Match Report – 15.1 – 25/08/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 25/08/2018

BMFC 15.1: 0
Penrith RSL SC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: Sam

Match Report: The rain held off for the boys grand final. We observed a minute’s silence prior to kick off to remember and honour club committee member Barry Summers who sadly passed the night before.

The first half was a tight affair, RSL having one header that went over. Our defence was pressured but the back four of Max, Millsy, Aidy and Sam handled it well. In front of them our midfield engine of Jake, Dom and Martin fought well too

In the second half there were a few more chances – RSL missing a couple of good ones and Ethan firing a shot that Jake almost tapped the rebound in. Jacob had a shot in the box and also went down under a challenge but a penalty was waived away

Our wingers rotated and worked super hard – Jimmy, Alex C & L and Jacob. Damo and Keastie rotated in centre midfield doing superbly

We pressed well the last 20, largely in RSL’s half but with 4 minutes left a break away resulted in a goal against us

Coach’s Player of the match was Sam for great defensive work and getting forward a number of times to assist the attack, getting a couple of good long range shots away too

The boys were devastated at the end to lose and right at the death too. The highs and lows of football in two weeks after winning in penalties in the semi!

A few thank you’s:

– to Kate for being such a well organised, diligent manager
– to Lyn for fitness, strength & agility training every week
– to the parents for getting them to training & games & keeping up with my numerous texts
– finally to boys who are such a pleasure to coach

Another excellent season – enjoy your Summer sport and see you all next season

Match Report – 16.2 – 11/08/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 11/08/2018

BMFC 16.2: 1
Springwood United FC: 4

BMFC Goal Scorers: Sean Higgins

Player of the Match: Gus Langworthy

Match Report: For the last match of the Championship Round we headed up to Springwood for a must win game (and needing to score two goals or more to go straight through) to make the Final. An excellent training session on Thursday was a really positive sign. Jacob unavailable due to other commitments and Heath still on the injured list added to the challenge but it felt the boys were up for it.

The game quickly settled into being a very tight contest, with Springwood being able to play carefree football as they had nothing to loose and everything to gain for their last match of the season. It is fair to say that they were having slightly the better of the play.

It was an early break away goal to Springwood and then a ‘soft’ send off that turned the game on it’s head after less than one quarter of the match. A couple of lower level infringements were deemed serious enough by the referee to warrant yellow cards meaning we were down to 10 men. In my opinion both decisions were a little harsh, though technically correct, and “the punishment didn’t fit the crime” by any reasonable assessment. That’s football. That’s life. To his great credit, the young ma involved handled the situation in a composed and sporting manner. As did the entire team who showed increased commitment and determination to back their team mate.

We were down two goals at half time but all credit to the boys who kept their heads up and tried even harder! Every player, but Gus and Will Foreman especially, gave 120% and never gave up. Lachlan “I’ve run out of nicknames” Jones was as flexible as ever and did a fine job of covering where needed in the backs.

With time against us, and needing to pull back 3 goals, it was time to throw caution to the wind and try a few left field options. Pushing players forward, fewer in defence and a change of keeper were all our last throws of the dice. Nothing to lose by trying! Lachlan Bowe did an outstanding job when thrown into the goals for the first time this season, giving Robbie a chance to be creative up front! One tip over the bar was a memorable piece of excellent keeping!

Springwood scored a further two goals but we went down fighting and left nothing behind in going for a win.

In the end, Springwood did to us what I thought we might have been able to do the Blaxland in the final. Catch them a little tense and nervous, with us having nothing to lose and playing relaxed and creative football.

A fine late goal to Sean put a smile on our faces on what was a tricky afternoon and disappointing end to a highly successful season. Second place on the ladder. Goals scored by almost every player. We played a brand of football which drew high praise from all coaches we played against. Team passing football. Positive football. And we had lots of fun along the journey!! Watching the boys develop in their football, and more importantly as fine young men, has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Congratulations to Gus on a fine season as captain! Composed and determined leadership, especially through leading by example!

A massive thank you to Steve Cooke whose thorough and no nonsense work as manager kept things humming along and made such a difference.

A huge thank you to Greg Bowe for sharing invaluable ideas and excellent training drills across the season. It was always great to have someone heavily involved who knows the game so well!

And many thanks Darren Kingsford for being our social director!

Many thanks to all the parents and families for your encourage, support and trust each and every week.

May I also take this opportunity to thank Sandy, Dave and all the committee for their support and tremendous work this season. Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated by the 16/2’s!

Congratulations Gus, Lachlan Bowe, Chris, Robbie, Will Cooke, Luke, Will Foreman, Sean, Jacob, Lachlan Jones, Zach Kingsford, Billy, Aidan, “Scoooooooooobes” and Heath! Be proud of all you achieved and contributed during an excellent season of football. I truly hope you all return in 2019 for your first year of Sunday football.

