Match Report U6 Bears (11-08-2012)





U6 Cougars



Match Report

The Bears faced a very courageous opposition in the Cougars at Knapsack. The entire team showed great defence all over the field and chased down everything.

Early on Mason did a great pass to Harry which resulted in a goal. Harry scored another goal by cleverly watching the opposition and finding a gap in their defence.

All the Bears were strong in attack and Wil was able to finish of a great team goal.

Mason was as strong as ever and never let anyone get in his way. He was rewarded with some fantastic goals the full length of the field.

Daniel was constantly chasing down balls and finished off a terrific goal.

Joey was always backing up in defence and setting his team up well with some fantastic big kicks down the field.

Well done to everyone!

Goal Scorers

Daniel, Mason, Wil, Harry.

Player of the Match