Updated 19 February
We need players in our mixed gender U5, U6, U7, U8, U9 & U10 teams.
We need girls aged 9–11, so that we can form a second U10/11G team.
We need girls aged 12–14, so that we can form a second U14G team.
We need girls aged 14–16, so that we can form a full U16G team.
These Boys age groups are full: U13, U14 & U15.
We need boys for our U11, U12 and U16 teams.

Updated 19 February
Gradings for U11s/U12s/U13s/U16s/U17s boys’ teams
– now starts Saturday 22 Feb (fingers-crossed), at Blaxland High School sports fields, click here for details. A player must be registered prior to attending Grading.

Muster is required for our U14 boys’ teams, not Grading – see you Saturday 2pm, at Blaxland High School sports fields, so that a coach, manager and training day/time can be sorted out.

There will be one team for U15 boys – the coach, manager and training day/time are already known, so no need to attend Muster on Saturday.

Got these ready for when you register on-line?
recent Passport-style photo
Active Kids voucher details
Working with Children Check details (for Coaches/Managers)
Linked Account linked correctly for families with junior players (those under 18)

BMFC Girls Football Clinic/Come&Try session

Where: Knapsack Park, Glenbrook
When: Thursday, 20 February from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
What: A Skills clinic followed by a quick BBQ
Who: current female players of any age, their friends or any other females would like to try football
RSVP: contact@bmfc.com.au (we need the name and age of the player(s) attending).

Check our website &/or Facebook page to see if Thursday DOESN’T go ahead.

Things to know before registering on-line

Everyone must register on-line, but to determine if you’ll also need to see us in person at a Registration Day, click here to find out more (all Club days/dates, prior to season kick-off, are listed under “Pre-Season Information”, below).

Before clicking on the “Get Started” button at https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/WelcomeRegPlus.aspx?entityid=74257&save=0, make sure you have the following available:

*  Photo – everybody must upload a photo into their account and the photo must be passport-style [i.e. a plain, light-coloured, untextured, background required (e.g. internal wall), head & shoulders only, no caps/hats/sunglasses/glasses (unless sports glasses are worn when playing)].  Avoid taking a photo of a photo. 
Have a look at the images in this post for what’s OK and what’s not.  If no photo is uploaded, or the uploaded photo is not passport-style, then your registration cannot be approved until this is done.  If you encounter any problems when uploading a photo, please send it to playfootball.support@ffa.com.au, together with the player’s full name and ID number, and c.c. in registrar@bmfc.com.au and registrar-assistant@bmfc.com.au, so we can try to keep track of the request.

*  Active Kids voucher details.

*  Working With Children (WWC) details (applicable to all coaches & managers, except those in “Over” teams).

*  Linked Account for all family members, to take advantage of BMFC’s Sibling discount.

Minimum Age to register – turning 5 this year.
Default age group to play in (for junior players) – the age the player is turning this year (e.g. a child who is 7, as at 31 December, will play in Under 7s).

Our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BlueMountainsFC/) will post reminders/tips – please look/like/follow.

2020 Rego Fees = 2019 Rego Fees = 2018 Rego Fees = 2017 Rego Fees

click here for details, payment options and sibling discounts info (applied automatically when registering on-line, but family members must be linked together within the PlayFootball system)

Pre-Season Information

Below is a summary of key calendar dates – by clicking on the links, you can find out more about the event, but also more information applicable to the age group/topic.  Hopefully the info in the linked document will answer any queries you may have – if not, please send us an e-mail at contact@bmfc.com.au and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

  • 1 JanuaryActive Kids vouchers can start being claimed
  • 2 January– on-line registrations open on PlayFootball for all players, coaches, managers and Committee members
  • 2 January – “Early Bird” registration fees commence: fees have stayed the same since 2017!!!
  • 1 February – Registration Day at the club house, Knapsack Park (10am – 2pm)
  • 1 & 2 February – Game Training Certificate coaching course (U13-U17 teams) at Glenmore Park FC, Mulgoa Rise
  • 7 February – Registration Evening at the club house, Knapsack Park (6pm – 8pm)
  • 8/9 February – Grading Days for U11-IM/IW teams (8am – 6pm) … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 15 February MiniRoos Muster Day at Knapsack Park, for U5-U10 teams (10am – 1pm) … but, please also read the note below
  • 15/16 February– Grading Days continued for U11-IM/IW teams (8am – 6pm) … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 16 February – last day for “Early Bird” registration fees
  • 17 February – Standard registration fees commence
  • 22/23 February – Grading Days continued for U11-IM/IW teams (8am – 6pm) … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 22 February & 14 March – Senior Certificate coaching course (U17+ teams), at Richmond RSL SC, Richmond
  • 23 February & 15 March – Skill Training Certificate coaching course (U9-U13 teams) at Springwood FC, Winmalee
  • 26 February – registration fees need to be paid & cleared prior to this date, to ensure your team is nominated to play in the 2020 season
  • 27 FebruaryCoaches Meeting at the club house, Knapsack Park (6:30pm, 7:15pm or 8:00pm start time)
  • 27 February Senior Teams Muster at the club house, Knapsack Park (7:30pm start)
  • 11 March – MiniRoos Coaching Course at Knapsack Park for U5-U9 teams (6pm – 9pm); register for this FREE course by visiting https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=20800; if this date doesn’t suit, other MiniRoos coaching courses can be found by searching https://www.playfootball.com.au/coach/find-a-course
  • 12 March Managers Meeting at the club house, Knapsack Park (6:30pm or 7:45pm start time)
  • 13/14/15 March – trial games (all teams)
  • 20/21/22 March – trial games (all teams)
  • 27/28/29 March – season start (all teams)

