Match Report – IW.1 – 11/10/2020

Match Report – IW.1 – Game Date: 11/10/2020

Cranebrook United FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Emily, Jess, Tamara, Mim, Tilly, Lexy

Player of the Match:

Match Report: What a nail-biting season and that’s from a team who value their acrylics!

The teams was new to the Intermediate format and as the youngest team in the comp they needed to adjust to 90 minute games and older girls.

The winner of the IW season came down to the last game. BMFC was ahead most of the season but Penrith was close on their heels and Penrith knew they needed to rack up high scores in their final games to try and catch the BMFC IW.1 girls. This team, like many in the club, was determined to play out the season to the best of their ability. The team played the entire season with 13 players and many a game played short-handed. This is an indication of their skill and strong teamwork to see them through game after game.

The start of the Cranebrook game was not looking promising when Cranebrook scored a quick goal due to their fast and talented forwards. However, the girls were not deterred. As soon as ‘ Oh I need to tape my ankle’ began to find the net and not our own player’s faces the girls soon found their stride! ‘Quick Reflex’ in goals gave the confidence to the defense to push forward and play a more attacking game. ‘Rocket’, ‘Chill’, ‘Zoo Keeper’ and ‘Joker’ made for a strong backline and were impressive all season.

Through the middle, ‘Stik’, ‘Stealth’, ‘So Hot’ and ‘Where’s the Net’ were the team’s engine with their tireless attacking and passing and soon Cranebrook realised the game was not going to go their way. Goals quickly flew into the net (as well as everywhere else!) Finally the forwards, ‘Punching Bag’, ‘Biggest Fan’ and ‘Quick Feet ‘ made runs that would make a sprinter proud and the score difference increased!

Well done to a team of sweet, talkative, talented and athletic girls with hearts as large as their talent. It was a pleasure watching you from the sideline and continue to awe others with your game. Thank you to the parents who trusted the girls to drive to games and practices and were our cheer squad week-in and week-out! Thanks to BMFC who are always focused on being a community club and have developed a culture of teams that reflect this quality. Finally thanks to the U17 boys who supported our goal to be a Rank #1 team and who were great sports when we played them.

Season 2020 glad you are done but will miss the weekly camaraderie.