Match Report AA.5 – 26-04-2010





St Mary’s Convent



Match Report

It was a dark & stormy Sunday when these two teams met on the battle field… and what transpired could only be described as inspirational.

Our team had heard that morning that the esky may not be making it to the field in time. To explain – we don’t open the esky until after the game (unless Sarah turns up of course) but the team certainly feels more at ease when it arrives before kick off. Despite the news of the esky, the team still took to the field and played with heart.

There was consideration to wearing a black arm band as a sign of respect to the absent esky. But, when we realised The Taxman only had flouro pink electrical tape left in his supplies we turned our minds to other things.

On this day the team produced some of their best football. The passing would’ve made any Italian side proud!

The Grasshopper scored the first goal and this was so inspirational that the opposition decided to take away any possibility of this happening a second time by scoring our second for us! And finally, as if this wasn’t enough there was a disco dancing assist for Cranks awaiting boot and the Bluey’s third goal! Many commented on this third goal as being one of the best ever. Certainly, the debate continues šŸ™‚

In the end, we won 3-0 and the esky made a late but very welcome appearance. Well done guys.

Goal Scorers

Grasshopper, Home Goal, Crank

Player of the Match