Information for Under 5s to Under 10s (“MiniRoos”)

On Saturday, 15 February, all U5-U10/U10-11G registered players will attend Team Muster to be formed into teams.  A player must be registered by Friday, 6:00pm, 14 February, to be included in a team at Team Muster.  For players registering after this time and requesting a placement in a specific team, BMFC will try to accommodate that request, provided the team has room for an additional player.

If a registered player is unable to attend Muster, please let us know (via contact@bmfc.com.au) no later than Friday, 6:00pm, 14 February – also let us know if requesting placement in a specific team.

Coaches and Managers for the U5-U10 teams are chosen at Team Muster and must be registered by this date to ensure that their team can participate this season.

Accredited coaches are mandatory for U5-U9 teams – for information on coaching courses, visit https://www.playfootball.com.au/coach/find-a-course for a list of coaching courses being held.

For those new to football/soccer, U5s-U7s play at Knapsack Park every Saturday morning (excluding the middle weekend of public school holidays).  Training sessions of skills/drills commence at 9:00am; games commence at ~9:30am.

For MiniRoos game details and rules for each age group, click here.

Active Kids $100 voucher

From 1 January 2020, families can claim a new $100 Active Kids voucher for each eligible school-enrolled child.

Claiming an Active Kids voucher – handy tips
• claim a new voucher BEFORE registering for activities
• information about claiming vouchers, including an instructional video (https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/active-kids#apply-voucher), is available on the Service NSW website (https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/active-kids-faqs-parents-gua…)
• the website can be translated into other languages by clicking on Select Language in the menu at the top right of the page
• if families have any questions about claiming their voucher, please get in touch with the Contact Centre on 13 77 88 or email activekids@sport.nsw.gov.au

Team Achievements
15.2 – League Competition Winners, Championship Tournament Final Runners Up
16G.1 – League Competition Runners Up, Championship Tournament Final Winners, Nepean Cup Winners
O35.1B – League Competition Runners Up, Championship Tournament Final Runners-Up
12G.2, 16.1 – League Competition Runners Up

Special Awards – Team
John Costello Award – Most Improved team performance throughout the year – 13.4
Robbie Madden Award – Highest Division/Age competition winner – 15.2
Tony Millington Award – Recognition of a team’s commitment to battle on – 11.6
Dedication Award – For dedication by the team to playing and training the game – 12.4

Special Awards – Individuals
Barry Summers Memorial Award – Club Person of the Year – Sarah Boswell
Brodie Cavanough Memorial Award – Best & Fairest U8 Goalie – Carlyle Magee
Aiken-Semeniuk Encouragement Award – MiniRoos Female Footballer – Gabrielle Sargeant
Connor Ansell Memorial Award – Junior Best & Fairest – Lexy Thorpe
Margaret Wagner Memorial Award – Senior Best & Fairest – Leanne Aiken

10-Year Awards
For players, coaches & managers who have been with the club for 10 years:
Players – Aidan Burns, Lachlan Cassells, Lachlan Collier, Thomas Culver, Daniel Gibbeson, Cohen Haldane, Bailey Heyman, Rhys Higgins, Tamara Jaglica, Caleb Maynard, Kynan Miels, Connor O’Leary, Harrison Walker, Noah Young, Scott Young
Coaches – David Heyman

20-Year Awards
For players who have played for the club for 20 years:
Marty Dunn, Melanie Semeniuk

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 18/08/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 2
Blue Mountains O35.1B: 6

BMFC Goal Scorers: Own Goal, Skinner

Player of the Match: Football

Match Report: Every so often the football gods dish up the most succulent of dishes for the ever hungry public, a dream fixture that has any broadcaster drooling puddles enough to drown a horse – this Sunday saw one of these treats.

