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Match Report – 6.Hawks – 13/04/2019

Match Report – 6.Hawks – Game Date: 13/04/2019


BMFC 6.Hawks:
BMFC 6.Kangaroos:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Nathan Madden

Player of the Match: Nathan Madden

Match Report: On Saturday the Kangaroos played the Hawks in an enjoyable game. Both teams played with skill and sportsmanship. The Hawks were skilled goal scorers however the Kangaroos displayed sustained effort in defence. Both teams looked like they had a fun morning.

The Kangaroos welcomed a new player to their team who helped bolster their field presence.

A special thanks to the referee for making the game run smoothly and being inclusive of all the kids. An especially fun moment during the game included a defensive line of Kangaroo players.

Match Report – O35.1B – 14/04/2019

Match Report – O35.1B – Game Date: 14/04/2019


BMFC O35.1B: 6
Springwood United FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Brad (2), Thor (2), Zap, Captain Marvel

Player of the Match: Thor

Match Report: First home game and up against the ‘other’ Springwood team. As we lined up for kick off we could see that our opposition had less than 11 on the pitch. The injured Pom was walking across the pitch to take his place on the sideline to watch. Dave made the offer for Springwood to take Pom back again to help out and the Springwood Captain let Dave know he was more than happy to play short

We got underway and after a bit of huffing and puffing we finally started to find some rhythm and were four up by half time – thanks to a couple of Brad volleys, a Zap header and a Captain Marvel’s back post finish. We also won a penalty that no one seemed to want to take – so Greenie took it and we all wished someone else had

The ref was having a great game but let me know that he needed something to pick him up. At half time, to help him out, Marty and Paul game him one of the sandwiches they had made at home and brought to the game to have

In the second half Springwood pulled one back courtesy of a penalty – Chicken adjudged to have handled even though none of us saw it or the linesman who was right in line. Later on Mark Sem was through on goal and up-ended – clearly in the box – the ref gave a free kick some 5 metres outside of the box

Late on Thor, relishing his time at centre forward, banged in two cracking goals

Post match discussion included agreement to never let Paul or Marty give a referee a sandwich again as clearly whatever they had put in it had clouded his thinking in the second half with some strange decisions

Match Report – 16.1 – 13/04/2019

Match Report – 16.1 – Game Date: 13/04/2019


BMFC 16.1: 5
Cranebrook United FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan (3), Ash (2)

Player of the Match: Ash

Match Report: Away to newly promoted Cranebrook with a full squad again. The opposition started strongly – winning the physical side of the game and on top for the first 10 minutes or so – one goal was scored but it could have been worse. The boys then stepped up and you could see the tide starting to turn our way. We equalised off a short corner that Jake sent a great cross to the far post for Ethan to head back across the keeper and into the net

Max was having a great half, handling another quick forward really well. Millsy, Aidy and Sam were also solid in the back line

A few minutes before the break, Ash got away down the left and his shot beat the keeper from just inside the box

At half time I let the boys know I felt we were lucky to be ahead and that we needed to improve in the second half. A couple of changes were made putting a bit more pace in the backline and fight in the midfield

We got an early goal, which really settled us, in the second half. A corner was hit long, which Ethan read well and hooked back across the box for Ash to knock in. Ash then set up Ethan to make it 4-1

A hand on the back in the box by Sam gave a penalty away, which Cranebrook scored

Jake and Martin had a great half in centre midfield. Alex Win joined Millsy in the backline and whilst Millsy was winning ball after ball in the air, Alex’s pace provided great cover behind.

Alex Crambrook was having an excellent half at left back, handling his opponent well and playing some great passes out to get us rolling forward. Late in the game Alex hit a great long early ball into the danger zone which Ethan reacted quickest to and poke home

Some super individual performances today. Millsy led the team with his actions in the back line; Ethan with some great finishes for a hat trick; Jake in centre of midfield. Parents player to Ash for scoring two and setting one up

Photo: Another typical Millsy header to clear

Match Report – O35.1W – 14/04/2019

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 14/04/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 3
Jamisontown FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Rod (2), Digger

Player of the Match: All and sundry

Match Report: A huge match for the lads this week, playing Jamo who were ahead of us at the reverse end of the table with a respectable goal difference of -9 against our -10.

A new formation was decided upon, with Ads talking through the new system before kick off, utilizing 11 cones as visual aides for each position – the resulting presentation more resembling the ‘ball and 3 cups’ magic routine. By the conclusion, no one was quite sure what they had witnessed, but Steve was pretty sure he was still playing goalie.

Injuries and absences gave us a straight 16 to play this week, and we welcomed back Rusty and Marty from pre-season injuries by benching them.

A quick head count of the opposition at the start of play and we were buoyed by the fact Jamo only had 10 on the pitch. Positive football ensued and we had all the early running.

Rod opened the scoring, heading in a cross in a similar manner and in the same spot as Skinner at this pitch last year. Disappointingly for everyone, however, was the lack of a wheelie bin for Roddy to upend in celebration – a real sour point otherwise marring a good day.  Rod on the sheet again a few minutes later, and we had one less hand on the wooden spoon.

