BMCC Rates Variation

Message from the BMFC President, Ian Monaghan:

Blue Mountains City Council ("Council") have sent out its Notice of Rates Variations recently with our latest Rates notices and advised us of the additional works that they propose to do with the extra money. We all manage our own household budgets and we also expect that Council will provide its wide range of services within their budget.

So how does this relate to Blueys FC and why am I sending this to our club members? 

Most of you will be aware of the work our club has been doing for the last five years on a Plan of Management for the overall Knapsack Reserve, followed by a Masterplan last year for Knapsack Park (aka Knapsack Stadium) – click here to view the Masterplan.

Council has included $147,888 in 2013/4 and $500,000 in 2014/5 for Knapsack Park, in the future works budget information that is on its website. Fact Sheet 9 gives this information. This is Council’s budgetted contribution at this stage. There will be other funds that we and Council try to source from state and federal government to supplement this to achieve the full three aspects of grounds, car park and clubhouse done. Council’s allocation shown will not be the full amount.

The implications for our Club are massive for our 50th Anniversary in 2015. If this improvement work is going to occur on the grounds and car park, then the clubhouse will need to be demolished. This means that we need to have a new clubhouse designed, with Council approval, and funding issues resolved well before that. It may be that we are also asked to put some sort of contribution to the park works as well as paying a substantial proportion of the costs of a new clubhouse. We can expect a new clubhouse will cost at least $300,000. The new clubhouse at Warrimoo Oval for Lower Blue Mountains Rugby League was built to a great extent by the club members and a lot of costs were reduced in this way. Funds were also raised by activities for a number of years beforehand.

What is needed now is a show of support for Council’s proposal at Knapsack Park. This can be done by club members logging onto the Council’s Have Your Say web page, on the following link and say what you think about the budget. REPLIES NEEDED TO COUNCIL BY THIS FRIDAY – 7 MAY 2010.  Make specific mention of Knapsack Park and say that it will be great to have the improvements carried out. This is the initial effort that we all need to make to help Council make the decision to spend the money at Knapsack Park.  Also, click here  to read a brochure Council have prepared regarding the rates variation.