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PLAYERS WANTED: for U13.4 boys team

All other teams are full.  Registrations are done on-line.  For more information regarding this process, click on the following link: Registration Information for All & Supplementary Information for Players.  If you have any questions, or would like more information, please let us know (

For all U5-U7 fixtures click here.  For all fixtures U8s and up, click here.

Fixtures for the remainder of the season are available, now that post-Round 3 re-gradings have been completed.  NOTE: games are missing for those that need to be replayed, due to teams entering and leaving divisions – this will be attended to this week.

For this weekend’s Roster, click here.

Rest in Peace, Connor

Connor Ansell was laid to rest 22 April 2016, in a very emotional day for all those there, at Castlebrook.  A contribution towards his Everlasting Memorial Garden (at Castlebrook) can be made to: BSB – 062186, Account Number – 10129938, Account Name – Connor Daniel Ansell; and would be greatly appreciated by the Ansell family.

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Match Report – 7.Racoons – 16/04/2016

Match Report – 7.Racoons – Game Date: 16/04/2016

BMFC 7.Racoons:
Select club:

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Keira Grono

Match Report: Wow! What a cracker of a game! The Raccoons played the whole game as a solid unit, passing the ball under pressure and making countless saves of the goal. It was a joy to watch our kids really enjoying themselves out there and starting to get the hang of the game. The Raccoons played a formidable side, but held their heads high whatever the score may have been. Great sportsmanship all round, so proud of our wee mountain folk. Luka Nobis received an honorable mention for his efforts on the field, but Keira was our player of the day demonstrating amazing improvement in ball handling.

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Match Report – 7.Racoons – 09/04/2016

Match Report – 7.Racoons – Game Date: 09/04/2016

BMFC 7.Racoons:
Select club:

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Nolan Ryan

Match Report: Great team spirit again this week and a great game! It is great to see the whole group come together and starting to attempt some passes and awareness of team mates on the field. Nolan shone with his amazing energy and ability to track that ball down, he is really strengthening his defensive game. The whole team had fun playing a well sorted opposition with a couple of shining stars of their own.

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Match Report – 5.Tigers – 16/04/2016

Match Report – 5.Tigers – Game Date: 16/04/2016

BMFC 5.Tigers:
Blue Mountains FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Brody Duric

Player of the Match:

Match Report: This week was a tough game with a couple of our players away on holidays. Well done to Archie, Brody, Joel and Kieran for their superb effort, playing a full game each. It was hard work but you did a fabulous job! Congratulations Brody on your goal scoring debut! The first of many! Enjoy the week off this week team. See you on the 30th.

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Match Report – 9.Blue – 16/04/2016

Match Report – 9.Blue – Game Date: 16/04/2016

BMFC 9.Blue:
Hazelbrook FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Mikey 2, Xavier 2, Zak 1, Bailey 2

Player of the Match: Jack

Match Report: The scene was set for a great game. After a scrappy first half, the Blues regrouped and focussed on passing and skill and the boys delivered. Awesome passing by Xavier, great skills from Zac, Mikey nailing the corners and a couple of long range goals from Bailey late in the game caught the goalie out. Samuel, Ted, Jack, Euan, Marco, Tyler and Nicholas all contributed to a great team environment pushing the ball past the opposition and working together in defence to hold Hazelbrook to only one goal. Great teamwork boys!!!!!!!!

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Match Report – O35.1 – 17/04/2016

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 17/04/2016

BMFC O35.1: 2
Werrington FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Iceman, Paulie

Player of the Match: Cobra, Suarez

Match Report: It was a sombre morning and before the game commenced, there was an minute’s silence to honour Connor Ansell – a fitting tribute that was repeated across the district on Saturday and Sunday.

Today we hosted Werrington, a team who have not been to Knapsack Stadium for a few seasons and brought back memories of the tussles in the past and in particular the infamous Grand Final at Cook Park.

It was a case of the Dirty Dozen 2 with a number of people unavailable due to exotic getaways during school holidays and as happens with sequels new recruits were added from the first version with Danny and the Cobra brought in. Speaking of exotic holidays the Pirate who will be referred to as Russell Coite was missing due to an unfortunate run in with an aggressive tick while camping in the bush.
Good commitment was shown by the available 12 with many carrying injuries and the Ice Man even missing the Hawkesbury Show for the first time in many years.

There was drama before we even kicked off with Dave H looking to get a preemptive strike on Werrington nearly T boning one of the opposition who reversed out in front of him while travelling to Knapsack. Dave superior driving skills saved the day and was even rewarded after the game with a thank you beer from the Werrington player.