Unbridled enthusiasm up front and through the middle cost us a few more goals – Felts receiving a raised flag for offside on 4 occasions – and plenty of missed chances by all of us really.

Second half Jamo had an 11th player turn up and managed to float one in from range as the wind picked up. But we regrouped and played better football – Dirty even making a contested header, which is rarer than one of Andre’s cultured lobs finding the net.

Some nice interplay on the break saw Rod with an assist to Digger who slotted a one-timer with the outside of his boot and turned and pointed to the hill full of Blueys supporters in celebration. Alas, our supporters are disinterested children mostly, so it was all for naught.
3-1 final score, with Felts earning another offside and a new team fine category (5 offsides in a match), Rod unselfishly butchering a certain hat-trick looking to assist Digger again, and the linesman with a sore right tricep after a hard day at the office.

Thanks to Jamo for fielding a team in tough circumstances, especially to the boys backing up from a prior game.

Match Report – 12.1 – 13/04/2019


Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 13/04/2019


BMFC 12.1: 4
Colo Soccer FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Jake x 3, Bailey x 1

Player of the Match: Jake with a hat trick

Match Report: First game at home and it only took 5 minutes for a through ball Bailey and Jake hammers it into the net 1-0 to the Bues.

At the 15 minute Oscar has a crack and it narrowly sails across the the bar. 18 minutes in and another through ball from Bailey with Jake waiting patiently and boom 2-0. One minute later Bailey hits it hard and it flies like a tracer bullet 3-0 to the Blues.

24 minutes mark sees a corner that lands nicely at Jakes feet and it is slammed in by Jake for his third, 4-0.

The 36 minute mark see Colo on the attack they wrong footed Jackson in goals and narrowly miss a golden opportunity. 39 minutes and Colo weave through the Blues for a long run and punch one in 4-1.

Not long to go at the 45 minute mark, the Blues send in a lovely corner, Bailey settles it and has a crack to see it go over the bar.

We finish the game 4-1. Great effort by the team putting players into gaps and of course Jake taking home a bag of three

Match Report – 12G.2 – 06/04/2019

Match Report – 12G.2 – Game Date: 06/04/2019


BMFC 12G.2: 2
Wentworth Falls FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Alex Capararo, Tamara Kremenovic

Player of the Match: Adelaide Spackman

Match Report: Saturday 6/4 saw BMFC 12G.2 take on their Wentworth Falls FC counterparts on a slightly soggy but seriously sunny Pitt Park.
Coach John Walker (AKA Klara’s Dad) immediately set about getting the squad match ready while Manager Germaine Quinn assisted us all in adapting to the rules surrounding ‘The box’ and other details we weren’t used to. Her daughter, Louise, was still out with her broken collarbone, but they came along to help / encourage anyway (Thanks guys!).
Amanda Heke (Tiana’s Mum) put her hand up for marshalling duties and the wonderful Liz Ayres (Lucy’s Mum) got us some coffees (so she’s responsible for me remembering enough to write this!).
It was the first ever competitive match for the new look BMFC side, most players having stepped up from U10 .The previous match was weather affected.
New additions for the season include Tiana Heke, Julia Blake, Regina Tempest (absent due to illness) and Mia Pallister. You wouldn’t know it, such was their cohesiveness as a team first match out!
Right from kick off, BMFC were the aggressors, forward pack Chloe Kremenovic, Talulah “Toots” Blair and Alex Capararo making consistent attempts on goal.
First point came in the form of a goal by Alex, which was almost prevented by the post as she picked up the 2019 season pretty much where she left off in 2018.
The Midfield joined the fun, with a second goal by another of 2018’s scoresheet regulars (not that we were counting, honest!), Tamara Kremenovic, cementing the lead, backed by her mid-mates Leah Blinkhorn, Mia Pallister and Adelaide “Chooky” Spackman off the bench.
On the occasion play ended up in the BMFC half, defenders Lucy Presland, Tiana Heke (whose bright red boots seemed to be a constant flurry of action!) and Eloise Kooma De Bie did a terrific job helping regular (and expert!) goalkeeper, Klara Walker, keep WWFC scoreless.
The second half saw some positional changes with Leah doing an awesome job covering the goal while Klara showed her talents extend well beyond the goal mouth by appearing to be EVERYWHERE while playing in the midfield. Julia got her first run of the match, injecting fresh energy into the defence to ensure fatigue didn’t allow the scoreline to equalise.
As the teams began to tire, WWFC threatened often, but it just did not translate into goals. A third BMFC goal by Amelia (Milly) Hamilton demonstrated she had not lost her touch in the off season, but it was later disallowed.
Adelaide “Chooky” Spackman took the player of the match trophy for “running hard” all match (don’t let the red face fool ya, coach, there’s more where that came from!) in the midfield. Adelaide assured me in a post match interview that the rest of the midfield were running just as hard.
This match showed a new energy from BMFCG.2 and they coped with the larger field format as if it was how they’d always played.
WWFC challenged admirably and proved a solid team, they were also gracious in defeat.

