Match Report – 12.1 – 28/05/2022


Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 28/05/2022


BMFC 12.1: 4
Wentworth Falls FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Max (2), Beau, Geoff.

Player of the Match: Everyone

Match Report: With only two proper training sessions at Knapsack under their belt, battered by Emu Plains in their first game, an enthralling but brave loss to Werrington in their second, and a pulsating two all draw with Jamo last week, the boys were in positive spirits after having to be up at the crack of dawn to make the trek west to Pitt Park and the shiny new clubhouse of Wentworth Falls FC.

A pre-game field inspection found a few soft patches that might have been cause for concern but in the pre-match press conference, Coach Tom was not bothered and quipped that the formation will remain and big Max will make his debut.

With the sold-out away end heaving and a sense of progress being made on the pitch by the coaching staff, hope was in the air. Little did they know what delights would be forthcoming.

Given the slippery conditions, things started off slow with both teams probing what the other had to offer tactically. Coach Tom’s non-FFA endorsed 3-4-3 formation started to ask a lot of questions of Wentworth Falls as the first half matured and soon their bastions were breached with Max calmly slotting one past the Wentworth Falls keeper and Beau soon doubling the advantage to give BMFC the upper hand.

CB’s marshalling from central defence brought back memories of Barasi’s AC Milan of the late 80’s and with the Leo – Max tandem in the middle of the park causing significant worries for the opposition or as the kids call it now, “emotional damage”. Will made sure to hammer that point homecoming close, oh so close, just before the break with a shot going across the face of the goal.

Franky toiled tirelessly at right midfield and Thierry kept a clean sheet for the first half while donning the gloves no doubt inspired by Socceroo Matty Ryan’s visit to Knapsack almost to the day back in 2019. Come half time the good guys would be up two nil away from home.

The break saw a goalkeeper change with CB between the sticks and Thierry a direct swap to sweeper. The boys tails were up and the sun broke through the clouds. This was a sign. With the away crowd in full voice the second half started. Little did we know what treats would be served up.

Snowy, Geoff, Darcy put in shifts. Ryan, Tom Jr., Rhys and Noah knew two-nil is a dangerous scoreline and went to work to bring home the points. Gus added significant value when going forward but then…… cometh the foul, cometh Max. The young ref, who I hasten to add had a great game, awarded a free kick to the men in blue. Max quickly took the ball and lined up his shot just to the right of centre. As if there was any doubt…. The ball magnifically sailing over the keeper’s head to make it three nil. Some of the professional pundits in the lofty studio box might have been arguing the Wentworth Falls keeper could have done better but this author knows the truth, it was a goal the moment Max’s boot kissed the ball goodbye. In a statement to the media post-match, Max’s father informed that Max had been working on his technique which was borrowed from some unknown egg-ball type game. Either way, three points were in the bag. Post goal, the BMFC marshal had some work to do in calming the away end from their delirium with crowds spilling into the pitch in celebration delaying the re-start.

BMFC were now on a high and streamed forward with others hoping to get on the scoresheet. Big Leo went on a mazy run which Rhys started all the way in defence through a well-timed tackle. Leo was keen to walk the ball into the net, but not this time, it wasn’t meant to be. Queue young Geoff. The spritely pocket rocket much akin to a one Gianfranco Zola, had been busy all game but this little maestro was saving his best till last. Geoff picked up a loose ball about 30 yards from goal and in space, proceeded to carry it forward unopposed and from about 20 yards out and to the left of goal pinged a shot. Now, to some this might have looked speculative, but to the trained eye there was purpose and intention. The ball sailing into the back of the net. It was magnificent. That made it four.

Post-match interviews were skipped as Coach Tom wanted to keep his boys grounded as he pilots this team through some early season turbulence during the first few games and onto their first win. They can only ascend from here.