Match Report – O35.1W – 14/07/2019

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 14/07/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 3
Hazelbrook FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Dre, Felts, Skinner

Player of the Match: The woodwork

Match Report: The dreaded mid-winter fixture at Hazo saw the team snowmobile arrive to sub-zero conditions, a howling gale and an empty stadium, the fans still refusing to travel in protest of our last 2 losses.

Last minute withdrawals of Marty and GK Steve meant we had to call upon the still somewhat injured emergency reserves of Andre, Crussel and Ads, the latter being handed the gloves and long Grobbelaar pants, which were warmly received as snow surely wasn’t far from falling, and as apparently he once was a keeper, despite his insistence this was never the case.

Dre tried to work out the best formation, and then called upon some assistance as either his math was wrong or 4-4-1 somehow involves 11 players – the combined intellect of the leadership group confirming there was indeed only 10 men to take the park.  Dre then did what any captain-coach worth his salt would do and nominated himself lone striker and therefore avoid any of the heavy lifting that would be required.

A very even start to the game ensued despite Hazo outnumbering us, Ghost a welcome addition back at centre mid after what seemed to be 3 months on the sideline with a grade 2 sprained pinky.  He soon reminded the punters why transfer records were broken for his signature, putting a gem of a ball through for Dre, and after what was arguably the slowest chase of a through-ball ever between centre back and striker, Dre somehow got there first and calmly side footed past the keeper.

1 nil halftime, and screenplay rights for ‘Ocean’s 10’ already being negotiated.

Second half and our backline of JB, Crussel, Macca and G continued to absorb the pressure and looking to counter.  Some nice work from Skinner putting Felts through who showed some actual speed beating fullback and oncoming keeper to slot it through. 2 nil up and could have been 3 not long after, Felts finding himself in similar position, but with far too much time and no one marking him he was never going to score.

Hazo managed to get on the sheet and felt the wind at their backs (literally), pouring the pressure on, until G made a strong run from the back, igniting some great interplay and finishing with Skinner back-heeling the cross into the back of the net in true show=pony style, and celebrating thusly.

We failed to deal with a bit of a messy corner and Hazo headed in to close our lead to just 1 goal, but a big final effort from the 10 blueys, and a couple of nice saves from our goalposts ensured the miracle complete. 

“Ocean’s 10 – the game that defined a season” in cinemas soon.