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All U5-U7 games for this Saturday are Cancelled

All Trial games for this Friday, Saturday & Sunday are Cancelled

Round 1 games for Prems & 10-team Comps are POSTPONED – no games will be played this weekend.  Applies to all Clubs within Nepean Football Association’s boundaries.

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Rounds 1 & 2 games, for teams U8s and up, are now available via the Fixtures menu

For the U5 to U7 MiniRoos draw for the season click here

There are vacancies only in the following age groups: U10, U11, U15, U17, All-Age Mens Div.7, All-Age Women’s & O35.Fridaysplease register on-line a.s.a.p.  All other age groups are full.

On-line Registrations open

Lots of information has been uploaded (see below) to let you know about the season ahead – if you may have any queries, after reading the provided information and that given in the links, please let us know (

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Rego Info

Registration Information – Players, Coaches, Managers

All players, coaches and volunteers (e.g. managers and committee members) must register on-line.  You need to know the following before logging in: your FFA Number, FFA password and e-mail address.

To start the on-line registration process, click here.  Please, please, PLEASE ensure that correct home/mobile numbers and e-mail addresses are recorded in your on-line registration form, as this is our means of contacting you, if the need be.

If you need a Step-by-Step Guide on how to complete the on-line registration process, there are three versions available – a 1-page simple guide, a 4-page detailed guide and an 8-page detailed guide with screen shots.

Note #1: to upload a suitable photo, please read the Guide, otherwise your registration cannot be accepted.

Note #2: photo is to be passport-style and in soft (digital) copy.  An actual passport photo is not required.

Note #3: if you’d like us to take your photo, which we’re happy to do (because then it’s done right the first time), please see us at a Rego Day or Team Muster Day.

To see if you need to turn up to the clubhouse on Registration Days to complete the registration process (as the on-line component is just one part of the process for some people), use our Flowchart to help you determine this (click here).

For fees, payment options and the Club’s bank details, click here.

Accredited coaches are mandatory for U5-U8 and Division 1 teams – click here to find out more.

If you have any pre-loved football/soccer boots that that are still in good condition but are of no further use to you, then please consider donating them to the club’s Boot Bin! Boots are made available to our players, for free … and there are plenty of people who do annual swaps of boots each season.

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Additional Info for Players

Additional Information for Players

Photos The following players need new photos this year:

  • new players (i.e. those who have never played for BMFC);
  • returning players who will be 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 as at 31 December this year;
  • U7-U18 players who haven’t updated their photo in the last three years;
  • senior players who haven’t updated their photos in the last five years;
  • players who didn’t play for BMFC last year; or
  • any returning players who would like a new photo taken.

Siblings If two or more siblings in the same immediate family register to play in Junior teams (U16s and below), a $30.00 discount applies to the second and each subsequent sibling – note: the first sibling pays their full registration fee.  Include this discount by clicking on the “Purchase Additional Items” button before finalizing your invoice during the on-line registration process.

Student Rate The student rate applies to FULL-TIME students only.  Proof of student status can be requested by the Club.

U5 & U6 All-Girls Team Rebateclick here to find out more.

U17, U18 & U21 Male Compsclick here to find out more.

U17, U18 & U21 Female (Women’s Intermediate) Compclick here to find out more.

“Over” Teams – Nepean FA has adopted FNSW’s definition regarding the age of players in “Over” teams.  Essentially, a player has to have attained the age as at 31 December in the previous year.  For example, someone born on or before 31 Dec 1981 can play in an O35s team in 2017, but someone born 18 February 1982 can only play O35s in 2018.

Identification New players will need to bring proof of ID (e.g. birth certificate, passport, drivers licence).

Club Football – New players aged 16 and under will receive a free, custom-designed Mitre® football emblazoned with the BMFC logo (these are also available for purchase).

De-registrations (Pre-Season) – A player who de-registers for any reason, other than not being offered a position in a team, will receive a full refund minus a $20 de-registration fee ($16.50 payable to Nepean; $3.50 BMFC admin fee).

De-registrations (Season) – A player who de-registers and has yet to take the field (cross-checked against team sheets), will receive a full refund minus a $20 de-registration fee ($16.50 payable to Nepean; $3.50 BMFC admin fee).  A players who de-registers and HAS taken the field (cross-checked against team sheets), will only receive a refund of the unused portion of the Club Fee – i.e. the NFA/FNSW/FFA portions of the Registration Fee will not be refunded.

