Match Report AA.5 – 02-05-2010





Blaxland White



Match Report

It was a dark & stormy day that we took to the battle field.

It is always difficult to write ones memoirs but somehow refreshing.

I am of course spinning a yarn, wasting time, doing what it takes to extend the time before I must talk about the only goal of the game – the oppositions goal šŸ™

As said by many a phrophet before me, it was just one moment in 90. A few seconds in a long game that sees the points go the other way; one stick in a tree of branches; one nappy in my week; 1 beer in the esky.

Alas, I know you’re all a bit disappointed. Lets get to training and pass some more. We must love the pass.

Goal Scorers

Unfortunately none šŸ™

Player of the Match

All of the team