27 Feb ONLY – Grading/Muster (junior comp teams)
Grading – U11s, U12, U13s & U14s only, at Western Sydney University hockey fields (note: new venue)
Muster – U17s only, at Blaxland High School sports fields

Grading/Muster scheduled for 28 Feb are cancelled

Vacancies exist in the following age groups/teams:
U6s, U13s, U15s, U16G, U17s, AW.2

Full age groups/teams: U5s, U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s, U11s, U11G,
U12s, U12G, U14s, U14G, U16.1, IM.1, IW.1, AMs, O35, O35.Fridays

Registration information regarding Season 2021 appears below (scroll down; please read, so you avoid sending us a query on something that is covered):
– Pre-Season Information/Key Dates
– Things to know before registering on-line
– 2021 Rego Fees
– Active Kids $100 voucher

Pre-Season Information / Key Dates

Below is a summary of key dates leading up to season kick-off.  By clicking on the links, you can find out more about the event, but also more information applicable to the age group/topic.  Hopefully, the info in the linked document will answer any queries you may have – if not, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

  • 27 February – Grading/Muster for U11-U17 teams … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 4 March (TBC) Intermediate and Senior Teams Muster (7:30pm start)
  • 11 March (TBC)Coaches Meeting (6:30pm, 7:15pm or 8:00pm start time).  Coaching courses information – click here.
  • 11 March (TBC) Managers Meeting (6:30pm or 7:45pm start time)
  • 14 March – registration fees need to be paid & cleared prior to this date, to ensure your team is nominated to play this season
  • 19/20/21 March (TBC) – trial games (teams U8s and up)
    – for U5-U7 teams, this is your first weekend of becoming familiar with how to participate and experience Saturday mornings (i.e. field set-up, training, game, pack up)
  • 26/27/28 March (TBC) – trial games (teams U8s and up)
    – for U5-U7 teams, this is your second weekend of familiarization
  • 11 April (10-team comps, but only those who play on Sundays) – season start
  • 16/17/18 April  (everyone else) – season start
  • 23 April – last date to de-register for the season

Information for Under 5s to Under 10s & U11G Teams
For those new to football/soccer:
* U5s–U7s play at Knapsack Park every Saturday morning (excluding the middle weekend of public school holidays).  Training sessions of skills/drills commence at 9:00am; games commence at ~9:30am;
* U8s–U9s play other Mountains teams (BMFC, Blaxland, Springwood, Hazelbrook, Wentworth Falls) on Saturdays – kick-off times vary. Training is usually held mid-week on a day/time to suit the coach and the majority of players;
* U10s and up play across the Nepean Football Association on Saturdays – kick-off times vary. Training is usually held mid-week on a day/time to suit the coach and the majority of players.

For MiniRoos game details and rules for each age group, click here.

Things to know before registering on-line

Everyone must register on-line, but to determine if you’ll also need to see us in person at a Registration Day, click here to find out more.
Club days/dates, prior to season kick-off, are listed under “Pre-Season Information/Key Dates”, below.

Before clicking on the “Get Started” button at, make sure you have the following available:

*  Photo – everybody must upload a photo into their account and the photo must be passport-style [i.e. a plain, light-coloured, untextured, background required (e.g. internal wall), head & shoulders only, no caps/hats/sunglasses/glasses (unless sports glasses are worn when playing)].  DO NOT take a photo of a photo.

If you are a returning player turning 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 this year – you MUST upload a new photo, one which has been taken this year. This is a requirement of the Nepean Football Association.

Have a look at the images in this post for what’s OK and what’s not.  If no photo is uploaded, or the uploaded photo is not passport-style, then your registration cannot be approved until this is done.  If you encounter any problems when uploading a photo, please send it to, together with the player’s full name and ID number, and c.c. in and, so we can try to keep track of the request.

*  Active Kids voucher details.

*  Working With Children (WWC) details (applicable to all coaches & managers, except those in “Over” teams).

*  Linked Account for all family members, to take advantage of BMFC’s Sibling discount.

