Match Report – 14.Girls – 10/06/2023


Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 10/06/2023


BMFC 14.Girls: 1
Glenmore Park FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: Twas a beautiful winter afternoon, the sky a perfect blue. The sun cast friendly rays upon the mostly green pastures of Knapsack Park.
It was not a full strength team that hit the field today. It was somewhat diminished by coughs, colds and long weekend leave. But supplemented by a couple of U13 champions, our plucky girls and their plucky coach were here to play ball!
And play ball they did! With skill and determination, the ball remained up the Glenmore Park end for most of the first half. It’s fair to say we were all over them… like a rash (not a really bad rash though, just a mild case of dermatitis).
Catlin, Josie, Lara and U13’s Charlie kept up constant pressure in the forwards, but as so often happens in soccer, that critical connection of that ball getting in their net just did not happen!
Then sadly on one of the few occasions the ball got into our half, a mix up resulted in a direct penalty that put Glenmore ahead.
Unnerved but undeterred, fluid passing and persistence kept the ball moving down toward the opposition. However at half time, despite 30 minutes of dominating play, we were one down.

Championed by words of wisdom by Simon the wise and wonderful, the team hit the field for the 2nd half.
Finally, after just a few minutes, that unfulfilled connection between that ball and their net was made. Being a team that likes being consistent, it was Josie’s foot that made that connection!
We were back on a level playing field… it was one all. Given our domination of the game so far, surely these U14 girls were on track to seeing back to back victories?
So, as the sun sank slowly in the west, the anticipation rose quickly in the Blueys.
Tension on the field was matched by some tension on the sidelines.
There were some pushing and shoving with B3 holding her own against some aggressive actions. Some passionate voices were raised and even our coach was told to get back in his box (both metaphorically and literally).
But despite a free kick, an almost fairytale strike for B1 from 20 yards out, a massive header from Ursula and some close chances from corners, our domination of the ball never translated into more goals.
Unfortunately, this was not the case for Glenmore. In a momentary lapse of reason that saw our team all out of place, their strong attack put another ball into the back of our net.
Despite fierce counterattacks the game ended with that final score. The Parks of Glenmore were 2, the Mountains of Blue were 1.
It was not a win, but another super strong performance. Thanks to Talia for stepping into Ainsley’s big shoes, the U13 girls for their support and coach Simon for just managing to stay sane!

To paraphrase a great Churchillian quote ‘Never, in the field of human soccer, has one team dominated so much, yet scored so few’.

Hopefully a full deck of players and an absence of illness will put us in a better position to be pitted against the Wentworth Falls at Pitt Park next week.