ready for action.

The first 20 saw us flexing our attacking muscle, but we were also giving Jamo the room to attack as well. Once we readjusted our efforts, the game was more balanced and easier to manage for us 🙂

The first half saw a number of great strikes, from our attack, deflected by a talented** keeper.

** talented but not in the same league as our keepers. Please read chapter 7 -10 of ‘Awesome Keeper’s of the 21st Century’ and chapters 3 – 4 of ‘From Perfect to Perfection, HMFY’ for my thoughts about our keepers.

GB was able to break the deadlock with a mono-inspired-knock into the back of the net.

The second half provided even better soccer as we fought against the instinct to play through-balls and concentrated on linking play (with 5 foot balls). It was a handful but the team managed it.

The second half saw two new players onto the score sheet for the season. Yours truly got to capitalise on the teams efforts with 2 goals. I was hopeful for a third goal with a tops link-up with Crank, but it was not to be today.

[something about the opposition scoring, nah]

I’ll finish off by tipping my hat to the hard work that was completed by the team today. Thanks also to Frankie for making it back from Hollywood (nice full stretch effort today!).

PART II – The Colgate Ad

Playing at right half and running up the sideline at the only speed he knows (full!) to get into position, Bruce stopped in his tracks. As the story is told, a beam of light lit up the ball that was travelling in the air toward him. Bruce describes that a calmness came over him, as he brought the ball (with the light still upon it), to the ground. He touched the ball forward and then the beam of light moved to the goals to where he needed get the ball. Not questioning the situation, for all its possible meanings, he struck the ball … and the net rattled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was later reported that Bruce’s winning war cry was heard by locals as far away as Warrimoo and Lapstone, with a questionable report from a fellow in Parramatta. And the smile was said to have been the whitest, brightest set of white pearly’s ever seen.

And the team loved every second of the goal and celebration!

Bruce reports that he has received an offer from Colgate to do an ad … if he can replicate ‘the smile’. Bruce says that he is awaiting all offers before deciding.

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Match Report – 13.1 – 21/05/2016

Match Report – 13.1 – Game Date: 21/05/2016

BMFC 13.1: 3
St Clair United FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Oli (2), Aidan (pen)

Player of the Match: Oli

Match Report: The boys all donned beanies for the photos to remember their good friend and team mate Connor

The boys had enjoyed the experience of using the changing sheds at the last home game so were given the privilege again today. This time though the fridge was well stocked with ginger beer – an incentive to play well and win the game

With Liam and Dom both out injured two boys, Lachlan M & C, were borrowed from the 12/1’s to give us the luxury of two subs

Sam was Captain for the day and played sweeper, making many last ditch tackles.
Eli went in goal first and as always was positive and agile cleaning up through balls well

We made a very good start, challenging well and in possession passing and pinning St Clair back. Ten minutes in we got caught on the break to undeservedly go one down

We carried on playing the same way and were rewarded with an equalizer from Oli running through on goal off a good pass. We then took the lead when Jake was fouled in the box for the second week in a row and Mr Calm Aidan slotted the penalty away – the previous evenings end of training penalty shoot out practice paying dividends. On the stroke of half time St Clair pulled level after we failed to clear our lines

At half time the Coach made it clear that we were playing the better football but defensive lapses had cost us. If we made sure we put our foot solidly through the ball when clearing and marked their speedy winger tighter we could win this one

In the second half we got some luck that has been missing the last couple of weeks as St Clair hit the bar and post with long range efforts. Jake was in goal after a strong first half in centre midfield and didn’t really have a save to make but caught some balls well that were put in the box. We got the only goal of the half midway through as once again Oli raced in behind the defence to slot home in carbon copy fashion to his first

Hamish took most of the goal kicks today, after Assistant Coach Sean had schooled on the art the evening before, and it was a real asset as time and again the kicks went long, clearing our defensive line well

The last ten minutes and the tackles were flying in from both teams and the opposition supporter base were quick to criticize any decision going against them. Our boys kept their nerve and heads and come away with a much deserved win

The excitement and laughter back in the changing room was great to see. The boys belted out the team song led by Eli and yes enjoyed their ginger beer to celebrate

We thank the two Lachlan’s for helping us out – they both did really well and slotted into the team seamlessly

Millsy had a dominant game in centre mid and centre back winning a lot of ball and his set piece from corners and free kicks provided danger in the opposition box. Keastie, Mr Dependable, was as his name suggests reliable as ever at left back. Damo was solid at centre back and then creative as centre attacking midfield. Alex C continued his great form, running at the back line and causing panic. James got at the defence with his dribbling skills on many occasions. Player of the week to Oli though for his two goals and energetic performance in midfield

Fitting the boys won through battling back from being behind and matching St Clair in the attitude department – just the way Con would have done it


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Match Report – 9.Blue – 21/05/2016

Match Report – 9.Blue – Game Date: 21/05/2016

BMFC 9.Blue:
Springwood United FC Inc:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Xavier 1, Sam 1

Player of the Match: Jack

Match Report: Springwood always put on a great contest and this week they didn’t disappoint. Springwood opened their account early with the Blues a little shocked. We picked our heads up and delivered what we worked on at training, passing the ball to our players and dropping back to defend when needed. Xavier delivered and it was 1-1, not long after that Sam took a through ball from Zak to punch it onto the net, 2-1. The passing forward from Euan at the back was electric giving our forwards plenty of opportunities but the Springwood goalie was having a good day defending. Mikey took some tumbles but enough was enough when he was taken out, free kick to the blues and the passing continued. Great game boys, keep up the passing and working with each other.