Minimum Age to register – turning 5 this year.
Default age group to play in (for junior players) – the age the player is turning this year (e.g. a child who is 7, as at 31 December, will play in Under 7s).

Our Facebook page ( will post reminders/tips – please look/like/follow.

2021 Rego Fees = the 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017 Rego Fees

click here for details, payment options and sibling discounts info (applied automatically when registering on-line, but family members must be linked together within the Play Football system)

Active Kids $100 voucher

From 1 January, families can claim a new $100 Active Kids voucher for each eligible school-enrolled child.

Claiming an Active Kids voucher – handy tips
• claim a new voucher BEFORE registering for activities
• information about claiming vouchers, including an instructional video (, is available on the Service NSW website (…)
• the website can be translated into other languages by clicking on Select Language in the menu at the top right of the page
• if families have any questions about claiming their voucher, please get in touch with the Contact Centre on 13 77 88 or email

Team Achievements
14.3, 17.1 & IW.1 – League Competition Winners
12G.1, 13.1, O35.1 – League Competition Runners Up

Special Awards – Team
John Costello Award – Most Improved team performance throughout the year – 13.1
Robbie Madden Award – Highest Division/Age competition winner – IW.1
Tony Millington Award – Recognition of a team’s commitment to battle on – 17.2
Dedication Award – For dedication by the team to playing and training the game – 12.1

Special Awards – Individuals
Barry Summers Memorial Award – Club Person of the Year – tba
Brodie Cavanough Memorial Award – Best & Fairest U8 Goalie – Noah Sampson
Aiken-Semeniuk Encouragement Award – MiniRoos Female Footballer – Harriet Bowen
Connor Ansell Memorial Award – Junior Best & Fairest – Hannah Jamieson
Margaret Wagner Memorial Award – Senior Best & Fairest – Mark Ansell

10-Year Awards
For players, coaches & managers who have been with the club for 10 years:
Players – Mark Archer, Liam Bullard, Harry Cameron, Layla Clune, Stephen Haworth, Shane Hunt, Lachlan Monaco, Daniel Oakey, Isobel O’Toole, Harry Paag, Wil Robertson, David Smith

30-Year Awards
For players who have played for the club for 30 years: Paul McCartan

35-Year Awards
For players who have played for the club for 35 years: Dave Heyman

Match Report – IW.1 – Game Date: 11/10/2020

Cranebrook United FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Emily, Jess, Tamara, Mim, Tilly, Lexy

Player of the Match:

Match Report: What a nail-biting season and that’s from a team who value their acrylics!

The teams was new to the Intermediate format and as the youngest team in the comp they needed to adjust to 90 minute games and older girls.

The winner of the IW season came down to the last game. BMFC was ahead most of the season but Penrith was close on their heels and Penrith knew they needed to rack up high scores in their final games to try and catch the BMFC IW.1 girls. This team, like many in the club, was determined to play out the season to the best of their ability. The team played the entire season with 13 players and many a game played short-handed. This is an indication of their skill and strong teamwork to see them through game after game.

The start of the Cranebrook game was not looking promising when Cranebrook scored a quick goal due to their fast and talented forwards. However, the girls were not deterred. As soon as ‘ Oh I need to tape my ankle’ began to find the net and not our own player’s faces the girls soon found their stride! ‘Quick Reflex’ in goals gave the confidence to the defense to push forward and play a more attacking game. ‘Rocket’, ‘Chill’, ‘Zoo Keeper’ and ‘Joker’ made for a strong backline and were impressive all season.

Through the middle, ‘Stik’, ‘Stealth’, ‘So Hot’ and ‘Where’s the Net’ were the team’s engine with their tireless attacking and passing and soon Cranebrook realised the game was not going to go their way. Goals quickly flew into the net (as well as everywhere else!) Finally the forwards, ‘Punching Bag’, ‘Biggest Fan’ and ‘Quick Feet ‘ made runs that would make a sprinter proud and the score difference increased!

