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Match Report – O35.1 – 17/06/2018

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 17/06/2018

BMFC O35.1: 7
St Clair United SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Lowndsey (4), Skip, Super Kev, Suarez

Player of the Match: Lowndsey

Match Report: Photo day as all available apart from Sean who would be photo shopped in. Photo taken post game as learnt the hard way a few years ago never to do the photo pre-game as it has a negative effect on the result (footballers and superstitions)

We dominated possession but struggled to really turn this into goals, despite the final score indicating otherwise. Lowndsey though showed us all how to do it bagging four including a free kick from a long way out

Skippy scored – no doubt not for the last time in the month ahead – his first Blueys goal in the first half and then kitted up as goalkeeper to give Super Kev a run up front. Kev did not disappoint scoring a real crowd pleaser at the far post, throwing everything at the high ball, looking like he was back in goal, and the ball coming off his head and in

Suarez got a tap in after some fancy footwork from JB to the bye line and pulling the ball back

Too many lines fluffed by many of us in front of goal this week to run through here so finishing practice Thursday night

We farewelled New Al as he heads off to Russia for a month – New Al left with a smile on his face as Putin had over-ruled the ban placed on the local Moscow ladies and encouraged them to enjoy themselves with the tourists

Match Report – 15.1 – 16/06/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 16/06/2018

BMFC 15.1: 1
Penrith Rovers FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Alex L

Player of the Match: Jake

Match Report: All available though we lost Keastie in the warm up, damaging ligaments in his ankle – hope the recovery is speedy, Will

Confident after our mid week Cup win we deployed the same structure with Sam, Alex L & Jake giving us a big strong forward line. We started very well and created a number of chances in the first ten minutes – Alex L slotting home a loose ball in the box to give us an early lead. The lead only lasted a few minutes as Rovers equalised with a great long range effort

The second half was an even contest until the last ten minutes when we started to get the upper hand. Aidy was very close with a header from a corner; Ethan’s long range effort was just over and Jake, Sam and late James all had chances. Rovers had one good chance but Eli saved brilliantly one on one

Great performance today – really met the challenge head on and carried out the coach’s instructions perfectly

Parents player of the match: Jake who was a real handful up front all game and along with Sam, Alex L and James troubled the back line of Rovers regularly

Match Report – 15.1 – 14/06/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 14/06/2018

BMFC 15.1: 3
Lowland Wanderers SC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Sam, Keastie, Jake

Player of the Match: Jake

Match Report: Nepean Cup quarter final (ok, only 8 teams entered, that’s just detail!)

We travelled to a chilly Richmond Lowlands with a full squad and a few blankets for when the boys were on the bench for the 8pm kick off

The boys, and coach, learnt from the ref just before kick off that we would start the game 1-0 down – as we are a 1’s team & Lowlands a 3’s (even though a year older than us)

We deployed a new tactic – 3 big boys up front – 2 of the regular back 4 in Sam & Keastie as well as Jake to start with & Alex L to come on midway through the half for Keastie

Regular centre forward Ethan moved back into central midfield & our defence told to clear early & long to the front line. Not my preferred style of football but a system I was keen to test out for use in selected fixtures

We got an early break through – Sam getting a shot on target that the keeper fumbled and went in for his first goal for the season. Sam almost doubled his tally with a great strike that the keeper tipped over

We dominated play, created numerous chances but could not find the net. Eli made a brilliant one on one save but a moment later a lapse in defence allowed the centre forward through to poke home, right on half time to make it 1-1 (but actually 2-1 to Lowlands)

We kept up the direct approach in second half and finally scored – Alex L squaring for Keastie to also get his first of the season

No more goals meant 2*5 minutes of extra time. We continued to press – Jake finally getting away with 2 minutes left to slot the winner

Great night of football and a brisk 4 degrees by the time we left at 10pm

Parents player of the match: Jake

Match Report – 16.2 – 16/06/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 16/06/2018

BMFC 16.2: 0
Hazelbrook FC: 4

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Sean Higgins

Match Report: We were back at home for our match up against Hazelbrook. It was a chance to snatch second place on the table, with a game up our sleeve.

Hazo started very strongly holding good possession and pressing forward on many occasions. They were rewarded with a couple of good team passing goals and soon grabbed a third to take a three nil lead quite early in the game. We had a few first half chances and were able to string a couple of passes together but failed to get the third or fourth pass away. Moving into space when in possession to give our teammates more options will help.

Areas to focus on for the next game include positional play, jockeying in defence, contesting goal kicks and keeper punt kicks (Hazo grabbed at least 75% of this ball), going towards contested balls and not leaving it too late to get the final pass away.

Sean grabs man of the match honours with some good runs and strong contested ball having been given the chance to have a run out wide in attack. Chris showed great determination and worked hard in the midfield. Heath, Zach, “Scooooooobes” and Gus were all creative and threatened at times. Will Cooke and “the slicked-back Cassowary” both made good last ditch saves in defence. Jacob continues to be an unsung hero, very often composed and making good choices in defence.

