Match Report – 14.Girls – 24/06/2023


Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 24/06/2023


BMFC 14.Girls: 0
Penrith Rovers FC: 7

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: On the dusty Knapsack oval, our lasses played this game
Against a team with amazing kicks, the Rovers were their name
It was not our best of the season, but we still held our ground
But those Rovers knew how to boot that ball, so their goals they did abound.

We have not seen such quality kicks, such bounces and such scores
Despite great defence, attacks and passes, they really played that ball.
In terms of time spent down their half, it would be almost even
But when the final whistle blew, they were up by seven.

Brave Lucy early in the game took a ball to the jaw
It took a while for the Ref to notice (and I think her mother even swore)…
Ainsley stoutly kept that goal, in spite of the jumping ball
But those Rovers kicks and bounces needed her to be at least 7 feet tall.

Anika, Malia and Thea were still magic in the back
But even their defence, could not move them off the goal track
Dorcas dribbled diligently, along with Ellie and B3
They kept working up and down the field, trying to break free

Phoebe, Emmy and Lara are swift and full of life
Though all their work on wings and mid-field could not contain the strife
Caitlin, B2 and Josie kept pushing them all the time
But never quite far enough to get the ball across their goal line

And so this game it ended, with us well and truly beat.
To win so well at Wenty and then go down in defeat?!
But never mind, its just a game and last year we’d have lost by more
Next week we will play better and even up the score!