Thank You’s – 2012


The Board of BMFC would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their tremendous efforts this season: 
  1. all Managers for making our lives easier by organizing our (your) teams so well – be it for: canteen/BBQ/nets duty; Photo Days; whatever else we needed of your team; or for whatever your team needed of us.
  2. all Coaches for taking on the huge task of training our teams, but particularly the coaches of our Junior teams for taking on the responsibility of teaching and developing our younger players (and hopefully having fun in the process).
  3. the parents of our junior players who supported their kid’s coaches, managers and the club week-in week-out.
  4. the senior players who took on the role as Duty Officers on Sundays.
  5. the organizing committee for the Senior Teams Presentation Night, ably led by Rob Hofmann.
  6. everyone who volunteered to help set up and run the Junior Teams Presentation Day.
  7. BMFC Committee members for doing a whole heap of stuff throughout the year, all the way until the end of the AGM.
Click here to see a full list of names.  If there is anyone that we’ve missed, it’s certainly not intentional (but let us know if we have).
Each of you has contributed to the running of your Club and to the community spirit that exists within it.  Enjoy the rest of 2012 and see you next year.
BMFC Board (Ian, Gordon, Barry, Len & Sandy)