Match Report U10.2 White (11-05-2013)








Match Report

The team travelled to Springwood to play this week and were re-joined by Layla, her first game back from illness. She found her drive late in the game and pushed the ball almost through several Springwood players to set up some good attacking plays for the team – Welcome back Layla!

In general, we were a little loose in defence and slow to play the ball out wide at times and Springwood took advantage of that, scoring three goals to nil to win the game.

But several of our players fought really hard to win possession, maintain it and work forward to create some good scoring opportunities.

Both Josh and Martin finished off some good work up forward with great shots on goal late in the game, however both were saved by the keeper.

Riley worked hard in defence, putting his body on the line to attack the ball with two well directed headers. Issy did well to attack the ball and put great pressure on Springwood when they were pressing.

Will had a superb all round game, executing great controlled passes and working tirelessly to attack each contest and win the ball and push it forward for the team. He strongly played on after being head butted in the nose, again showing great desperation and determination for the team – well done Will, great game!

Alex and Aidan were in goals and both made great saves and importantly made the right plays with the ball when we were coming out from goals.

Aidan was player of the week for his great work in goals in the first half, great saves and playing the ball either to the feet of one of our players in space out wide or if there were no options, long balls wide to safety every time, exactly to our plan. And also for great attacking work in the second half. Great work Aidan!

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