Match Report – 14.2 – 11/08/2018

Match Report – 14.2 – Game Date: 11/08/2018

BMFC 14.2: 0
Hazelbrook FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: Nothing like a 9am kick off at Hazelbrook for what was essentially a must-win semi final for the lads against the team that finished 2nd above us on the table.

Unfortunately on the day the ball didn’t bounce our way and even with 80% possession and at least 6 shots to 1 in our favour (adjust these stats for coach bias accordingly!), we couldn’t snag the goal we needed to advance to the final.

But I couldn’t have been prouder of the way the boys played, the style of which encapsulating all the work they have put in over the last 6 months.

Arran, Cy and Lawson all defended strongly and all distributed the ball well from fullback, with Seko and Rhys showing again why they are arguably the best centre-half pairing in the comp.

Harry busted his gut in midfield with Lachlan Cassells and Zach providing plenty of quality ball in the playmaker roles, while Caleb and Marcus shared the massive task of closing down Hazelbrook’s gun #11, effectively negating his influence on the game.

Shane put in his usual 250% in shared winger duties with Will and Calvin, both of whom were unlucky not to score and threatened the defence with their speed, as they have done all year. Lachlan Monaco hunted down everything as striker, and was a yard/an inch off scoring on a few occasions (that ball just wasn’t bouncing right!).

Last but not least, Jos kept yet another clean sheet, which was just rewards for a great season in goals.

Thanks for a great season guys, and a big thanks to co-coach/manager extroadinare Graeme and all the parents for their support.

Match Report – 15.1 – 11/08/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 11/08/2018

BMFC 15.1: 0 (5 Pen)
Colo Soccer FC: 0 (3 Pen)

BMFC Goal Scorers: Penalty shoot out – Aidy, Dom, Millsy, Ethan, Jake

Player of the Match: Players – Eli; Coach and Parents – Millsy

Match Report: Straight knock out semi and our last game of the season at Knapsack

A full squad available after a couple of injury scares and illness during the week was a bonus on a hot Saturday arvo

I expected a closely fought game and boy they didn’t disappoint. Chances were few and far between the entire game. Our defence was excellent, led by Aidy & Millsy in the middle, both winning countless aerial battles. Sam and swapping with Keastie at right back and Max man marking Colo’s dangerous forward all defended superbly

The midfield was a real arm wrestle but starting trio of Jake, Dom & the returning Martin (after 6 weeks away) scrapped and fought for every ball. Damo came into centre midfield as well and added some quality with his passing as well as contesting and winning ball

Out wide Jacob, James, Alex C & L were rotated on the wings and worked tirelessly to get forward but also get back and help out in midfield

Up front Ethan had a titanic tussle with Colo’s big, strong and talented centre half. It was a top drawer contest with neither giving an inch all game. Ethan had one effort brilliantly saved by Colo’s keeper

No goals in normal time, so 10 minutes each way of extra time. We’d been here once before this season in the cup and managed to find a win and this experience I believe would have helped. The boys were told to keep fighting and go for the win

There were a few chances in extra time. Ethan hit the bar, chipping the keeper, and the rebound didn’t quite fall for Alex C who would have had an easy tap in. Colo also had a shot that skimmed the bar

No score meant a penalty shoot out. Fortunately we have been practicing for a couple of weeks and I was certain on who the five were to take one – Aidy, Dom, Millsy, Ethan and Jake

The first 4 penalties were shared evenly (including Dom’s one stride and pass in the corner – learnt from Iceman’s penalty taking clinic last season!); Millsy put us 3-2 up and then Eli made a crucial save, diving to his left but getting a foot to the ball as it was hit down the middle. The next two were shared again leaving Jake the opportunity to win it – he did and the euphoria erupted as the boys, and coach (!) mobbed Eli for being the difference

Cruel way to lose and truly did feel for the Colo boys. Our boys were humble in victory on the field and then belted the team song out afterwards in the change rooms

An unbelievable afternoon of football. Thank you to everyone who came to watch – biggest crowd of the season and what a game to see

Players player was Eli – the penalty save so vital. Coach’s and Parents player Millsy who was a rock at the heart of defence, winning headers and some sensational tackles

Photo – Eli dives left but is smart enough to get his right boot to the penalty down the middle and keep it out to send us to the Grand Final

Match Report – 16.2 – 04/08/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 04/08/2018

BMFC 16.2: 1
Colo: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Gus Langworthy

Player of the Match: Gus Langworthy

Match Report: We were at home for our first game in the 2018 Championship Rounds, against Colo who have given us a good contest each time this year.