It is fair to say that it wasn’t our best performance, both individually and as a team, with everyone seeming to be a little ‘off their game’. Maybe the enforced week off? Maybe being too relaxed in training and preparation? Maybe it just wasn’t our day? That’s football sometimes. There were good signs as we improved our game in the second half and were a little unlucky not to grab a goal or two.

Hazo grabbed a late second half goal when we were pressing hard in attack which left us a little vulnerable at the back. They deserved the win. Quicker to the ball and playing a good positional team game. At the same time, the Blueys boys can hold there heads high as we can learn a lot from this contest.

This week is perhaps a good chance to say a big thank you to all the parents for your great support and cooperation in all respects and your constant positive encouragement of the boys. Even when things don’t go our way there is always a positive feel in the whole Blueys supporters group.

Match Report – 16.2 – 02/06/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 02/06/2018

BMFC 16.2: 0
Blaxland FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Robbie Churchill

Match Report: We headed up to Summerhayes for the top of the table clash with the Blaxland Redbacks. We had our full complement of players. There was a real sense of anticipation and the contest didn’t disappoint.

It was a tense match with play moving from end-to-end and our boys putting together some good passing moves. Our chances were few and far between but we gave it our best shot.

Blaxland used their speed, physicality and skill to put themselves in threatening attacking positions, on many occasions, only to be foiled by some outstanding defence from Will C, Will F, Luke, Jacob, Lachlan “Son of Salty” Jones, Zach K and “Scooooooooobes”. They were superbly backed up by Robbie in goals. More on that later in the report! The midfield and strikers were also involved in fighting hard for possession, especially Aidan, and switched from defence to attack at every opportunity. Billy, Gus and Heath often threatened, whilst Chris, Lachlan “Son of the Clever Coach” Bowe and Sean involved themselves in the play across the park.

Some interesting decisions, and some that didn’t go our way, had “the Father of the Cassowary” on edge and in need of time in the “calm down space” and a reminder that questioning the referee is never okay, on or off the field! As a referee one ought to know better! A humble apology at the end of the game was the order of the day!

I think it is fair to say that Blaxland had the better of the play, especially in the first half, but the Blue Mountains boys held firm and repelled every attacking raid until the last two minutes of the match when the only goal was scored. After showing tremendous determination to stay in the contest the boys didn’t really deserve to lose. A draw would have been a well earned result but it wasn’t meant to be!

Man of the Match (across both teams, and the whole of the world actually!) goes to Robbie who was superb in goals. He made numerous spectacular saves to keep us in the contest. I lost count at 6 or 7 wonderful athletic reflex saves! At that was just in the first half!! It was an outstanding keeping performance and one that deserves every superlative I can throw around! It is a long time since I’ve seen such a dominant keeping effort in any level of Nepean football!

Every Blueys player in the team left nothing on the park. Their petrol tanks were on empty when the final whistle blew. Having been humble in victory in recent weeks, it was our time to be gracious in defeat. It was a fine contest and one that will stand us in good stead as the competition continues.

Match Report – 15.1 – 02/06/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 02/06/2018

BMFC 15.1: 1
Glenmore Park FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Alex L

Player of the Match: Max

Match Report: A full squad today to play a team up from division 2 last year and right up there this year

We dominated the possession and opportunities in the first half and on another day the game would have been over by half time. Alex L showed the importance of backing up as Ethan was put away, his shot beat the keeper but was going wide, Alex was there to tap in. James also had a one-on-one chance that went wide of the keeper. Ethan had a header that went just over the bar. These chances were a result of an excellent midfield engine rotating Martin, Max, Jake, Jacob, Damo and Dom

Second half was different – we still played at a good tempo but Glenmore started to match us. Our defence of Eli in goal, Millsy, Sam, Keastie and Aidy were solid, winning the aerial threat and making solid challenges but Glenmore started to threaten. One goal was ruled out for offside but an equaliser came with 10 to go

Player of the week Max after winning a lot of ball in the heart of the midfield

Match Report – O35.1 – 27/05/2018

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 27/05/2018

BMFC O35.1: 4
St Marys Band Club FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Thor, Cobra, Iceman (pen), Dave

Player of the Match: Dave

Match Report: T’was a real pea souper that greeted us at Kevin Dwyer Oval at 8.15am for the early kick off

The smog cleared quickly by kick off. After a few spurned chances and good saves, Tolly found space on the edge of the box, getting his shot away which was parried by the keeper to Thor who followed in to poke home – deadly from 3 yards

A few more chances came and went – the opposition keeper was proving an excellent last line of defence

We made it 2-0 before half time, Cobra nipping in to win the ball off a throw in, passing to JB, to Zap to get his shot away, which was saved but not cleared – the Cobra continuing his run into the six yard box and striking the rebound in with intent

New Al came on in the first half for his debut, having been out all season after a nasty motor bike accident – great to see him finally on the park in the Blueys colours

