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Club Person of the Year

Each year the Club’s Committee awards the “Club Person of the Year” Award to an outstanding individual (or individuals) in recognition of their contribution to the Club.  This award is open to all club members, other than those currently serving on the Committee.  Nominations for this year’s “Club Person of the Year“ are now being called for.  Please send your nomination to by Friday 4 September, indicating the reason(s) why you are nominating the person/people.

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News Flash

 Congratulations to our Finals Winners: 12G.1 & O35.1

Well done to our other Finalists: 13.2, 14.2, AW.3, O35.2 & O35.4

Presentation Day (Junior players), AGMPresentation Night (Senior players) – Saturday, 12 September 2015

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Senior Teams Presentation Night

Senior Teams Presentation Night – Saturday, 12 September 2015

Senior players from all teams, and their partners, are warmly invited to the Senior Teams Presentation Night at the Springwood Sports Club (time: 6pm for pre-dinner).  The presentation will include traditional club trophy awards, as well as individual trophies for each team (e.g. Players Player, Coach’s Award, Most Improved); party music and entertainment will wrap up the end of the football season.  We look forward to seeing all senior players there at the end-of-season bash for our 50th anniversary!

Tickets are $30 per person and can be paid for by making payment into the club’s bank account.
Due to catering and venue seating, no ticket sales at the door are possible; tickets are for sale until the end of August.
Price includes a buffet dinner (beverages can be purchased at the venue).

The club’s banking details are:
– Bank: Westpac
– BSB: 032-370
– Account Number: 172324
– Account name: Blue Mountains Football Club
– In the reference field, record your Surname & “Pres Night”.

Venue: Springwood Sports Club, 83 Macquarie Road, Springwood.
Date: Saturday, 12 September 2015
Time: 6:00pm.

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Match Report – 12.G1 – 29 August 2015

Match Report – 12.G1 – Game Date: 29 August 2015

BMFC 12.G1: 1
Penrith FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Tilly

Player of the Match: Emily

Match Report: The BMFC Under 12 girls have taken all before them this season.

Finishing top of the table then qualifying for the GF in the Championship Tournament, the girls took out the title on Saturday in a close and tense encounter with Penrith FC.

The girls’ relentless pressure, composure with the ball and solid structure for the duration of the game saw the game open up late with the nil all deadlock broken with 3 mins to play, courtesy of a great finish by Tilly off a cross played in to the busy goal mouth.

All the girls were brilliant and it was certainly a trademark team performance for the ultimate game of the season, playing with confidence and an attacking flair, while ensuring Penrith didn’t have any easy possession when the ball was in dispute.

After receiving their Competition Winners and Championship Tournament winners medallions, Emily was awarded with the game ball for her outstanding performance during the GF, being solid in goals in the first half and then putting on a dazzling display on the ball in the second half.

As competition winners, the girls go on now to compete in the Champion of Champions, with the first game next Sunday.

At this point it is worthy to acknowledge the resounding success that this season has been for the 12G.1 team, in what is for most, the first season in an all-girls comp.

Special mention and thanks must go to Paul Swatridge for his dedication and absolutely outstanding job as coach all season.

The girls improvement all season under his guidance has been really impressive and they continued to get stronger and better throughout each game in the final rounds.

Also doing a stellar job as manager, special thanks to Ian Thorpe who has coordinated everything with impeccable efficiency.


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Match Report – O35.3 – 30 August 2015

Match Report – O35.3 – Game Date: 30 August 2015

BMFC O35.3: 1
Werrington FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Voldemordt

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy afternoon that we took to the field for the Division 2 final. Werrington took it to us from the whistle but by no means did we fall over. The team rallied to defend.

Nevertheless, the opposition put one away. Unfortunately I had a front row seat. A ball spilled out, I thought it could be wrapped up (so left my man go) … The ball wasn’t wrapped up … And my man stabbed the ball home.

Thankfully, against all run of play, our Voldemordt took a ball from about half way … Keeping the running defense at bay … He made it to the goal and pushed it passed the keeper to level the score.

The second half was hard but the run of play changed in our favour. Crank rattled the cross bar, scores of headers were near misses and Voldemordt hit a volley that was only saved by a defender on the goal line.

Say it once, not all subs were run quickly enough.

I can safely say that there was a good play made by each and every one of our players … From Frankie tipping a shot over the bar … To GB heading the ball for a near miss.

Unlucky boys. A damn good show.

See youse all at the Seniors Presentation.