With an unfamiliar line up we started nervously which buoyed Werro whose confidence grew as they threw everything at the ball , Kev was brought into action a number of times protecting our goal the defence including Pommy in the unfamiliar position of centre half held strong. Once we settled down and got our second wind we started to make in roads with Suarez and Paulie causing havoc up front. A couple of passes strung together and Tolley was bearing down on goals only for him to pull up clutching at a hammy. Quinny was beckoned onto the pitch to assess the damage which looked like a season ending injury only to see Tolley rise as he reached him. I’m OK said Tolley “you won’t be if you make run that distance again” replied Quinny. With Tolley not quite right he went up front and we watched as Paulie tried to play a role requiring 360 degrees of vision, after ten minutes the confusion on his face said enough and he was dispatched to the wing where the Paul’s relief was evident.

We started to push Werro and some good lead up work and excellent cross from the Cobra to Paul on the back post almost opened the account but hit the post and went out. As half time approached we started to tire with Marty volleying one onto the post at the wrong end and on the last kick before halftime Werro missed an open goal. Nil all at half time.

We started the second half confident we would run over the top of the opposition and Suarez putting in his best performance so far kept pressing the defenders until finally he was upended for the 3 week in a row, Cometh the hour, Cometh the Iceman who stepped up to coolly slot home the penalty. This fired up Werro and they came back with a vengeance and shortly after scored despite a last ditch challenge by Dave H. It also looked like the end of the passage for Dave as he limped off and removed his boots.

Dave was replaced by the birthday boy Zapps who started in midfield and then after a shuffle was pushed up front using his fresh legs to hold the ball up and generally causing havoc.

Zapps was involved in sweeping move up the left which saw Paulie charge through from an onside position and Suarez offside, Saurez quickly raised his arms to surrender and assistant referee lowered the flag, Paulie whipped a cross over Zapps head he retrieved it an crossed it with the ball kissing the cross bar before being nodded in by Paulie. The game started to get a bit tasty and Danny was chopped down for the fifth time this one particularly nasty. He got up and to his credit struggled through the last 20 minutes.

Our lack of replacements and injuries started to take its toll and our Achilles heel got us again as we committed a foul on the edge of the box. Igor Lined it up and placed in the top corner, Kev was unlucky as he got a hand to it but could not push it over.

We created a few more chances as the time wore down but could not convert them to get the win, 2 2 the final score, still undefeated.

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Match Report – 13.1 – 16/04/2016

Match Report – 13.1 – Game Date: 16/04/2016

BMFC 13.1: 0
Bligh Park FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Caleb, with a little help from an Angel protecting the goal.

Match Report: An emotional week for all involved with the club that knew Connor. School holidays had impacted our already small squad significantly with Jake, Millsy, James and Oli all away. They can’t have school holidays out Bligh Park way as they had a full compliment. We knew we were in for a tough game against a very capable side.

To ensure we could field a full team Caleb, Max and Lachlan were borrowed from the 12.1’s. Thank you boys and parents so much (as I know your game was later in the day).

Caleb went in goal and Keastie was a very proud Captain for the day, leading the boys out to the middle. Ash & Finn joined them for the jog out and the following minute’s silence. This was important as these two boys have been a big part of the Club and this group of players for many years. Ashton started at Blueys with Connor in the under 5’s and played every year in the same team. Finn joined and started playing with Con around the under 8’s and played with him every year since. The three of them are very close best friends.

The instructions pre-game from the Coach were more emotive this week than technical. Work hard, fight for every ball, don’t drop your heads if we concede and enjoy the game. Con was all heart on the pitch and that is the way he played the game.

We started well, keeping the ball, passing and moving. Damo and Eli held the centre of midfield together superbly. When we did get a chance to break Liam and later Lachlan worked their socks off to give the defence no time to settle on the ball. Alex was superb out wide on the left as an outlet for the defence. At the back Hamish, Sam, Dom and Keastie were hard in their challenges. Max played a few roles including centre back, centre mid and right wing – in every position he excelled.

We held firm to half time and went in locked at 0-0.

The half time talk included teaching the boys how to wind the clock down. We waited in the shade until the ref blew his whistle to start the second half, letting the Park boys stand in the baking sun. Take your time with throw in’s and goal kicks. Hey, it’s all part of the game!