Match Report – 6.Zebras – 06/04/2019

Match Report – 6.Zebras – Game Date: 06/04/2019


BMFC 6.Zebras
Blue Mountains 6.Kangaroos

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Clive Jones

Match Report: On Saturday, the Zebras faced off with the Kangaroos in what proved to be a spirited encounter. Both teams showed plenty of skill and looked like they enjoyed themselves, despite the odd tear here or there. The Zebra’s enjoyed the inclusion of DJ who played his first full match after selflessly sitting out our first two trial matches.

Both teams displayed sustained efforts in defence which was reflected in the limited scoring opportunities during the game. The pace of the game and the constant changes of possession left both teams looking a little out of puff by the time the final shootout commenced.

Special thanks to the opposition coach who undertook the refereeing duties for the entire match, as well as Jeanne who filled in for our coach who was away.

Match Report – O35.1W – 07/04/2019

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 07/04/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 1
Springwood United FC: 11

BMFC Goal Scorers: Skinner

Player of the Match: Football was the winner on the day

Match Report: As the fog lifted and the clouds parted early Sunday morning, the lads were chomping at the bit for their first hit out in a month, having missed 2 trials and round 1 action due to weather.

However we soon realised the opposition were the formidable premiers from the past few years. Ever optimistic, with a squad of 19 to choose from, we knew we had a stacked bench to choose from, and would give it to the team that beat us 12-0 last year as good as we could. Miscommunication ensued, and we only had 3 subs at kick-off, but last minute calls to JB and Slash saw them quickly drop their morning coffee and hang-over, respectively, and join in the fun.

Rod put his hand up to man-mark the danger-man at Springwood, doing so well inside our own 18 yard box 90 seconds in that he neglected to make contact with the ball. Penalty blown with Rod earning himself the 1st team fine of the year in the process in record time. Another goal from a dead ball situation on the 3 minute mark and soon we were down by four on the 8 minute mark… at this point there clearly was an unspoken bond amongst the lads that we would stop counting Springwood’s goals.

We managed to stem the flow after this point, and had a few chances ourselves over the duration of the game – highlights included a goal from Skinner off his chest from a Felts cross(?)/shot(?) that was just pure poetry to watch… a few more fines for unavoidable own goals to JB, Crussel and Steve – Dirty cops one too for getting nutmegged… Andre tried his hand at yet another 40 yard cultured lob over the keeper (I think that won’t be the last one we see this year)…

Special mention to Trigg… heroically stuck his leg out beating the opposition to his attempted shot, only for the player to continue his action mistaking Triggers Fibula for the size 5 Mitre resulting in a clean fracture… Amazingly, Trigger walked off the pitch, enquired if anyone knew what a broken ankle felt like, and then drove himself to hospital to find out for himself… unfortunately, broken leg also carries a team fine…

Not a bad first effort guys against quality opposition, off to Jamo this week for redemption!

Match Report – O35.1B – 07/04/2019

Match Report – O35.1B – Game Date: 07/04/2019


BMFC O35.1B: 3
Hazelbrook FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Mark (2), Ibra

Player of the Match: Zap

Match Report: We were all really excited to get the season finally underway, especially Paul who went to bed the night before in his full kit, boots, pads and all

Before the match it was lovely to see so many parents present to see their sons play – Joe to watch Pom, Richard and Margaret to watch Mark and Tolly’s Dad, Charlie, to watch his favourite son he wished he’d had, Andy. Margaret had seen Pom as she was settling into her chair and was heard to say, with a tone of disappointment to Pom ‘oh, are you back playing for Blue Mountains?’

The game got underway in hot conditions. We got an early goal, Tolly, trying to get his Dad to notice he was playing, challenged a high ball with the keeper and as the keeper spilled his lollies, Ibra was on hand to knock the loose ball home

The goal settled the nerves, so much so that Pom and Chicken decided they would take a break and watch the rest of the game from the bench. A squad of 18, down to 12 in hot conditions 20 minutes in – awesome!

Hazo came close to equalising but fortunately we had the second best keeper in the division in goal today in Zap, diving full length to the top corner to brilliantly tip a great shot over

With the ref splitting each 1/2, into 2/3rd’s, drinks break and then a 1/3rd (huh?) it was hard to know exactly how long was left. Anyway, in the early part of the second half, Mark took the game away from Hazo with two signature goals, running passed a defender and sliding the ball home across the oncoming keeper

Late on, Thor was deployed in the centre of the back line. This clearly did not sit well with attack minded Thor, who burst forward upfield and was seen swinging his hand bag, rather than his hammer

After the game we headed to Knapsack to watch the Prems beat Iceman’s favourite team Emu Plains – Paul still in full kit to the end, hoping for maybe one more game before the weekend came to a close