It was a mighty fine start to the match when Gus slotted away a fine goal based on excellent build up play, in the first minute of play! We had the ball in the net on two other occasions in the first half only to be foiled by an offside call. Our team play was excellent meaning we had by far the better of the possession. Composure, precision passing and good decision making were the hallmark of our play. Free kicks within range gave us another couple of chances and showed how much were were dominating the play.

Half time was once again not our friend. Colo ‘parked the bus’ with 7 fullbacks and our boys became frustrated and seemed to lose composure in the midfield with some passing going astray with no pressure on. A long ball goal to Colo midway through the half had our heads down and playing a little nervously. Gus took a fine free kick from just outside the box which shaved the outside of the post. Things just weren’t going our way.

It could have been 4 nil which would have been a fair result, but a one all draw was the final result. Perhaps it just wan’t meant to be?

Gus earns man of the match with some fine attacking moves, an excellent goal, strong leadership, and some fine defensive work up front through winning contested balls on many occasions. Lachlan “Up a Drain Pipe” Jones was versatile and his precision passing and switching was often excellent. Imagine how good he’d be if he was allowed to wear his ‘tradie boots’!? Sean made some fine runs up the right hand side and Will Cooke and “Scooooooobes” were terrific in defence. Billy often threatened and Luke and Jacob were again rock solid in defence making some fine decisions when bringing the ball out. Will and Chris were tireless in the midfield and Robbie was fine in goals.

Next Saturday we head up to Summerheyes to take on Springwood. It is a must win game to make it through to the Final. We can go into this game with great confidence. I believe the boys deserve the chance to play against Blaxland for the title!

Match Report – 15.1 – 04/08/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 04/08/2018

BMFC 15.1: 1
Glenmore Park FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Aidy (pen)

Player of the Match: Alex C

Match Report: Last game of the regular season. Equation for us was simple – win and hope Rovers lost to win the league – any other combo, we’d come second

Eli gave the boys some inspirational words before the game – see photo

Jake was a late withdrawal with injury so Ethan moved to the midfield alongside Damo and Max. Glenmore were well on top for the first ten minutes but we defended stoutly and there was no clear chance given. We worked our way into the game and created a couple of good chances – Alex L shooting wide. Alex C was troubling the right back with his runs and was winning free kicks as he was fouled numerous times. He seemed to be brought down in the box but the ref did not blow his whistle. Two minutes later Alex L got in behind the same player and was up ended, this time a penalty was awarded. Captain Calm Aidy slotted it into the net, 1-0 half time

Second half was evenly contested – Eli made a brilliant save to keep us ahead. Ethan and Alex L threatened to get in behind for us regularly. At the back Aidy, Millsy, Sam, Keastie & Alex C, when on for Keastie, were rock solid. Midfield fought for every ball, led by Dom who was superb and Jacob’s fast feet and mind were creating openings. Aidy almost doubled the lead with a long range effort, well saved. Damo just missed a header from a corner

It stayed 1-0 and we’d done our bit. News came in a bit later that Rovers had also won 1-0 and had therefore won the league. Congratulations to the Rovers boys

Player’s player of the match was Alex C – despite being kicked, regularly, Alex got up & kept going at his opponent all game. Well done Alex

I’d like to say thank you to all my boys this year – you give me your all every week – can not ask for anymore. Love coaching you and couldn’t be more proud of you

Match Report – 15.1 – 28/07/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 28/07/2018

BMFC 15.1: 4
Wentworth Falls FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Alex L, Ethan, Millsy, Dom

Player of the Match: Jacob

Match Report: Final home game of the regular season and a number of players returning from holiday and injury

Knowing only a win would give us an outside chance of the title going into the final week, playing the team coming last, on paper, seemed a straightforward task. Having played Wentworth Falls earlier in the season had demonstrated they were a far more dangerous opponent than their position suggested

In the first half we played some good football, keeping the ball well and creating chances. Alex C won the ball down the left and played Alex L in and his shot shot across keeper went in the bottom corner

We kept Wentworth Falls pinned back for most of the half but when they went forward they created chances. Eli made two brilliant saves and then one shot skimmed the bar. Eli was finally beaten by a ball across the box that no one cut out and it went in.

So, as per the first game with them, we were level at half time. Motivation was easy…noting a number of the Rovers boys had come to watch us, I asked my boys if they wanted to give them the title by losing at home in front of them. Coaching is easy sometimes…

The second half started well with Millsy heading in Alex L’s corner – see photo. Max hit one from centre midfield and goal poach Ethan tapped the well saved rebound in. Jacob jinked past his opponent in midfield and laid off to Dom in space and he hit a pile driver into the top corner from outside the box

Player of the match Jacob. Really dominant in midfield, unlocking the opposition defence a number of times

So for the second season in a row it all comes down to the last game of the season between us and Rovers. This year Rovers are in the box seat needing just a draw – we have to win and hope. Good luck Todd and Danny

Match Report – 16.2 – 21/07/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 21/07/2018

BMFC 16.2: 4
Hazelbrook FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Billy Moar (2), Heath Stanners (2)

Player of the Match: Will Foreman

Match Report: For the final match of the competition rounds we headed up to Lawson Oval to take on our long running rivals, Hazelbrook. It is always a fine contest and today proved to be no different. Second place on the ladder was up for grabs. Hazo needed to win whilst a draw or better would see us hold onto second spot.