It was semi final time, time to step up and take the glory, time to make all those kms from pre season worth it, time to use up one more tube of deep heat.

It was time for the Battle of the Blueys. The Underdogs vs the favourites, the People’s Champions vs the runners up, the Mighty Ducks vs the Russians, Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed, David vs Goliath, Blue Mountains White vs blacks. Winner takes all.

Due to the important nature of the fixture and the expected crowd size, the powers that be made the call to move all other fixtures away from the home of football to allow extra room for stadium expansion, it was going to be a sellout. The extra police on duty for the expected crowd trouble weren’t needed as the white cloaked fanatics were on their best behaviour on the march from the Lappo down to Knapsack “When the Whites, go marching on”.

After the first test of the series didn’t go the Whites way last weekend, Dre called for the heavy rollers to be used all week to remove all possible traces of moisture from the pitch to help favour the Whites pace attack. The curators obliged and we were presented with the beginnings to the first runway for Sydney’s new second airport.

Add 2 tins plum tomatoes, the finely chopped leaves from ¾ small pack basil, 1 tsp dried oregano, 2 bay leaves, 2 tbsp tomato purée, 1 beef stock cube, 1 deseeded and finely chopped red chilli (if using), 125ml red wine and 6 halved cherry tomatoes. Stir with a wooden spoon, breaking up the plum tomatoes.

The players were met by a wall of noise as they entered the field of play from the tunnel, not because any of the fans truly loved any of them, more so they were cheering the fact that so many of them had made it to the end of the season and were still able to walk. It really is a testament to the fine specimens of the over 35’s that these supreme athletes, nah Adonis’, were still standing after such a long and intense season.

The game started like a Fast and the Furious movie, full of amazing end to end action, some quick witted dialogue, some beautiful looking characters and some villains. This was definitely going to be a game full of goals, it was only a matter of time.

Blacks scored a couple of tap ins.

The game started to simmer like your Nonna’s secret bolognese sauce, tackles were flying in and somehow the intensity lifted again.

With their backs against the wall and their season on the line, the mighty Whites needed to find a way back into the game before halftime, and find a way they did. After some inspirational play in midfield the ball was played through into the box and the defenders knew what to do from there, slotting straight past the helpless keeper. It was back to 2-1, but they weren’t done yet.

With the seconds ticking down, a beautiful ball was played across the park that had the defenders cloud watching and before it was too late the keeper was in no mans land. Rumour has it that the striker could be heard giggling like a school girl as everything fell into place and he calmly lobbed the keeper. The crowd lost their collective heads as the halftime whistle was blown and the score was 2-2.

The moods in the two dressing rooms at halftime couldn’t have been more chalk and cheese. The Whites were full of positivity and at no moment during the season had more bottoms been tapped. Whether from shock from the comeback or fear of the inevitable, some of the blacks wouldn’t return after halftime.

The second half passed without much fanfare apart from a certain defender getting more lost than Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away, getting tackled by the ball twice, looking for a free kick from it, then almost being yellow carded for defacing the field of play when his shot took out the corner flag, good times.

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 11/08/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 1
BMFC O35.1B: 3

BMFC Goal Scorers: Skinner

Player of the Match: Fate

Match Report: Ah, the drama of last match day! All games today being played at the ungodly hour of 9am, with the heroic O35 Whites sitting 3rd, but a loss and other results could see us 5th and bundled out of the Finals.

And what a more dramatic way than to play in the 2nd leg of the Old Man Bragging Rights Cup (or ‘El Geriatrico’ as the locals and pundits alike now call it) against our evil step-brothers, the BMFC O35 Blacks, currently leading the series by 1.

The team bus arrived covered in snow due to the polar storm/antarctic blast/sharknado, whatever you want to call it, but with all seats filled spirits were high, even Macca decided to turn up 20 minutes early which was a welcome change, but we lost Rusty late again as he is seemingly allergic to pre-midday kick offs.

The question on everyone’s lips – was the weather a sign that it would be a White Winter or would it suit the Blacks cold dead hearts?

An early pitch inspection and Ian Chappell’s key could hardly penetrate the surface – there would be plenty of Knapsack bounce and swing, and after winning the toss the Blacks elected to bowl from the Paddington end.

A real arm-wrestle as always is the case in these games, with our pre-game strategy of ‘marking,’ ‘passing,’ ‘defending’ and ‘attacking’ really paying off, the ball firmly planted down their end of the pitch.  Andre also realising after his 4th corner attempt in a row that the ball needs to be at least directed at a teammate and somewhat off the ground – things were looking up.

Blacks scored on a counter.

