News Flash

Restricted training for BMFC teams can commence soon, subject to FNSW & NFA “Return to Training” requirements being met – date t.b.a. shortly. No other football activities (e.g. ‘normal’ training, games, friendlies) can be undertaken, at this stage.

The most recent COVID-19 update from BMFC, dated 28 May 2020, can be found here. All members are requested to read it and respond (via their team coach or manager) as required.

The most recent COVID-19 update issued by Nepean Football Association, dated 19 May 2020, has been emailed to all registered players, coaches, managers and committee members. Please check your emails and don’t forget to check junk mail. A copy can also be found hereit includes the Fees Correction as the last page. Please read it carefully and note the dates relating to de-registration & refund amounts.