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A message to all clubs from NRG regarding Referees Courses – see below for more information

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A message to all clubs from NRG regarding Referees Courses

A message to all clubs from NRG regarding Referees Courses

The Nepean Referees Group (NRG) has decided to take their Referees Courses on the road and run 3 referees courses at satellite locations to address low numbers in outlying areas; one in the upper mountains, one of the lower mountains and the third in the Hawkesbury, which will make it even easier for players, coaches, managers or parents wishing to become football referees to do so.

Message to all players, coaches, manager and parents for Nepean Referees Group:

This year has been another outstanding year for referee retention and growth. NRG commenced the year with 126 referees. As of now the Nepean Referees group has almost 220 referees. They have just announced they are giving all clubs, players, coaches, managers and parents in our region the opportunity to sit the NRG referees course which allows people to be out refereeing in 2015 or better still this now sets up the opportunity for people to be accredited and ready to go for the 2016 season.

NRG will run a referees course at three locations during July.

Hazelbrook Football Club – Tuesday the 7th and Thursday the 9th of July. Location will be the Hazelbrook Football Club clubhouse. Arrive 5.30pm to register. The night commences 6pm sharp. Both nights finish at 9pm.
Blue Mountains Football Club – Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th July. Location will be the Blue Mountains Football Club clubhouse. Arrive 5.30pm to register. The night commences 6pm sharp. Both nights finish at 9pm.
Hawkesbury region – Monday 20th and Thursday 23rd July. Location will be the Richmond Club. Arrive 5.30pm to register. The night commences 6pm sharp. Both nights finish at 9pm.
NB: If those attending the Hawkesbury event are under the age of 18 due to the referees course being held at a licensed club, please ask your parent or guardian to accompany you to the registration table where at that time you will be greeted by the NRG team.

Due to the clubs being associated with these referees courses, the cost of the referees course is $45 per person. This must be paid on the night of the course. On arrival you will receive a referees ‘2015 laws of the game’ booklet along with your course workbooks. Please bring a pen. On the second night there will be an outdoor component so please arrive suitably dressed.

What to do now? If you wish to attend one of the above courses please go to and fill in the form entitled ‘BECOME A REFEREE’ and one of the NRG team will be in touch once you have filled in the online form. On that form please state the course you wish to attend and what club you are associated with.

This is a great opportunity for you to join the fastest growing referees group in the history of Football in NSW.”

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Match Report – O35.1 – 28 June 2015

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 28 June 2015

BMFC O35.1: 4
Glenmore Park FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Chicken, Pauley McCarten (brace), Mick Randall

Player of the Match: Joey Crye & Justin Burns

Match Report: A somewhat depleted Blueys team turned up to what we now regard as our home ground, Jamison Park, for our return feature against Glenmore Park. Numbers were low due to a number of injuries, Brad, Pommy & Corey (hamstring), Pirate (calf), Andy (shoulder), Mick Cameron (Singapore Sling). There were also the usual bumps and bruises from Punters day out, notably Marty Dunn, sporting a few scrapes on the Boat Race following an altercation with a stair case.

The boys were anxious to get some more winning form on the board after a disappointing Wednesday night result against Hazelbrook.

1pm arrives and there is little activity from the referee’s bench. We were to find out later that they were just finishing off their “big lunch” having not enough time to eat their “little lunch” earlier. With a combined age of less than our youngest player, the three officials made their way to the centre.

The game kicks off, and one of the Glenmore players is quick to test out the metal of the young referee and is promptly told to “Zip it”. The young bloke is showing some spark, and the Glenmore man-child skulks off in a huff.

The first twenty saw not a lot of action, but at the same time the Blueys were looking threatening whilst Glenmore were struggling to hold any possession.

The breakthrough came after 30 when Chicken beats the keeper to a fantastic through ball and bravely volleys into the top left corner. Great finish. 1-0.

A few anxious moments when Rhett got caught in no man’s land, the Glenmore Park striker only to be denied by a sliding Danny Margetts at the near post. The ex-marquee is clearly missing his time between the sticks. The rest of the half proved mostly uneventful. Marty Dunn requesting to coach Joe that he give Matty Witjes a run so that he would shut up, although we all know that the best way to shut Matty up is to give him a kebab (no tomato).

A fairly sedate half-time talk by coach Joe, and the boys are ready to go out and finish the job. Blueys took control of the second half, dominating possession and not allowing Glenmore any real penetration in their half. The one thing that was missing was goals, Chicken had a few chances but his off-balanced attempts were unsuccessful.

We were looking like we were going to finish the second half playing 1-0 football. Brad and Pommy on the side-line were having a philosophical discussion about the merits of playing 1-0 football compared to 2-0 football. They finally came to the consensus that although everybody knows that 2-0 is a dangerous lead, it is mathematically a safer lead than 1-0.

Minutes later Pauley McCarten hit a blazing shot from just outside the box, which rapidly lost speed and finished in a trickle past the goal keepers left hand.2-0. Not the finest of goals, but as Pauley is always quick to remind us “I’m not a proud man”. A goal is a goal and his took us into that dangerous territory of 2-0. Brad and Pommy exchange knowing and nervous glances on the side-line. Their fears were allayed when less than 5 minutes later Young Sean Burns delivered a pin-point cross to Pauley at the far post to complete his brace. 3-0.