After a ‘little hiccough’ with the jerseys by yours truly, it was through the tremendous co-operation and sportsmanship of Hazo manager, coach and ground official, that we were able to take the field 15 minutes late wearing the Hazelbrook away jerseys!! The game was reduced to 30 minute halves and the boys on both teams had been very patient.

We dominated pretty much from the first whistle. It was a fine well deserved win! Our only flat period was immediately after the half time break. (What does that say about the coach’s ability to impart some wise advice to the boys?)

Fine team passing and possession football had Hazo running around in circles, sometimes literally! Billy scored a fine goal to get us under way and followed up with a second goal early in the second half. A fine header off an excellent corner from Heath.

Heath scored two goals of his own in the second half whilst he was unlucky not to get a hat trick, preferring instead to hit the post with a wide open goal at his mercy! Lachie Bowe had a good chance as well, only to forget which game he was playing and sending it sailing over the cross bar!

Chris was once again strong in the middle of the park, Heath played a fine game and stand-in Captain ‘Scooooooobes’ was rock solid in Robbie’s absence. Man of the Match honours went to Will Foreman who dominated the midfield and won a lot of contested ball. His ball distribution was excellent, often setting us up in positive attacking positions.

The result gives us the opportunity to set up a Final against local rivals Blaxland, who can be beaten. First things first though. We’ll need to beat Colo at home and Springwood at ‘our other home’ to make the final. Both have been strong competitors so we’ll need to be up for both games! The return of Gus and Robbie will add to our strength and confidence. It’s going to be an exciting next phase of the Competition.

Match Report – 15.1 – 21/07/2018

Match Report – 15.1 – Game Date: 21/07/2018

BMFC 15.1: 2
Penrith RSL SC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Alex L, OG

Player of the Match: Damo

Match Report: Holidays and injuries depleted us again so a final borrow of Jos in goal and David in centre midfield allowed us to get a full team on the pitch

Although winter it was fairly warm come the middle of the day kick off

The boys started really well, Jake, Dom & David winning the all important centre of midfield battle. We won a free kick which Alex L whipped in with his left foot and the ball was deflected by an RSL defender into his own net. Five minutes later Jake won a header from an RSL goal kick which sat up nicely for Alex L to have a shot that looped in over the keeper from outside the box

As the half wore on RSL started to come back into it and you could feel a goal was coming – it did and the score was 2-1 at half time

It was a case of telling the boys how well they had played in the first half and urging them to fight hard and overcome the exhaustion which I could see was going to be a factor as the second half wore on

There were not many chances for either side in the second half – the best falling to RSL but Jos made a brilliant save low to his right and Keastie cleaned up and cleared to deny the follow up. The boys played smart football, kept their structure and organisation together despite clearly tiring

An excellent win, everyone had a good game. Player of the match to Damo – carried out my instruction to stay wide, challenged for every ball and with ball at feet found the right pass pretty much every time. Well played Damo

Match Report – O35.1 – 15/07/2018

Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 15/07/2018

BMFC O35.1: 6
Hazelbrook FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Lowndsey (4, 1 pen), Paul, Ipswich

Player of the Match: Lowndsey

Match Report: After the coldest night of the year we were lucky enough to play Hazo, away, at 9am. Oddly though the temperature gauge went up not down as we travelled up the mountain

Depleted numbers, though it was a pleasant surprise to see Skippy back after a month away at the World Cup. Skip was literally just itching, to play

With Kev away with his brother and our Gaffer Dunny sipping the good stuff in the Hunter Valley we called upon the second best keeper in the league, Zap, to take the gloves

A good start saw us two up early courtesy of Lowndsey following in Thor’s shot and Paul heading in a cross

Skippy was having a good game – there was something very infectious about Skip and the way he was playing

We extended the lead almost straight from the second half kickoff as Lowndsey was up ended in the brown ice rink which was the penalty box in the shade. With Tolly away, the honours went to the next on the list of penalty takers, which happened to be Lowndsey himself – calmly slotted away – good luck getting the responsibility back off him next time Tolly!

One more for Lowndsey and one for Ipswich sealed the win, with a welcome clean sheet as well

Photo – Skippy at the World Cup