Well done to a team of sweet, talkative, talented and athletic girls with hearts as large as their talent. It was a pleasure watching you from the sideline and continue to awe others with your game. Thank you to the parents who trusted the girls to drive to games and practices and were our cheer squad week-in and week-out! Thanks to BMFC who are always focused on being a community club and have developed a culture of teams that reflect this quality. Finally thanks to the U17 boys who supported our goal to be a Rank #1 team and who were great sports when we played them.

Season 2020 glad you are done but will miss the weekly camaraderie.

Match Report – 17.1 – Game Date: 11/10/2020

BMFC 17.1: 8
Jamisontown FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Harry Smith (2), Liam (2), Jake, Aidy, Brayden, Eli (pen)

Player of the Match: Aidy

Match Report: The boys had had a really fun last week at training – Tuesday night playing a mixed game with Sarah’s Intermediate Women’s team and Thursday night games of crossbar challenge and dizzy head penalties

We’d had two tough close games with Jamo this season and wanted a solid finish to the season. The first 10 minutes were even with both teams creating a few half opportunities. The first goal came after 13 minutes – off a corner, the ball was cleared to the edge of the box and Harry Smith fizzed a low hard shot through the packed box and past the keeper – great technique to keep the ball down

The second came moments later with Liam hitting a free kick that was pushed onto the bar but bounced down and just over the line

The next came when the two Harry’s combined – Burns lifting the ball over the defence for Smith to volley over the oncoming keeper into the roof of the net for his second. One more before half time – Martin playing a delicious ball through the heart of the defence for Jake to get to ahead of the keeper and knock home

We changed things around at half time again to try and get more of the remaining goalless five off of the figurative nudie run. After letting Knobsy go in goal last week & being pleasantly surprised that he kept a clean sheet, I didn’t want to push my luck so needed to select someone else. Beaso was handed the gloves – the huge smile said it all – Jacob loves playing in goal. A forward line of Braydo and Aidy, with keeper Eli down the right – giving them all a chance to notch their first for the year

20 seconds into the second half, new sweeper Jake went walkabout & then played a super pass – to the opposition centre forward. Beaso did a good impression of a goal keeper except for the bit where you dive to make a save. I’m now thinking ‘two more conceded goals and we are going back to standard formation’!

Fortunately that wasn’t necessary as seven minutes later Braydo got his goal. Then Liam cracked another free kick home – we should start calling him Beckham as Liam has scored probably 6 goals from direct free kicks this year. Next it was Aidy on the scoresheet – this was now going well. Beaso however was losing his mind. First of all he received a back pass off one of our defenders but instead of simply taking a touch and passing it (like we train, every week!), no, Jacob decided to go on a goalie run. Beat one, beat two and then loses the ball! Mad scramble and we clear. Two minutes later we get a corner. I look away for a second, then look back to see two goalkeepers in the oppositions box – what the heck are you doing up there Jacob?!

Sam and Martin were given a run up front and both went close to getting their goal. Eli was upended in the box and Jamo’s keeper was in my opinion harshly sent off. Eli’s penalty was parried but only into the net

A terrific performance to finish the year

Thank you boys for such an enjoyable last few months – I am very lucky and proud to say I am your coach

Photo – why are there two goalkeepers in the opposition penalty box? Beaso!!!

Match Report – 14.3 – Game Date: 10/10/2020

St Marys SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Kurtis, Ben, Harry M, Nick

Player of the Match:

Match Report: Undefeated for the Season! Well done boys and Rhett!!

A review of our season.

Well done, Nick, on captaining the team to victory, consistent coin tossing (!) and being a strong leader from the back.

Congratulations Liam, our faithful goalie – who managed to score as many goals as got past you.

Your sense of justice was clear Nathaniel, our on-field linesman who knew when a well-timed ‘shoelace’ was important.

Boaz, you provided a strong backline that was rarely breached.

Harry C, our injured mascot for the first half of the season who came on and scored with confidence.

And Harry Mc, “keep it down Harry’, who scored with both feet once he got a touch!

Thanks for letting us enjoy your footwork Isaac and for being our go-to penalty scorer and

Jeremy, we loved watching you run past anyone up the left.