The goals were coming in rapid succession now and Glenmore Park are broken. Young Sean Burns is controversially involved in the Bluey’s 4th goal. Inspired by Chicken’s earlier dummy to Burnsey, Young Sean Burns pounces onto a Mick Randall header to deliver a stunning dummy into the near post. The referee awards the goal, much to Glenmore’s chagrin. 4-0. There was much remonstrating with the referee (aka Kynan Hopkins), but Sean did make the valid point “I didn’t touch it” an essential ingredient in any dummy. The goal stands and Mick Randall is rewarded with his name on the honour roll.

Plenty more opportunities but no conversions for the remainder of the half. Blueys dominated the half, not giving Glenmore a sniff. Joey Crye was shown the gouda late in the half for chasing a Glenmore player back and not much more. To be fair to young Kynan though, this was probably a small blemish on an otherwise solid display of refereeing, although the whingeing nancy from Glenmore Park will probably disagree.

A good result. Player of the match honours shared between Joey Crye and Justin Burns. Special mentions to Young Sean Burns, Danny Marquee, The Iceman and Keith Cartman (140 twice at darts on Thursday night).

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Match Report – 12.1 – 27 June 2015

Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 27 June 2015

BMFC 12.1: 2
Springwood United FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Alex (2)

Player of the Match: Alex

Match Report: Beautiful day, save for the noise in the bush as foliage was cleared away

Always a tough, close game with Springwood and today was no exception

Chris was Captain for the day. Eli went in goal for the first half and Jake the second. It was end to end stuff early with neither team getting on top. Springwood made the most of their chances and went two up inside 15 minutes. We nearly pulled one back near the end of the first half – Liam did really well down the left to win the ball. Ash got away and got his cross in…it fell to Damo who’s shot was saved well

Half time team talk focused on the importance of not conceding again in the second half and finding a way to pull one back to put pressure on the opposition

We started the second half poorly – second to every ball & not seeming to really commit to the contest. Fortunately we avoided conceding – Jake again proving his value between the sticks as well as Millsy & Sam last minute tackles and cover

Ash & Dom started to show the way with their determination to win the 50/50’s & this seemed to lift the rest of the team. Eli put a great ball in behind the defence for Alex to run onto & knock past the oncoming keeper

For the last ten minutes we really got on top – with Springwood playing a high back four we played more and more balls in behind to run onto. We got the equalizer in similar fashion to the first, Alex again coolly passing into the net

We almost won it in the dying minutes – Ash knocking the ball past the keeper onto the outside of the post

PoW was Alex for his two well taken goals. Well done Alex, excellent performance

Great fightback, again – that’s now three games in a row we have fought back after being behind early & the fifth time this season we have done it! Would love to hear from any coach reading this with any idea how to actually get ahead early in a game instead of behind!

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Match Report – O35.3 – 28 June 2015

Match Report – O35.3 – Game Date: 28 June 2015

BMFC O35.3: 2
Hazelbrook FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: The Fox and GB

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that the O35 3 Blueys took to the Hazo field. We took to the field and immediately took control of the game. We maintained this for all of the first half, in fact, but were unable to put one in the net.

We were able to put one and two passes together but weren’t able to make the third or fourth. So, just as our minds were set to attack we’d hand the ball over with a not-so-awesome pass. Nevertheless, MANY players were able to get shots away!

The back line was a picture of precision. There was BK and Skud, as well as Bruce the Tombraiding Turtle Slasher from Hollywood!

The midfield too didn’t do too shabbily, consisting of Pirate’s Rusty and Dirty Disco Shotgun!

Finally the attack was marshalled by the Cranky Fox in a Golf Bag!!

The second half started well too as we maintained control. Possibly through a frustrated score line or tiredness, we let the opposition make some inroads into our domination of possession. We got this back, but the 3 points was still up for grabs!!!

The Hazo keeper had been peppered with shots all game. GB was unlucky with a great header off a corner; Rusty had a near miss in the first half and there were another half dozen good chances.

Then with 20 minutes to go, the ball entered the oppositions goal box, and the ball popped up! The moment had come … The Fox saw the opportunity, at the same time as the keeper, and both attacked. And the keeper would have gotten to it except that The Fox hit the ball on the half volley … Woohoo … The ball rattled the net and we had hit the lead.

The goal brought some better play from the team and all attack seemed to be from the Blueys. Then with about 3 minutes to go, the back line made a pass to a galloping Rusty … who saw Hollywood in space and made the pass. A sprinting Hollywood then took the ball up to the back line and heard the call from a rampaging Golf Bag! With an architects precision, Hollywood played the ball, splitting the distance between GB and the keeper (with defenders left in his dust). GB then, with a split second to connect with the ball before connecting with the keeper … chipped the tallest keeper in the Division … And the ball sailed into the goals!!!!!!!

Well done everyone (including those, stressed on the sideline!!!!!) …. 3 points !! We’re doing everything we can to take out this Division.

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