Insurance (Personal Injury Cover) This program is part of the Football NSW “Risk Protection Program”.  It is designed to supplement Loss of Income and Non-Medicare expenses.  The benefits are limited.  BMFC advises members to note the coverage provided by the insurance and recommends that members have loss-of-income, life and/or private medical insurance coverage over and above the coverage provided.  More information can be found at

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Pre-Season Info

Pre-Season Information

Below is a summary of key calendar dates; each event will be held at Knapsack Park (unless stated otherwise).  By clicking on the links, you can find out more about the event, but also more information applicable to the age group/topic.  Hopefully the info in the linked document will answer any queries you may have – if not, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

  • 3 January – on-line registrations open on MyFootballClub
  • 3 January – “Early Bird” registration fees commence
  • 28 January Registration Day at the club house (10am – 2pm)
  • 3 February – Registration Day at the club house (6pm – 8pm)
  • 5 February – 1st Grading Day for U11-U18 teams (9am – 7pm) … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 11 February – MiniRoos Muster Day for U5-U10 teams (10am – 1pm) … but, please also read the note below
  • 12 February – 2nd Grading Day for U11-U18 teams (9am – 7pm) … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 12 February – last day for “Early Bird” registration fees
  • 13 February – Standard registration fees commence 
  • 15 February – Senior teams Muster (7pm start)
  • 19 February – back-up Grading Day for U11-U18 teams
  • 19 & 26 February – Game Training Certificate coaching course (U13-U17 teams) at Inalls Lane, Richmond
  • 21 FebruaryGrassroots Coaching Course for U5-U9 teams (6pm – 9pm)
  • 28 February – Team Nominations due at Nepean FA
  • 28 FebruaryCoaches Meeting (6:30pm, 7:15pm or 8:00pm start time)
  • 5 & 12 March – Senior Certificate coaching course (U17+ teams), at Cook Park, St Marys
  • 16 March – Managers Meeting (6:30pm or 7:45pm start time)
  • 17 March – last day to pay rego fees, in order to play in Round 1
  • CANCELLED – 17/18/19 March – 1st Trial Games (all teams)
  • VENUE CHANGED – NOW 19 & 26 March – Skill Training Certificate coaching course (U10-U13 teams) at Berger Road Fields, Berger Road, South Windsor (Bligh Park Soccer Club)
  • 24/25/26 March – Trial Games (all teams)
  • 25/26 March – Prems & 10-Team competitions start (Round 1)
  • 31 March, 1/2 April – season starts for everyone else (Round 1)

Information for Under 5s to Under 10s (“MiniRoos”)

On Saturday, 11 February, all U5-U10 registered players will attend Team Muster to be formed into teams.  A player must be registered by Friday, 6:00pm, 10 February, to be included in a team at Team Muster.  For players registering after this time and requesting a placement in a specific team, BMFC will try to accommodate that request, provided the team has room for an additional player.

If a registered player is unable to attend Muster, please let us know no later than Friday, 6:00pm, 10 February – also let us know if requesting placement in a specific team.

Coaches and Managers for the U5-U10 teams are chosen at Team Muster and must be registered by this date to ensure that their team can participate this season.

For those new to football/soccer, U5s-U7s play at Knapsack Park every Saturday morning (excluding the middle weekend of public school holidays).  Training sessions of skills/drills commence at 9:00am; games commence at ~9:30am.

For MiniRoos game details and rules for each age group, click here.

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One of our valued Sponsors, RAMS Home Loans, has now moved closer to home - their new office is in Springwood

One of our valued Sponsors has now moved closer to “home”

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Match Report – O35.2 – 28/08/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 28/08/2016

BMFC O35.2: 4
Richmond Ex-Servicemens FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: It could have been a dark and stormy day that the O35 2’s took to the field for the grand final, but alas it was a perfect day!

The team had enjoyed a great season together; the old and new players enjoyed the camaraderie; some great footy was played and we overcame some pinch games to ensure we ended up on top of the points!

As with all grand finals, the teams lift to a new level and today was no exception. Both Richmond and our team fought hard and the first half reflected this with a 1-1 scoreline.

Was it a Grasshopper cross to set up a GB put-away???!!!! Whatever it was, it was much appreciated!!

Should it have been 2-1 after Grasshopper hit the cross bar???

In the second half every challenge was treated like a mini victory and these mini victories started to add up in our favour. If I were to mention any player from our team I would describe how that player put their all in.

2-1 came about as a result of penalty kick, after Grasshopper received a heave-ho in the box.

3-1 came about as a result of Grasshopper disco’ing around the field and slotting it home with a HMY!!

