Match Report – 14.Girls – 12/08/2023

Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 12/08/2023

BMFC 14.Girls: 3
St Marys Band Club FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: It was the best of games, it was the saddest of games…
It was a game where we celebrated a great win and mourned a great loss
It was a game that was the most fun and the game in which we all felt such sorrow
It was a game filled with joy and a game filled with grief

At 11:35, under beautiful clear skies the players and families stood for a 1 minutes respectful silence remembering precious Amelia Cox.
The darling little girl who would so often come to watch her sister B3 play and keep us entertained (and busy) on the sidelines… and even (on rare occasions) when she escaped onto the field.
With pink flowers on the ground, pink ribbons in their hair and black bands on their arms, our U14 Bluey’s played today in remembrance of Amelia.

So at 11.36 the game began and what a game it was!
It was magnetic, it was electric, it was voltaic and fully charged… and that’s just talking about the high tension power lines that criss- crossed the field above our heads.
The entire first half was totally dominated by the laws of magnetism.
So many of our of our multiple strikes at goals were attracted straight to the waiting gloves of the St Mary’s goal keeper or the bars of the goal post.
Even B1’s soaring free kick (miraculously off the other team’s handball) seemed to be repelled away from the top goal bar.
So, at half time despite being at least 5-6 ungoals up, the actual score was nil all.
But then, shortly into the 2nd half, the goals finally started to flow. Instead of just connecting to the goalies gloves or the goal posts, the winning forward alternation between Caitlin and Josie illuminated our game. Ably boosted by the rest of the team, the goal scoring began.
Firstly, in a classic play and kick from Caitlin the game was transformed to 1 up for the Blueys.
With cheers of joy and whoops of enthusiasm, the electricity moved from the poles to the parents.
Minutes later it was Josie surging down the field to bring the score to 2 nil.
Our backline solidly resisted any attempts by St Mary’s to score, keeping the ball grounded and shedding any of the load off Ainsley in the goal.
Then, at the tail end of the game, we amped up the pressure and pushed down the field allowing Caitlin to conduct the ball smoothly into the goal.
The Blueys supporters lit up and celebrated the current situation of 3 goals. Our best ever result!
Then, the whistle blew and the game was over.
What a game, our final, our best and a wonderful way to finish the season.
Thanks girls, thanks Simon and Paula and Geoff, thanks Parents and Carers for a wonderful 2023 Season.