There were a few moments of frustration shown by our opposition – firstly two of their own players collided & the blow up that followed resulted in one of the players being given 10 in the bin (how did that happen?) and secondly, after Cobra nutmegged a defender, his inside centre bodyguard Tonie Carroll, oddly wearing a gnome hat for the entire game, came storming out of the line with a solid shoulder charge to Cobra’s chest. Ouchy! Cobra’s note to self – don’t be doing that again

Second half and JB was up ended for the second time in the match but this time in the box. Cometh the hour, cometh…oh crap he’s on the bench – sub ref, Thor off Iceman on, penalty duly despatched. A few minutes later & this time Zap is flipped in the box. Cometh…yeah, yeah we all know how the story goes – Iceman strolls up for the 146th straight penalty to be rolled into the corner…but no, for the first time in his 30+ year career, the keeper saved it! See the photo inset as Paul captures the moment post game with the keeper, who at this stage doesn’t know it but who’s life is about to change – known from now on as ‘the only keeper to have saved an Iceman penalty’

Davey was brought back on and clearly had convinced the Gaffer he needed a run as centre forward, perhaps a last chance to get off the nudey run before the re-draw of division 1 proper. And it happened. Tolly switched play with a long. ball from one side of the pitch the other to Cobra, who trapped the ball and played a short pass to an eager Davey on the edge of the box who rifled the ball past the keeper

A late goal was conceded on the counter denying Double Fist a Cuban

Match Report – 15.1 – 26/05/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 26/05/2018

BMFC 15.1: 3
Wentworth Falls FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan (3)

Player of the Match: Damo

Match Report: A proper, late Saturday afternoon football match up at a beautiful Pitt Park. The force was with Wentworth Falls, literally, as Jedi Warriors were seen just to the side of the pitch prior to our game, swinging their lightsabers – see photo inset

An accident on the highway meant James missed the first half and Jacob was out crook

The first half was not pretty – we just didn’t play with the intensity seen in the last couple of weeks. We did have a few chances – Martin and Alex C struck well from distance but Wentworth created well too & some scrambling defence and a solid Eli kept the game scoreless at half time. Keastie came off early, still suffering after a pre-Friday training session decapitation

Neither coach or the boys were happy with the first half. A lift in energy and desire to take a grip on the game was asked for and promised. Also, get closer to Ethan up front as he was being left up against two or three defenders with little support too often

The second half was a different game. The boys played with intensity, at a high tempo and encamped in the oppositions half. Jake played further up with Ethan and was instrumental in creating two opportunities that Ethan converted. Dom had a super effort saved brilliantly that looked destined for the top corner. Damo produced a dazzling bit of individual skill to open the defence up for Ethan’s hat trick and then again for Alex L who’s shot was well saved. James had a huge impact too, getting involved in many attacks with Ethan and Jake particularly

A game of two half’s. Solid defence from Aidy, Millsy, Sam Max all game. Midfield trio of Dom, Martin & Jake really got hold of the game in the second half. Excellent finishing and fight for every ball again from Ethan

Player of the week Damo who was at his creative best, particularly in the second half opening up the opposition with some great passing

Match Report – 16.2 – 26/05/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 26/05/2018

BMFC 16.2: 4
Springwood United FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Billy Moore (3), Aidan Monaco

Player of the Match: Will Foreman

Match Report: Composure in defense was the foundation of the boys’ latest game against Springwood. Controlled possession and fine team passing and positional play meant we had the better of the play for most of the match.

Springwood pressed early but were foiled by rock solid defense, especially from Luke, Zach Kingsford and Will Cooke.

It was so hard to single out anyone this week, with fine performances across the park, but Will Foreman grabs the Man of the Match honours by way of his superb work in midfield, often winning contested ball and having a strong presence in both defense and attack.

Luke Doherty and Heath Stanners also played excellent games. Chris was “Mr Versatility” playing a full game across 4 different positions and making an excellent contribution to the team’s performance. Zach “Twinkle Toes” Scoble did some fine work in defense.

“Captain Gus” was heavily involved in the play and always threatened. He was instrumental in progressing many fine attacking moves. The “Frilled-Neck Lizard” and Sean were on their best behaviour think week and showed how creative and determined they can be.

After a hattrick against Springwood in the first round, Billy was once again given a run up front. He made the most of the opportunity and repeated the effort once again with goals in the 18th, 35th and 47th minutes. Each of them was a mighty fine finish. Aidan followed up with our team’s fourth goal in the 62nd minutes when he showed great skill and determination in heavy traffic to knock in a fine goal. All four were fine finishes on the back of excellent build up starting from the back.

Sean, Will F, Lachlan Bowe, Heath, Sean and “The Cassowary” were all unlucky not to grab a late goal.

Whilst the win pushes us into clear second spot, the most pleasing aspects remains the way the boys play as a team and enjoy their football.

As we strive to improve our football across the park in our next game we will be looking to build our passing game in the front third of the field in an effort to slot home some tightly executed goals.