4-1 came as a result of a GB steamtrain shot. No-one stops a steamtrain!

With victory in sight, Richmond was awarded a penalty kick. Frankie, using his ping pong mind tricks, managed to keep the shot out and after some more aerial tennis, the goal was saved!!!

Fantastic result!!!!!!!!!!! One the team will remember for a LONG time (read as -> the rest of our lives!).

Big thanks to those who were able to make it along to the game today: kids, partners, friends, parents, players from other Bluey’s teams and Margaret!

We finally did it for ourselves and for our much loved Taxman/Manager/Baz/Copper Head Road singer!


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Match Report – O35.1 – 21/08/2016

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 21/08/2016

BMFC O35.1: 1
Springwood United FC Inc: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Green Lantern

Player of the Match: Green Lantern

Match Report: A 9 o’clock start v Springwood and 16 players for Winston to choose from after his trip to Manly the previous week. Given the last game of season, we had a few different objectives – most importantly: to get 5 people off the nudie run … no one needs to see 40 plus year olds in their birthday suits.

Rash volunteered to go in goals to allow Double Fist a chance to get a goal and was most annoyed when the ref asked him to remove his sunglasses.

In Dunny’s final match (more farewell tours than John Farnham), the Dunn brothers started up front for the first and possibly only time. The rest of the team required some shuffling around to ensure Percy, the Lantern and Pommy got game time up the front.

We were a big shaky at the start but soon got into our groove and a beautiful lay off by Dunny released the Lantern who slotted home. One down 4 to go and the Lantern was immediately replaced by Pommy. Pommy injected himself into the play and was caught offside much to the pleasure of the Pirate who returned some of the criticism he had received off Pommy over the years about staying onside.

Our newly formed backline was experimenting with the flat back four, the sweeper, the flat 3 with sweeper keeper forgot about the crucial marking which resulted in Deuce being exposed and getting cleaned up at which point he thought he would see how good a keeper Rash was and lashed out at the Springwood player giving away a penalty. Rash’s approach to the penalty was certainly unorthodox at best and proved pointless and the penalty was dispatched, as some children criticised Rash for not diving. One all at halftime.

The second half did not bring any more goals but some silly argy bargy over full blooded tackles. There was some suggestion the BMFC on the back of our jerseys stood for ??? Moan Football Club … at least that’s what I think they said.

A one all draw despite what complain says and the only other highlight was Rash’s comment to Double Fist that the keeper gloves were good and easy to catch with and Double Fist should try catching next season.

Not our most successful season, but fun none the less.

Thanks to the 17 players for an enjoyable year; our supporters and families, especially the Greenup family and Mr and Mrs Collier (attended more matches than Tolley and they had a Dr’s certificate for a match they could not make); Quinny for coaching; Zapps for manager duties; Paul for esky management; Pirate and Pommy for BBQ bickering; Dunny for end-of-season trip and our Committee for supporting and putting up with us this year.

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Match Report – 10.Blue – 20/08/2016

Match Report – 10.Blue – Game Date: 20/08/2016

BMFC 10.Blue:
Blue Mountains FC: 11.2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Harry M, Mason, etc

Player of the Match: All of ’em!

Match Report: So after a warm up at Hazo in the morning, Blues faced the 11.2’s having put 6 past the Hawks. They were keen and looking forward to the challenge, and it was a beautiful afternoon at Knapsack for the game.

Game started fairly evenly, Ben and Mason up front had a couple of chances but it was the 11’s who took their chance and led 1-0. 11’s then started to dominate and broke well, putting pressure onto the Blues defence. Blues pulled their defence deep to stop the attack from getting in behind and it worked well. Just before half time they put together a great move from their goal line down the left, Harry M crossed in on his left foot and Mason finished to make it 1-1 at half time.

Second half we regrouped but again the quick break allowed 11’s to take a lead. Blues then really applied the pressure and just seemed to have a little more gas in the tank than their opponents. They pulled the lead back through a smart move and it was 2-2! Blues started to really apply themselves and Connor G made a few great saves whilst the defence handled the attackers very well. At the other end Mason and Wil had a couple of chances and really should have put the game to bed.

In the end it came down to a free kick. Harry M stepped up 20 metres out and one of the parents muttered something about fitting if he could end the season in style for us. I kept my mouth shut not wanting to give it the coaches curse. So in it flew from 20 metres, spot on when it mattered. And that was a fitting end to a great season for Harry and the Blues. 3-2 it finished!