The second half and Bligh Park continued their onslaught. Caleb was magnificent all game, making numerous saves, punches and catches. It was also evident today that the team had a 12th man sitting on the crossbar looking over them keeping the ball out as honestly there must have been 6 shots hit the bar or post and countless more that looked certain to go in but somehow did not.

Dom went down injured and the Coach thought to himself ‘is he winding the clock down?’ Dom came off, after 3-4 minutes, clearly injured but bravely went back out to help the team later on.

Eventually we fell behind off a scrambled goal from a corner. The boys didn’t drop their heads, they dug in even deeper as they were getting more tired and suffering injuries, such as Dom’s sore ankle.

Eli was moved up front late in the game to offer more pace for the instrumental Aidan to use his range of passing to try and pick a good through ball out. Eli ran his heart out trying to worry the defence into an error he could convert into a chance.

The final whistle came and the post match debrief from the Coach was the hardest one I have ever had to deliver. Today every player gave their all, working tirelessly for each other. As a defensive, team performance, it will go down as possibly our best. This inspiring team effort was done in front of a much larger group of supporters than usual, including a number of boys who were also Con’s friends and that he has played with over the years – Harry, Ben, Gus, Will and of course Ash and Finn. Thanks for being there boys.

Player of the week went to stand in keeper Caleb. Caleb was outstanding in goal all game. Connor loved playing in goal too and I don’t think Caleb would mind me saying he had a little help from an Angel protecting his goal today.

image1 image2

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Celebration of Connor’s Life


Adults can also wear BMFC’s 50th Anniversary shirt, if they wish.

All children will be invited to form a Guard of Honour for when Connor’s coffin is moved from the Chapel to the hearse, and from the hearse to the burial site in Castlebrook.

If you wish to purchase a Chelsea FC jersey to wear this Friday, we’ve been informed that these are on sale at reduced prices at InSport.

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Match Report – 5.Sharks – 09/04/2016

Match Report – 5.Sharks – Game Date: 09/04/2016

BMFC 5.Sharks:
Blue Mountains FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan Terrill

Player of the Match: Joshua Duarte

Match Report: It was a tough game this week, so glad to see all our players making a big effort. Great to see Joshua awarded player of the match for his little kicks which were practiced in training. Awesome effort Madison, Joshua, Ethan, Alex and Honor!

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Match Report – O35.1 – 10/04/2016

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 10/04/2016

BMFC O35.1: 1
Hazelbrook FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ice man

Player of the Match: Tolley

Match Report: Another glorious day at Knapsack Stadium and a 3 pm kick-off bringing back fond memories of the days in Prems for some and a lot of idle time for others. A tough assignment vs Hazo, who had a big squad, unlike us, who had 11 starters some not 100% fit and Andy and Rhett on the bench in cotton wool only to be used in an emergency.
Quinny made some structural changes from the week before and we went with a 4 4 2 formation. We started well with the new structure and were able to contain Hazelbrook with Suarez running amok unfortunately getting called offside on a number of occasions where he was clearly on. He finally got clear and received a push into the goal keeper and we were awarded a penalty.
Cometh the hour cometh the ICE MAN and interestingly the keeper went to the same goalkeeping school as Kev as he left a gap big enough for a bus. This did not faze the Ice Man as he coolly slotted it home 1 nil to the good guys. We continued to press and there was some great work up front by JB and Suarez holding the ball up to give the defence some respite.
After a drinks break Hazo started to make some headway and their superior numbers and rotations took their toll especially on our right with Rash and Hard Man both hobbling. Kev made some good saves as we scrambled including a face save which in fairness he did not know much about. The breakthrough for Hazo came from what looked like an obvious offside, the linesman’s flag stayed down and despite some valiant scrambling by Brad the ball hit the net.
In the second half Hazo were still in the ascendency we held tough and continues to threaten on the counter. Hazo had us boxed in and tired tackles by Tolley and Pommy ensured they got the cheese from the Ref. The wall held strong as Hazo drove their free kicks at the wall with Marty impersonating a human pin as he fell over after being struck for the third time. Kev had another good game in goal and even tried to encourage Hazo to the win the match picking up according to the Ref an errant back pass from Paulie and with a short kick off to their striker. He redeemed himself shortly after with his trademark double fist to quell another attack. The back four of Dunny, Brad, Dave and Jonesy defended staunchly, midfield battled hard and JB and Suarez lead the line holding the ball up. Good 10 minutes for Andy Football putting himself about and giving the boys some respite.
A pleasing result and one we could have won if a couple of decisions went our way. Good work by the Dirty “bakers ” Dozen.


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