Roster: Canteen, BBQ & Fields

… latest weekend roster …

The BMFC Ground Official will be present and available to give field set-up instructions if needed.


Saturday Duty

U12 and above teams – Field set-up for Saturday requires 2 people from the first team playing to put up the goal nets and set out corner flags prior to kick-off. Line marking is not required.

U5-U11 teams – The first teams on the MiniRoos fields will be required to set up the goals [pug (U5-U7) & modified (U8-U11)] for their field.

Canteen requires 2 people and BBQ requires 2-3 people for the duration of the shift. This is shared amongst the parents of the team.

FNSW Canteen & BBQ Safety Regulations


Sunday Duty

Field set-up for Sunday requires at least 2 people per field from the first team playing.

Match Day Inspection Form

NFA Regulations – Marshals & Ground Officials

Layout – Sundays