Well done to all parents and kids, our ref Mick, its been a blast! All the best for the grading and your future careers at the Mountains FC. The last two years the coach has learnt a huge amount, and hopefully the kids did as well!

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Match Report – O35.1 – 14/08/2016

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 14/08/2016

BMFC O35.1: 0
Werrington FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Finals football

Match Report: An early morning morning kick off meant the Sheep picked up Deuce who had been to a street party the night before and definitely exceeded his recommended intake for a 9 am kick off. The sun was shining at Luddenham and the 60 solar panels on the house opposite the ground were soaking it up. Unfortunately, as Chapo was in Rio, there was no referee, so Werrington supplied one who did an excellent job; Finals took the toss and lost – not a good sign.

The first half had a lively start with Finals rising well for a header that went over the bar. We applied a lot of pressure including a piledriver by Rory and a stinging shot by the Lantern from 35 yards out which was well saved by the keeper. Captain Underpants also created a great chance which was reminiscent of a Pele move in the 1970 World Cup, by running past the ball as it bounced between two defenders and picking it up on the other side he tried to slot it bottom corner only for it to slide wide.

Double Fist was a spectator for most of the first half, only really having to deal with one wicked free kick that bounced tantalisingly in front of him. Nil all at half time.

The second half – Werri can out firing for about ten minutes and then we took the ascendency and while we created good chances, we seemed reluctant to pull the trigger.

We conceded an unnecessary corner and did not deal with it and it ended up in the back of the net.

We needed at least a draw to stay in the finals series so the bodies flooded forward; unfortunately despite some good chances to Dunny and Percy, it finished 1 nil and our finals chances are dashed. We have had good tussles with Werro this season and credit to them – they were gracious winners and even put on a beer after the game to ease our pain.

Next week may require a rethink on formation with 5 players still on nudie run and will be looking for game time at the pointy end of the field.


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Match Report – O35.2 – 14/08/2016

Match Report – O35.2 – Game Date: 14/08/2016

BMFC O35.2: 5
Cranebrook United FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Grasshopper (1), Ibs (1), BK (1), Cannons (1) and Jibs (1)

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that we took to Knapsack for one last time in 2016. Conditions were extra tricky with nature doing its part to make for an interesting game. The new tufts of grass resembled a lego board and the morning dew resulted in a very slippery surface (refer to diagram 1).

Alas we were playing for a spot in the GF and we were the favourites … no pressure. Cannons steadied the nerves with a few last minute words and Ibra gave us all a tap on the bum (refer to diagram 2 … kidding Sandy!).  Editor’s Note: Turtle under a Lunar Sky … 🙂

The whistle blew and the hard work began. Phase 1 for the team was ‘set plays’. Firstly a hand ball, off a Rusty play, saw Grasshopper step up for a free kick. 1-0. Then, Crank was awarded a penalty (yes, against the opposition) and it was Ibs to take this. Ibs simply hit this ball sweetly to curve around the opposition wall and passed the keeper to take us to 2-0. The final play for Phase 1 was a free kick against us and Cranebrook pegged one back on us.

Phase 2 was a short period of time (about 10 minutes before half time) whereby BK made what seemed like his debut, after months away. Some described it as one of the best Cameos ever seen, rivalling Sylvester Stallone’s cameo in ‘Staying Alive’ (1983).

In a skirmish in the opposition’s goal box, BK struck the ball (with the precision of a Dad of three wrapping up a nappy with some pumpkin puree for disposal) … the keeper somehow kept that ball out … but BK cleaned up with a wipe … heading the ball into the back of the net!!!!!!!!!! Score 3-1.

Half Time.

Phase 3 was a period of unrest. Cranebrook had started to build some pressure and a few of us burst a foo foo valve. Crank, who always wants to contribute, featured heavily in this Phase! But, in general, this phase was our ‘tiring phase’ and we just needed to get passed it in order to make it to Phase 4.

Phase 4 continued to be hard work but we were rewarded with 2 more goals. Firstly, GB put some pressure on the defence (who were looking to move the ball around and find space) and the ball ended up rolling back to the keeper (with a defender in tow to make sure the ball was safe). Alas, Cannons had a different thought and squeezed his boot in between the two … and the ball hit the back of the net … much to their dismay.

Then, in reverse, Grasshopper put the pressure on and the ball went high into the air. GB brought the ball down on his chest, and as the keeper came out to challenge, GB sent the ball into the goal along the ground and under the keeper.

In summary, everyone put in a great effort and based on the result, we found the optimum Composed Intensity (CI) index for the day.


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