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Match Report – O35.1 – 23 August 2015

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 23 August 2015

BMFC O35.1: 2
Hazelbrook FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Rori Badcell, The General (Marty Dunn)

Player of the Match: Danny (Shimmy) Margetts

Match Report: This was to be the triumphant return of Rori Badcell, and triumphant it was! Rori is a reclusive creature who only comes out to forage during Hazelbrook fixtures. When Rori turned up in the changing room on Sunday morning the Blueys were almost as happy to see him as the Hazelbrook boys weren’t.

The final fixture of the round robin series and both Blueys and Hazelbrook went into the game with maximum points from the two previous rounds. A slight goal difference advantage to Hazelbrook meant that a draw would mean the end of the campaign for Blueys.

Thankfully, an injection of personnel meant that the Blueys had a strong team with a strong bench. A much welcome return to sweeper for Danny (Shimmy) Margetts freeing Rori Badcell up for his much preferred foraging role in the centre of the midfield. Hazelbrook also looked strong with a number of key players returning from injury. Coach Joe is absent with a bad dose of the flu, so The Mighty Quinn takes the reigns as team organiser and substitution manager.

With Jude Law officiating in black and white the game kicks off and Blueys are instantly on the back foot as Hazelbrook appear to start with 3 formidable strikers. Young Sean Burns and The General (Marty Dunn) react quickly and take on caretaker roles as third defenders, chiming in with some excellent defensive challenges. Hazelbrook press hard, but the Blueys defence is in excellent shape. The ball is admittedly in the Blueys half for the first twenty minutes, but no real scoring chances are created by Hazelbrook. The best chances at this stage would appear to be coming from a Blueys counter-attack. Shimmy Margetts has had 100 touches of the ball before the first twenty are over, and at least 99 of them are without fault.

Gradually, the Hazelbrook overindulgence with strikers is beginning to take its toll. 25 minutes in and the Blue Mountains midfield are very much on top. Young Sean Burns is starting to find some space on the right and Shimmy Margetts is hitting him regularly with inch perfect cross field balls. 35 minutes in and the inevitable happens, Justin Burns lays at beautiful through ball to Rori Badcell who finishes with panache to give the Blueys a 1-0 lead.

A striker substitution by Hazelbrook brings about the most unsavoury moment of the game. Two Spanish archers in the space of five minutes left Pommy and Davey Heyman with bruised faces. The stand in striker (affectionately named “Large multiplier” by D Heyman) receiving his marching orders, not only by Jude Law but also by Pommy. This earned Pommy his own share of the cheese and some well earned criticism from team mates at half time. Blueys dominating 1-0 with an extra man.

Second half started much the same way. Blueys stayed calm and held possession, gradually wearing Hazelbrook down and creating chances along the way. The game looked to be comfortably in our hands when with 15 minutes to go things turned to custard. A possession handover allowed Hazelbrook to counter attack quickly and an intelligent switch to an unmarked right midfielder left the Blue Mountains defence helpless. A beleaguered appeal for offside was unsuccessful and the Hazelbrook midfielder calmly slotted the equaliser in Badcell-esque fashion.

About two minutes later the penny drops and Blueys realise that Hazelbrook have not only scored an equaliser, but also an effective winner. Quinny quickly recruits Shimmy Margetts into striker leaving a flat back-line, but Hazelbrook are not really looking to score.

Pauley McCartan is brought down on the edge of the Hazelbrook penalty area. The free kick is taken, and all eyes are on Pauley for the header. As the ball sails over Pauley’s head, up steps The General! Marty Dunn with a beautifully timed volley beats the keeper at the near post to put the Blueys ahead 2-1 and the final is within sight.

Hazelbrook are not done yet though, and throw a desperate attack at the Blueys. A corner is awarded which is initially cleared, however the second phase cross is met with a Hazelbrook header which looks destined to score high at the near post. Suddenly Pommy’s head appears out of nowhere and clears the ball to safety (Pommy didn’t write this by the way….).

Blueys win 2-1 and book a place in the final against Penrith FC whose upset win against the ever popular Band Club brought an even bigger smile to the Blueys faces. A good game and a great win. Special mentions to The Mighty Quinn for some calm organisation. Jude Law (ref) probably the best ref we have seen at the local level in a long while, if ever. Rhett for playing on bravely with a badly strained thigh. Davey Heyman for leaving Yoghurt-land early …. Mick Randall for the much needed walking off the field settler. Hazelbrook for playing in great spirit as usual (with one small exception). Finally The Sausage Sizzle and its contributors: The Pirate (Onions), Emma (Corey’s missus) for the outstanding Chilli Jam, Scotty Shields for starting things rolling, Marty Dunn and Pommy on the tools, The Bose tunes.

Bring on the finals.

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September 8, 2015
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October 13, 2015
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