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Match Report – 15.2 – 27/05/2017

Match Report – 15.2 – Game Date: 27/05/2017

BMFC 15.2: 2
Hazelbrook FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Heath and Gus

Player of the Match: Gus

Match Report: The boys trained really well during the week (thanks for looking after Tuesday, Steve!) and were primed to continue the great rivalry they have with Hazelbrook. They were not deterred by the disappointing loss of Zach Kingsford for an extended period out with a fracture (you remain an integral part of our team Zach and we hope to see you soon and have you back before season’s end!) and Lachlan Jones still being on the recovery list.

From the outset it was clear that the 15/2’s were ready to play quality team passing football.

After several very promising passages of play a fine first half goal was scored by Heath. Our goal keeper Robbie showed great discernment to throw the ball to Will Cooke who distributed the ball to the feet of Gus. A couple of touches and then an excellent through ball to Heath who composed himself for a fine strike which rebounded off the keeper and then a final touch for a wonderful team goal indeed.

The fine possession football flowed into the second half with several passages of strong and precise team passing. This sustained play built up to an outstanding goal from ‘Captain Gus’. The ball was still on the way up when it struck the top of the net!

When Hazelbrook replied with a fine goal of their own we seemed to ‘back off’ for some time and stopped playing our best passing football. Nerves? A determined response from Hazelbrook? Defending our lead? Tense times which had the crowd on the edge of their seats. There is some good learning to be gained from this period of the game.

Luke Springett played his best game of the season so far and he, Lachlan Bowe and Chris made fine contributions in the midfield. Jacob Hunter and Zach Scoble were rock solid in defence. Will Cooke played half a game following an injury and made an invaluable contribution, including a very near miss from a superbly taken free kick which needed to tipped over the cross bar.

In fact it was our best team effort this season with ALL players playing a part in a well constructed and exciting win.

To build on this win Greg and I will be ramping up the training in the coming weeks working on both skills and strategy. Hope you’re ready for some more hard work lads! We will keep it fun and keep mixing it up of course. Might be time we also did some work on some (respectful!) nicknames so my match report writing task is made a little easier!!

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Match Report – O35.1 – 28/05/2017

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 28/05/2017

BMFC O35.1: 8
Penrith FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ibra (2), Lowndsey (2), JB, Mick, Paul, The Dentist

Player of the Match: Potty

Match Report: The big question on everyone’s lips upon arrival at The Sack was ‘who would the Gaffer leave out?’ after we had all seen but chosen to ignore his Saturday evening text – ‘full squad of 17 available this week lads, only 16 can go on the team sheet – anyone harbouring an injury and could do with a week off?’

Rash, it turned out, had responded, asking if he could get a run up front and The Gaffer interpreted that as a request for a week off

With Rash out of the heart of defence, it opened the door for Potty Mouth to make his long awaited come back. Potty had used his last four Sundays wisely, attending Ice Man’s regular clinic of ‘The Art of Calmness and Politeness’ at a tranquil setting

We learnt just before kick off that Penrith had the opposite problem to ourselves – with only 8 available to start the match. The Gaffer started with the first team on the field and a very weak bench of Ibra, Lowndes, Brad, Joey & The Dentist! The first half objective was for the A team to tire the 8 out and soften them up to make it easy for the B team to come on and finish them off

The A team did their job and then some – keeping a clean sheet and putting three in the oppositions net – Paulie, Mick & Captain Underpants all getting off the nudey run. We could have had more but the stand in opposition keeper made a number of great saves

The half time words of instruction centred on staying onside and those guilty listened and nodded – meanwhile the Umbilical Brothers warmed up on the pitch some 50 yards away and out of earshot. Wholesale half time changes were made including the Umbilical Brothers into the forward line who were then found offside on numerous occasions

The A team had done their part now it was down to the B team to finish the job. They duly produced with the Umbilical Brothers getting a brace each and the The Dentist extracting one for himself too

Showing that the Double Fist is in the genes, The Gaffer produced a classic as the ball sailed over the side line followed by a subtle tip of the pork pie to brother Kev in goal

After the game the squad gathered for a team photo and everyone’s alter ego came to the fore…

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Match Report – 14.1 – 27/05/2017

Match Report – 14.1 – Game Date: 27/05/2017

BMFC 14.1: 2
Penrith Rovers FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ash, Aidy (pen)

Player of the Match: Jake

Match Report: For the first time this season a full squad for Friday night training and game day Saturday and no niggling injuries

We set up with Eli in goal and a solid back four of Oli, Millsy, Aidy and Sam. We had the better of the opening period but could not find the net – best chance a shot by Ash that hit the post. We fell behind to a speculative long range shot that caught Eli off his line and bounced in front of him and over his head into the net

Dom played well in centre mid, winning the ball and playing in Ash and Ethan with well weighted passes

