Match Report U10.1 White (08-06-2013)








Match Report

James went in goal in the first half and did very well…making a good save one handed and clearing up at the back as Springwood broke away on a few occasions. Most of the half was spent on the attack though but we found it very hard to break down one of the best defences we have played against. After going a goal down we hit back in the last five minutes of the half with two well struck shots from distance com Finn and then Riley right on half time.

Kieran went in goal in the second half and was clearly listening well at half time. Coach had asked him to come off his line quickly when the opposition countered and clear the ball – this was executed well by Kieran a number of times, resulting in a clean sheet. The only goal of the second half went to Ashton beating a couple of players out wide on the left and neatly knocking the ball past the keeper.

We created a number of opportunities in the second half by spreading the play wide, pulling the defence out from the middle and then crossing the ball back across.

Arwen, Kane, Xavier and Geordie were solid at the back. An under the weather Maeve showed no signs of this in midfield. Thomas came close to a goal and showed further improvement again in chasing balls down up front.

Goal Scorers

Finn, Riley, Ash

Player of the Match