Matt, you knew best how to actually ‘talk to each other’ on-field, and

Wil, you were a terrier chasing down those loose balls.

Louis (or is it Lewis!), your determination was always clear and you covered so much ground.

Kurtis, you could sniff out a goal and took 1/3 of all our goals across the season – well done lead goal scorer (26 goals through the season)!

Ben, you were there to take the ‘header’, to take on your man and to take 4 goals in a game.

Joey, you let the ball know who was boss, and your goal was one of the team’s highlights of the season.

Rhett, no one would guess it was your first time coaching – your half time chats, your ability to develop teamwork and skills in the boys was clear and obviously brought results. Thanks for investing in and helping our boys become young men!

Lead Goal Scorers: Kurtis – 26, Harry Mc – 9, Harry C and Ben – 8, Isaac and Nick – 6, Jeremy – 5, Liam and Wil – 4.

Well done everyone on a great season. Looking forward to 2021 already.

Match Report – 17.1 – Game Date: 04/10/2020

BMFC 17.1: 7
Cranebrook United FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Jake (2), Harry Burns, Beaso, Luke, Damo, Knobsy

Player of the Match: Players Player – Eli

Match Report: A very warm morning at Knapsack. Harry Smith a late withdrawal, sick, everyone else present including Ethan who’s recovery is going well

Coming into the game, we knew the equation was three wins from three and we couldn’t be caught for the title. A loss or even a draw would hand the advantage to Rovers. We were a few behind on goal difference so the plan, aided by Cranebrook having no subs, was to play high tempo in the heat, rotate our subs regularly

We got off to a flying start with three goals in the first ten minutes. Damo got the first, smashing a volley in with his left foot. Next, finally 🙂 , Harry Burns made a driving run into the box and hit his shot across the keeper and into the bottom corner. Eli gathered the ball from a Cranebrook corner and saw Jake up front one on one with the last defender. The long kick bounced up well and Jake got there first to head over the oncoming keeper. Ten minutes later a carbon copy – this time Eli’s long kick to Knobsy who controlled and poked home. As a ‘play out from the back coach’ you could say this goes against the principal but I also say ‘play what you see’ and Eli is an instinctive footballer who has always had a great read of the game

One more before half time – Damo setting up Jake. Jake also hit the post just before half time, just missing out on a first half hat trick

As half time approached, there were murmurings in the home support. Parents were looking at phones and fists being pumped – what is going on? Like the last day of a Premier League season, fans watching the game, were getting messages from another ground. Rovers had drawn their game – a win today would now win us the league

With the pressure now relieved, we made some changes at half time to try and get a few of the boys on the scoresheet for the year. Knobsy volunteered to go in goal and with the score only 5-0 this was a big risk that I ultimately gave into after asking every other member of the team if they could go in and no one wanted to. Eli was on the pitch!

A forward line of Brayden and Jake (given a final 10 minutes to bag his hat trick) and cousins Aidy and Harry in centre mid. Plenty of chances came and went – after one shank Brayden raised him arm begging to come off – no, keep plugging away mate!

Sam replaced Jake and also did everything but score. Finally two boys looking for their first of the season, Beaso and then Luke showed them how it’s done

Eli scored but after his celebration running down the line high fiving the fans he turned round to see it was ruled off side. Cruel.

At the other end, Knobsy surprised everyone – maintaining a clean sheet and at one point preventing a goal with a one on one save. Who knew?

Great performance, particularly first half to put the game to bed. Super fun playing people out of favoured position in the second half

Players player for Eli – a few saves, two goal assists and everything but score in the second half

Champions! Well done boys, fully deserved for all your hard work this season

Photo: back row Keastie (take your Blaxland shirt off, well done, always part of this team), Beaso, Andy (Assistant Coach and signing of the season!), Luke, Harry Smith, Harry Burns, Sam, Liam, Jake (put a shirt on for goodness sake), Ethan, Ash, Gaffer
Front row: Brayden, Finn, Damo, Eli, Knobsy, Aidy, Martin