Match Report – O35.1W – 21/07/2019

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 21/07/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 5
Springwood United FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ads, Felts, Crussell, Skinner x 2

Player of the Match: Slash

Match Report: After the heroic 10 man win last week in the windiest conditions recorded in the mountains, Blueys returned to action with the news that the bookies had significantly slashed their odds of winning the title.

Dre’s decision to make training optional this week worked wonders as there was a near full roster of “fit” players available for the game against Springwood. Macca continued his policy of turning up so fashionably late that no one actually notices his arrival.

There was standing room only come kick off, as all 9 camping chairs were full. The game started as most 9am kick offs do, with both teams slowly testing each other out while they waited for the dencorub to kick in.

After a flurry of chances at either end it was Blueys who opened the scoring. Ghost released Skinner down the wing, he was able to dink a tidy cross to the back post and it was met by the man who normally doesn’t like eating from silver platters, Ads, to nod home.

Springwood scored.

Blueys took the lead again after they were awarded a free kick 25 yards out. Digger decided to change the match ball for a peach and dropped it in on the far post. Despite the cold, Marty was able to find an extra couple of inches and won the header to send it crashing into the post and just like the seagulls circling the white cliffs of Dover, there was Felts to pick up the scraps and put the ball away.

Springwood scored.

Halftime was a heated affair, with Blueys looking for answers from a well below par first half, the weight of the lowered bookies odds perhaps playing on their minds. Things were said, bums were patted and minds focused.

The second half started with much more intensity than the first. The backline rotation of Macca, JB, Crussell, Dre, Andy and G was working a treat and what little chances they allowed, Steve Buffon was easily dealing with.

Blueys superior fitness was starting to show with the combinations of Rod, Ghost, Marty, Digger, Rusty and Ads in midfield starting to take a stranglehold of possession and field position.

The deadlock was broken mid way through the first half when some strong midfield play from Rod and Rusty provided an opportunistic through ball, one that a goal scorer in the form Skinner is in was not going to let slip. Channeling Dre, he cooly lobbed the keeper, 3-2 Blueys.

Springwood were on the ropes now, and in a rare venture forward, and it’s rare not because he isn’t allowed, but because he isn’t fit enough to get back, Crussell made it 4-2 with his best Lionel Richie impression with a “Once, Twice, Three times a lady” finish. The Springwood keeper clearly wanting to help Crussell get off the nudie run, and for that we thank him.

The game was put to bed soon after when G, or maybe Felts, well one of the Mollydookers anyway, put Skinner and Digger into a 2 on 1. As hard as Skinner tried to butcher another chance, Digger was able to find him in space and he made it 5-2.

The win further cementing the Bluey Whites position in the top 4 and many pundits believe that as long as they don’t lose too many players to bigger teams before the transfer window closes they will be the team that no one will want to play come semi final time.