Coach assured the boys at half time that they were playing well and that chances would come – it was important not to concede again

Ash was moved to centre midfield for the second half and the move paid dividends within a minute as a driving run and shot brought the equaliser. Five minutes later the energetic Ethan got in a foot race with the centre back into the box, got their first only to be nudged off the ball for a penalty to be given. Coach requested Captain Calmness Aidy step up to take, which he did, firmly passing the ball past the outstretched hand of the keeper into the back of the net (see photo)

Rovers got on top through the second half but assured defending from Aidy and Millsy in the centre as well as Keastie, Sam and Oli in rotation kept them out. Jake came back into centre mid after a rest and worked tirelessly with Ash to match Rovers strong centre mid pairing

James and Alex both worked well down the flanks and Damo and Max were both influential in the centre midfield

Parents player of the week went to Jake for a strong performance in the centre of midfield

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Match Report – 11.1 – 27/05/2017

Match Report – 11.1 – Game Date: 27/05/2017

BMFC 11.1:
St Marys Band Club Rangers FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers: Isaac 5, Harry M, Wil etc

Player of the Match: Aiden

Match Report: A bright sunny day at the old lady, and with an epic 4-4 draw from the last outing under our belts, it was hopefully time to take stock. Training focus was 1v1 and running with the ball, with the coach promising to clean the boots of any player who scored with their left foot………………….!

Game kicked off with the st marys coach running late, but unfortunately we just couldn’t wait. As it was it took a minute for blues to hit the lead with a well taken goal from Wil, finishing a nice move and cross from the left with a smart finish. Then a goal kick fell short and Harry M placed a beauty past the keeper from 20 metres and we were in control.

Just before half time a nice move fell short with the ball coming loose to Isaac who finished first time from 15 metres into the roof of the net. An absolute cracker!

Second half and Blues took control, Isaac finding the net another 4 times, and the team playing some brilliant football. They controlled the game, particularly the midfield area and never let go of it. Some smart play saw a final score of 8-1.

News that BM 11 white had beaten Glenmore Park filtered through and, celebrations aside, it means next week at Glenmore Park should be a very interesting match up!

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Match Report – O35.1 – 21/05/2017

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 21/05/2017

BMFC O35.1: 4
Werrington FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ibra and Lowndesy

Player of the Match: Ibra

Match Report: It was an early morning start out at the ground referred to as the Compound; it was nice to see official referees, no doubt due to the number of games postponed after the wet weather on Friday.

Dunny started with an old style 442 with the umbilical brothers up front. We bolted out of the blocks with first Lowndesy then Ibra slotting goals with the twins, no doubt separated at birth, combining for the third. As you all are aware 3-nil is dangerous lead and the panic set in for us ? After some discussion it was agreed we were the better team and we should be more confident in our ability or words to that effect. We also identified that Paulie’s self imposed Saturday night alcohol ban is having some side effects and making him crankier and prone to panic.

Dunny brought some subs on to calm things down (best read in a Belfast accent for full effect); the rest of the first half was relatively uneventful apart from some ironic applause from Werro when the ref gave a free kick for handball after many failed appeals and Double-fists diving half volley to punch the ball away, the Werro players asked why he didn’t catch the ball a question we had lots of responses none of them repeatable.

The second half started with us in the control and no panic. It started to go a bit pear shaped after a couple of extractions by the dentist which saw a Werro player get upset with a lack of punishment, following the ref around and getting quite vocal, poor lad Tollie watched this with disappointment knowing he was in his 4th week of suspension for one instance of less colourful language.

We got the fourth after Lowndesy jinked his way along the byline despite Werro appealing he was out, more colourful language and at this point Tollie went home in disgust.

Double-fist having not had a Cuban all year subbed himself with ten to go claiming a clean sheet as he bolted out of the park. Despite having the second best keeper in 35/1 on the bench Dunny put Lowndsey into goal and he brought out all the tricks, calling keepers to high ball and letting it through his hands and getting falconed, trying to get chipped from 40 yards and finally picking up what looked like a blatant backpass to tempt Werro back into the game. Thankfully Nigel was not there to witness this display and it ended at 4 nil.

To conform with licensing laws we did not bring an esky and Paul got the first round VB which got a luke warm reception, his second round got a more curious response who knew you could get Corona in a can, the question on everyone’s mind was where do you put the lemon, a tale for another day.

All in all a solid performance with Dunny’s strategy of signing goalscorers this year instead of strikers potentially a masters stroke and us now on a 2-game winning streak.

