Match Report – 12.1 – 27/07/2019

Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 27/07/2019


BMFC 12.1: 6
Emu Plains FC: 3

BMFC Goal Scorers: Josh x 1, Louis x 2, Jacob x 2, Tom x 1

Player of the Match: Josh

Match Report: The first round of three in the semi finals and we were lucky enough to be at Knapsack vs Emu Plains. The opposition struck early from an unlucky penalty to take the lead 1-0. At the 11th minute the Blues were awarded a penalty on the spot with Josh pushing it past the keeper to level the score 1-1.

One minute later, a through ball finds Louis with incredible pace to outrun the defenders, the goalie gets wrong footed inside the 18-yard box and bang 2-1. At the twenty-two minute mark the run was identical, shouts of offside were ignored by the ref as the run started from our half. Louis again out paces the defenders and deals with the goalie 3-1.

Half time and the message is to remain calm, our passing, skill and patience can be the difference. Through balls, solid passes and teamwork is what got us to half time and needs to continue. Two minutes in and Jacob takes a long run down the right side supported in the centre by Zac and Tom. Jacob takes the shot at a tight angle that gets chipped over the keepers fingers to start the second half 4-1. The eight minute mark the goalathon continues with Emu Plains nailing one off the post to come back 4-2.

Emu Plains are on the march with our boys doing some back-pedalling and being done for pace. Emu made a great run straight through our defence and it was one-on-one, Jackson decided as goalie it was up to him to close the angle. The attacker didn’t expect Jacob’s sheer pace and he closed down the opportunity. A few minutes later Jacob again takes control with another run down the sideline. He heads towards the centre and unleashes his boot for a 5-2 lead. Matthew has been incredible in muscling up at left back, not much got through with him toiling against the attack. Sam, Bodhi, Bailey & Aiden held the back and midfield well with good vision on the play and pushing the ball into gaps that lead to opportunities for our boys up front.

Nine minutes to go and Jacob gets taken down in the box for a penalty on the spot. Jackson runs full length of the field wanting the kick but Tom self appoints to deal with it. 6-2 with cartwheels back to halfway from TC, he will hurt himself one day that boy!

Seven minutes to go and Emu take a corner with a deflection to finish at 6-3. What a great game! Our boys were one of only two teams that had a win in the first week of semis, should be a fun final series with all boys enjoying the experience.