News Flash


Vacancies exist in our U5, U6, U9, U10 & All-Age Mens teams.

All other age groups are full.

Coaches Meetings & Senior Teams Muster – 21 March at Knapsack Park

Coaches Meetings – click here for details.
Senior Teams Muster – click here for details.  

Things to know before registering on-line

Before clicking on the “Get Started” button at, make sure you have the following available:
*  Photoeverybody must upload a photo into their account and the photo must be passport-style [i.e. a plain, light-coloured, untextured, background required (e.g. internal wall), head & shoulders only, no caps/hats/sunglasses/glasses (unless sports glasses are worn when playing)].  Avoid taking a photo of a photo.  Have a look at the images in this post for what’s OK and what’s not.  If no photo is uploaded, or the uploaded photo is not passport-style, then your registration cannot be approved until this is done.  If you encounter any problems when uploading a photo, please send it to, together with the player’s full name and ID number, and c.c. in and, so we can try to keep track of the request.
*  Active Kids voucher details. 
*  Working With Children (WWC) details (applicable to all coaches & managers, except those in “Over” teams).
*  our Facebook page ( has a number of tips to help you navigate the new rego system – please look/like/follow.
* Good luck!
If you are new to BMFC, then you will need to see us – click here to see if this applies to you. All other club days, prior to season kick-off, are listed under “Pre-Season Information”, below.