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Match Report – 14.1 – 13/05/2017

Match Report – 14.1 – Game Date: 13/05/2017

BMFC 14.1: 1
Hazelbrook FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ash

Player of the Match: Max

Match Report: Photo day and the boys hair all looked immaculate. To remember their mate though, all donned beanies for the team photo

Looking to back up last week’s excellent performance, we started with the same back four of Sam, Millsy, Aidy & Ash in front of Eli who was nursing a sore wrist after the previous evening’s training session

A bright start saw us awarded a penalty after Ash had got to the bye line and his cross was adjudged to have been handled. Damo took responsibility but his penalty kick went over the bar

Half time 0-0 and all to play for in the second half. We went behind ten minutes into the half but hit back almost immediately with Ash’s cross floating over the keepers head and into the net. The rest of the half was a tight affair with Hazo probably edging us but our defence was solid and Eli tidying up anything that did get through

Ethan had a royal tussle all game with the opposing centre half; Oli used his ability to read the play to manage a quicker opponent whilst playing at left back

Parents player of the week to Max who was dominant in the heart of midfield, getting forward to support the forwards

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Match Report – O35.1 – 14/05/2017

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 14/05/2017

BMFC O35.1: 5
Springwood United FC Inc: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ibra (2), Lowndsey (2), Brad

Player of the Match: Lowndsey

Match Report: Mother’s Day duties depleted the squad to the point where MD was seen strapping his ankles in the sheds but not quite putting the full kit on

A solid warm up in the mud ensured we ruled out using the state of the pitch this week if we lost

Former marquee player Champagne was our ref today and did a great job

Returning Lowndsey struck the cross bar in the first minute from well outside the box and this set the attacking intent for the rest of the half. Double Fist employed the single fist punch to keep one cross out. Goals from Ibra, Lowndsey and Brad had the game in the bag by half time.

The second half was a more even affair and a goal apiece reflected that. The rain set in late on and Ipswich produced a comedy throw in as the ball slipped and went straight up in the air

Former team mates Dunny and Pommy almost came to blows on the touch line as both fledgling coach’s urged their team on – fortunately Quinny was on hand to keep them apart

Ibra and Lowndsey combined really well and PoW would have been close – Lowndsey just edging it

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Match Report – 15.2 – 13/05/2017

Match Report – 15.2 – Game Date: 13/05/2017

BMFC 15.2: 3
St Marys Convent FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Heath Stanners (2) and Gus Langworthy (1)

Player of the Match: Will Foreman

Match Report: Another fine win for the boys based on good team football. A positive approach and good sportsmanship were evident throughout the game.

A composed and controlled passing game early in the first half put pressure on the opposition’s defence and by spreading the ball wide the boys were able to make space for Heath to score his first goal. After going up one nil, St Marys Convent came back with one of their own. Blue Mountains then showed good character to control the ball and create more opportunities. Another fine goal for Heath came on the back of excellent team play and a fine cross. In the second half a solid finish, in a congested penalty area, by Gus Langworthy gave us a two shot lead which the boys defended until full time.

Impressive passing sets with good build up from our back field is great to see at this time of the season. More goals will come when we show just a little more patience and fine tune our final passes to create more on goal chances.

A scrappy period of play at the start of the second half, when we were kept in our own back quarter of the field (for what seemed like an eternity!), highlighted the need for the occasional long clearance ball when no other options are available.

Will Foreman was outstanding in the midfield, especially in defence. His tenacity and skill won many contested balls and valuable possession for the team.

A fine debut by Chris Cather in the midfield. Chris showed fine skill on the ball and has fitted into the team very well.

Honourable mentions must go to Robbie Churchill who made very good positional decisions to be rock solid in goals and also Jacob Hunter who was again lion-hearted in defence.

Frustrating injuries to Will Cooke and Lachlan Jones made the win even more commendable.

Keep playing composed team football and the goals will continue to follow.

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Match Report – 15.2 – 06/05/2017

Match Report – 15.2 – Game Date: 06/05/2017

BMFC 15.2: 2
Lowland Wanderers: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Lachlan Bowe (1) and an own goal.

Player of the Match: Will Cooke

Match Report: A creditable first win of the season with a much more composed effort this week. A hard fought match with play often moving from one end of the field to the other.

There were many very good passing sets as a team, with the boys making good use of the full width of the field.

Will Cooke was outstanding in the centre of the defence often making excellent decisions and delivering fine balls to the mid-field when he was under pressure.

It was an excellent return to the team by Zach Kingsford who made many valuable contributions in defence.

Lachlan Bowe scored a fine break away goal, showing great control and composure to give us the lead. His first for BMFC!

The second goal came from an own goal after some of our forwards had an air swing! Next time boys.

It was thanks to the wonderful goal keeping of Robbie Churchill and a very good combined effort by our backs that we were able to keep a clean sheet.

Fine corners taken by Lachlan Jones were unlucky not to grab us a goal and an excellent turn and a stunning strike by Gus Langworthy hit the very top corner of the framework but truly deserved a goal!

Special mention must also go to Zach Scoble who was tight in defence in all areas of the park and showed great skill on the ball when he had little space to move.

Keep playing that passing football boys!

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