Match Report – 14.Girls – 17/06/2023


Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 17/06/2023


BMFC 14.Girls: 1
Wentworth Falls FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Caitlin Bestley

Player of the Match:

Match Report: Game Day June 17
The Wentworth weekend warriors at the perfect pitch of Pitt Park played ball with brilliant bonny Bluey’s!
It was a game of firsts for this year…
The first time playing at Pitt Park
The first time someone other than Josie scored a goal
The first time someone did a header where the ball actually went in the right direction.
And, the first time Constance was not given a yellow card.

But it was also a game of many ‘yet agains’…
Yet again, we totally dominated the field.
Yet again we had multiple chances that just did not make it into their net
Yet again, our defences held firm and steadfast
Yet again our passing kept the ball flowing up and down the field
Yet again our speedy throw ins put constant pressure moving down the field
Yet again B1 was off with an injury…

Coach Simon called out Thea and Anika in particular for their constant presence and pressure in the back. Thea was like a rubber ball on top spin, even when she hits the ground she springs back up and bounced back into the game at warp speed. Anika’s was everything, everywhere, always at once. Her constant marking, pressure and strong kicks kept the ball out of our half.
With Malia and Lucy chasing and clearing loose balls, our defence held so strong today.

Josie just missed a chance at another goal about 20 minutes into the game, but shortly after Catlin powered her first goal of the season into the net. This gave us the lead we never lost.
Practically everyone in the forwards and mid-field almost got a goal this game. Particularly in the 2nd half we had multiple corners and multiple melee’s in their goal box. B3, then Emmy, then Phoebe, B1 to Lara then Josie and Emmy again. It’s a wonder Ainsley did not end up running down and having a crack herself!

There was much joyous celebration from players and parents when that whistle finally blew!

Well done you brilliant, bonny Blueys!