Match Report – 10.White – 01/04/2023


Match Report – 10.White – Game Date: 01/04/2023


BMFC 10.White:
Springwood United FC:

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: The U10 White ground out a phenomenal game of football on what was a magical Autumn day. Tactically, the boys were brilliant and created a ton of goal scoring opportunities. Jackson, Tadhg, Jerome and Caspian, all causing trouble for the opposition and owning the first half. They were a formidable attack.

Caylem and Harry were sharp on the attack, achieving some great runs with the ball. Lachlan, and Isaac worked their hearts out in defence, preventing Springwood from getting their way.

Darcy was a fearless goalkeeper, pulling off some spectacular saves and together with Caspian, receiving joint player of the match.

Only second week in and a huge improvement in the team. Superb teamwork all round and everyone was hungry for the ball.