We continued to apply the pressure with our sub rotation and supreme fitness earned from that 1 training session 3 months ago we all showed up to really coming to the fore.  Skinner, Felts, Andy and Anth defending from the front and JB (Thor’s stud marks now barely visible on his face), Macca, Dirty and Crussel mopping up at the back.

Blacks scored on a counter.

Halftime and Dre elected to move us away from the ladies toilet block for his speech this week so as to avoid the Blacks in their change room and due to complaints from previous weeks. “More of the same,” was this weeks instructions.

Second half and we picked up where we left off, creating plenty of chances, but just missing the target or getting denied by post and crossbar (yes, another cultured lob by Dre hitting woodwork and yes we will be hearing about it for a while).

Our midfield rotation of Ads, Rod, Marty and Ghost were pushing hard on transitions and their industrious work soon paid off, Ads sneaking in from the blindside to pick Archie’s pocket then slotting Skinner through with his weaker right foot, Skinner overcoming Stage 5 man-flu and fear of coughing up not only a lung but also another team fine for missing a 1-on-1, calmly finding the back of the net.  2-1, game on!

Blacks scored on a counter.

With time running out and no word as yet from the ground announcer over the loudspeaker as to the results of the other matches, our intensity lifted to levels higher than any other moment in our season – so, roughly 7 out of 10.  Ads had his tail up and found the ball sitting up nicely on his favoured left hoof at the top of the box, but strategically elected to find touch instead, under the guise of a half-volley shot, his brilliance not unnoticed by teammates and opposition alike.

Dre decided to lead by example soon after, sliding in a little Gascoigne-esque on Zap and what followed can only best be described in canine terms: Zap had a bark and a nip at Dre; Dre submitted and rolled on his back with his paws in the air to let Zap know he would not bite back; Anth saw his pack-mate in a compromising position, so had a bark and a nip back at Zap; Zap’s attention was now on Anth, so Dre crept away with his tail between his legs … luckily the ref was on hand with a few Schmacko’s, and after a few pats on the head we were all let off our leash for the rest of the day.

3-1 final score and still no word from the ground announcer, which was frustrating as we really needed to know whether to start Mad Monday now or not…. then the Whites section of the grandstand erupted upon news the unthinkable had occurred – 4th and 5th place had also lost.

Tickets then proceeded to sell-out immediately for an all Blueys semi final next week – El Geriatrico III – while club owners knew a Blueys team guaranteed a spot in the grand final would surely hurry along the new carpark and grandstand.

Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 27/07/2019


BMFC 12.1: 6
Emu Plains FC: 3

BMFC Goal Scorers: Josh x 1, Louis x 2, Jacob x 2, Tom x 1

Player of the Match: Josh

Match Report: The first round of three in the semi finals and we were lucky enough to be at Knapsack vs Emu Plains. The opposition struck early from an unlucky penalty to take the lead 1-0. At the 11th minute the Blues were awarded a penalty on the spot with Josh pushing it past the keeper to level the score 1-1.

One minute later, a through ball finds Louis with incredible pace to outrun the defenders, the goalie gets wrong footed inside the 18-yard box and bang 2-1. At the twenty-two minute mark the run was identical, shouts of offside were ignored by the ref as the run started from our half. Louis again out paces the defenders and deals with the goalie 3-1.

Half time and the message is to remain calm, our passing, skill and patience can be the difference. Through balls, solid passes and teamwork is what got us to half time and needs to continue. Two minutes in and Jacob takes a long run down the right side supported in the centre by Zac and Tom. Jacob takes the shot at a tight angle that gets chipped over the keepers fingers to start the second half 4-1. The eight minute mark the goalathon continues with Emu Plains nailing one off the post to come back 4-2.

Emu Plains are on the march with our boys doing some back-pedalling and being done for pace. Emu made a great run straight through our defence and it was one-on-one, Jackson decided as goalie it was up to him to close the angle. The attacker didn’t expect Jacob’s sheer pace and he closed down the opportunity. A few minutes later Jacob again takes control with another run down the sideline. He heads towards the centre and unleashes his boot for a 5-2 lead. Matthew has been incredible in muscling up at left back, not much got through with him toiling against the attack. Sam, Bodhi, Bailey & Aiden held the back and midfield well with good vision on the play and pushing the ball into gaps that lead to opportunities for our boys up front.

Nine minutes to go and Jacob gets taken down in the box for a penalty on the spot. Jackson runs full length of the field wanting the kick but Tom self appoints to deal with it. 6-2 with cartwheels back to halfway from TC, he will hurt himself one day that boy!

Seven minutes to go and Emu take a corner with a deflection to finish at 6-3. What a great game! Our boys were one of only two teams that had a win in the first week of semis, should be a fun final series with all boys enjoying the experience.