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Match Report – O35.1 – 15/05/2016

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 15/05/2016

BMFC O35.1: 2
Penrith FC: 3

BMFC Goal Scorers: Andy Football, Braddles

Player of the Match: Shared lolly bag between Andy Football and Braddles

Match Report: The day Pommy looks forward to every season had finally arrived – Eurovision and team photo day all in one – life doesn’t get any better for our stalwart right back. Our very own Bearded Lady waltzed around his lounge room in the early hours of Sunday morning as Dami Im warbled her heart out before heading to the bathroom to put his make up on and poof up his hair to look in tip top condition for the photo

We then headed down to Jamison Park for our second encounter of the season against Penrith FC. With close to a full compliment, The Gaffer was presented with the pleasing problem of who to start and whom to bench. Paulie had been omitted from the Sean Saturday evening availability text but had chipped away at The Gaffer to somehow get himself on the sheet as an ‘only to be used in emergency’ sub

We started brightly and took an early lead as Andy Football nodded in a Tolly corner. We dominated possession and created plenty of chances but couldn’t get a second to put us right in control. As Pirate was heard to say later on, this bit us on the place where ticks like to nestle as FC equalized after half an hour

The start of the second half was where the game was lost. First two minutes and two goals – a defensive error and then a penalty handed control to our opponents. We continued to dominate possession and create chances and finally pulled one back as some simple two touch passes from Kev the Keeper, to Tolly to Cobra to JB who put Braddles away in behind the defence to calmly slot home. Andy Football met a JB corner with a text book downward header that bounced up and just over the cross bar. With time running out, The Gaffer smashed the glass on the Emergency button and sent Paulie out to try and salvage a point. Despite his best efforts down the right, FC held on and the 3 points were theirs

Looking forward to being kicked by Pommy at training on Thursday but so worth it

Team Photo Line Up
Back Row (l to r): Cobra, Braddles, Ice Man, Greenie
Middle Row: The Gaffer, Pommy, Kev the Keeper, Tolly, Pirate, Paulie
Front Row: Suarez, Sean, JB, Rash, Andy Football
Missing: Danny the Dentist, MKD, Zap

Take a close look

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Match Report – O35.2 – 15/05/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 15/05/2016

BMFC O35.2: 3
Penrith Rovers FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: GH (2); GB

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that we took to the field against top of the leader board Penrith Rovers. We were coming off the, now traditional, mid season ‘get it all out on the table’ session, and knew what we were going to bring to the game. We didn’t know what the opposition would bring but that didn’t matter; we knew we were ready to work together for a result.

Rovers started quickly off the blocks and the Dirty-Disco-with-a-Mayo-stained-Turtle(neck) backline were tested early. As was our awesome stand-in keeper, Slasher!

As the four of us were scrambling to take back control, the ball made its way to the midfield and then the frontline where, with no time to spare, the ball was slotted into the back of the net. It was the counter to knock the wind out of the Rovers due to the skill involved.

The team kept the intensity up and our consistency began to wear down the opposition. Possession was the key and we managed to keep the ball and pass to feet.

Just in case Rovers were wondering if GH was a one-goal-wonder, he decided to punish another ball into the back of the net.

There was hard work and good play all over the field. Crank started hot(headed) but simmered to be very valuable on the field. Rusty was ever making a challenge on any 50:50 ball (much to his injury’s disdain!). Bacon made an important contribution with some penetrating runs and solid defence. Skud was certainly up for a run today getting into all sorts of space and having several shots. Dre was foraging up and down the sideline feeding and receiving the ball, not letting any ball get passed him without a fight. Bruce was our injection of power – come on, run like a maniac in attack and defence (creating opportunities or maintaining possession) and then taking leave.

The Strikers, GB and Ibra were making plenty of space and opportunities. It’s always positive to see the trouble you guys cause a backline – it makes the defending all that much more worth it ?

Rovers had a lucky call where a ball, travelling at a rate of knots, hit Turtle on the body and arm with no time to make a play-at it OR get out of the way. Slash went the right way but the penalty was scored.

The second half was great as we continued to press; put pressure on the opposition and maintain possession. The one shot that the opposition made was a good one but Slasher pushed it to the right at full diving stretch!!! The save was from another planet and served to inspire GB to put on a show of finesse that you’d pay money to see!

In a split second, with ball in front of him and a keeper coming out to say hello, he chipped the ball. Did it go in? We waited for the bounce – still couldn’t tell. Then it happened … as the ball rose, it lifted the net with it …. Woop woop!

Great game all.

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Match Report – 10.Blue – 14/05/2016

Match Report – 10.Blue – Game Date: 14/05/2016

BMFC 10.Blue:
Blaxland FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Harry c and Harry m, wil, mason.

Player of the Match: Harry m

Match Report: An unusual venue for this one, all the way down to Jamison park for an away day fixture against blaxland black. A tough game at the best of times and this was no exception.

Game started with pressure from both teams and a few chances either way. But it was blaxland who took the lead with a well taken goal. Matt in goal for blues had a great game and kept blues in it throughout the first half. At the other end will and Harry c just couldn’t get the ball into the net. Half time 1-0.

Second half the boys got their heads up, and with connor s back in his usual centre defence, and jack and connor g either side of him, the solidity at the back held firm. Blaxland had less of the ball and blues got the break with a 20m shot from Harry m finding the net. 1-1. Suddenly tails were up and within minutes it was 2-1 with Harry c getting on the scoresheet. The game was in the balance but some great defence laid the platform for two more goals to kill it off at 4-1. Harry c finished off with a cheeky back heel to make it 5-1 at the end.

The scoreline flattered in the end but blues just had too much energy at the death.

Harry m got MOM for his astute through balls, the killer pass we have worked on in training. Great effort all round but that defence was just awesome. Well done blues!

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