Match Report U8 Tigers (06-04-2013)




Springwood Kangaroos


Match Report

Great first game between two evenly matched teams!

Zach put the gloves on for the first half and made plenty of great stops.

Springwood seemed to dominate early until Manager Paul astutely pointed out we were playing with one too few men on the park (great work mate, the hefty transfer fee we paid for your services is already paid off now)!

Now with 7 on the field, the boys arguably dominated the rest of the half. Thomas McCormack was unlucky not to score early on a break and Jack, Ethan and Cy worked well together, stringing a few passes together on a couple of occasions. We just couldn’t seem to aim a shot between the sticks!

Springwood must have had magic oranges at halftime, and came back stronger in the second half. Tayden and Mathew stood up to the pressure were great in defence, as they both had been all game. Jayden scored the first goal of the season from a great sliding effort from outside the box, but this was unfortunately between 2 goals scored against the run of play by the opposition.

Goal Scorers

Player of the Match

Man of the match Thomas Hackett for getting his head up and always looking to pass to a team mate.