U10.2 White & Man U

U10.2 White and Manchester United

The parents and players of the U10.2 White team would like to thank Coach Daniel Clune for securing tickets and organising a daytrip for the kids to experience a once in lifetime opportunity to see Manchester United train live at Kogarah Oval last Tuesday (16th July). Daniel’s report of the day follow.

"All the kids had a great time together this afternoon on the trip to watch Manchester United train.

It was really difficult to get players autographs, but in the throngs of people pushing and shoving, Aidan was happy to get his Man U jersey signed, Will got a great signing and awesome Issy is going to have a very happy older brother, managing to get five autographs for him on his soccer jersey!

They were all really, really well behaved, the whole way there and back!

And a few of us even got some grammar and arithmetic time via the logic games in the newspaper, so no need to worry about the afternoon away from school!

Hope they’re all happy with the trip and special thanks to Sean and Nick for coming too!

Great kids, you should all be proud!

See you all soon,