Match Report AA.5 (09-07-2011)





St Mary’s Band Club Black



Match Report

The winds tore up the Mountains this week. So much so, according to Grass Hopper, it scared off the Gang Gangs of Falco! Today, in stark contrast, was, in the words of Cranks favourite 80’s song “Simply The Best”!

The AA5’s have a double-header this weekend – this being the first leg.

St Mary’s Band Club Black came to visit. Unfortunate for them, the Knapsack Grandstand was full with screaming fans and they didn’t go home disappointed!

Crank commenced proceedings with a penalty goal within the first 5 minutes! Some random event followed. Then, straight off the kick off, Tingles slots one away with a roar!!!

To tell you the truth, the next goals seemed to come and go. In terms of opportunities, our opposition scored on everyone one of theirs to reach 4 goals at the end. Our forwards, however, always seemed to have the reply and then some!

This is not to forget “Cool Hand” Crank who coolly slotted 2 penalties away for us today and “Tough Man” Tony who put himself in goals despite being as crook as a dog. Cheers Tony.

Everyone ran hard and Liam’s impact was particularly noticeable with some good tackles and short passing game.

I feel like I’ve missed something … Hang on, hold the press: Dirty slotted one between the sticks too taking him off the "end of season nudy run list". Well done, mate.

Goal Scorers

Crank, Tingles, Dez, Dirty

Player of the Match

Cool Hand Crank