Match Report 12.5 – 26 June, 2004

St Marys Convent 4
Match Report

The score 4-0 to SMC does not indicate how well BM’s played , particularly in defence. SMC had 24 attempts at goal and only great saves by James and clearing kicks from the backs enabled BM’s to keep the score so low.

BM had their share of attempts at goal by Nat, Liam and Mitchell H but just could not finish off to score.

The defence was outstanding, Michael and Corey cleared the ball with huge kicks up the field or pushing the ball to the sidline finding touch. Brenton and Ben cleaned up all day and never stopped trying to interupt the attacking raids by SMC.

James worked hard protecting his goal and saving 12 goal attempts by SMC. A great effort and was a contender for man of the match.

The middle also defended well and continually broke up the attacking runs of SMC. Corey, Mitchell H, Stevie and Alex all showed their skills that had the crowd on their feet cheering them on.

Corey was awarded the man of the match and deserved the award for a great game.

Goal Scorers
Player of the Match Corey Mangion