Match Report – 14.Girls – 29/07/2023


Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 29/07/2023


BMFC 14.Girls: 1
Emu Plains FC: 3

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: In the progress of this season, it has become clear that there are a few terms that need to be defined to correctly understand the U14 Girls games.
Here is a dictionary of terms that need to be applied:
GOAL: When the ball passes over (either in the air or on the ground) the white (or more commonly faded white) line between the goal posts. For our game on Saturday, this occurred 3 times across our goal line and 1 time across their goal line in an excellent goal from Caitlin.
UNGOAL: When the ball comes close to crossing the goal line, but narrowly misses. For our game on Saturday, this occurred multiple times for our girls and a few times for Emu Plains.
UNCAPITALISED GAIN: When you spend much of the game gaining advantage over the opposition and dominating the play, but only end up scoring UNGOALs. This seems to occur for many many games for our girls.
KICK: There are 2 main types of kicks:
1. Ground Kicks: When the ball is booted hard, but remains rolling along the ground.
2. Air Kicks: When the ball is booted hard and gains an airborne capability that enables it to travel further and over players heads.
Our team are unique specialists in ground kicks. Nearly every kick, be it a penalty kick or field kick are almost always ground kicks. There are some rare occasions where air kicks are achieved, most notably by Elly and Josie this game.
PASS: The deliberate transitioning of the ball from one player of the same team to another player of the same team. This has been happening far more frequently and smoothly for our U14 Girls throughout the season and was in great display on Saturday.
HEADER: The deliberate use of the forehead to send the ball (which has come from an AIR KICK) in a forward direction.
UNHEADER: The move undertaken by U14 Girls where any part of the body other than the forehead is utilised to move the ball (which has come from an AIR KICK) in any direction. Most common body parts utilised are the hand, arms, shoulders, torso, nose, top or side of the head.
HANDBALL: A wildly ambiguous and undetermined rule which has been randomly applied to a whole series of incidents involving the U14 girls shoulders, arms, elbows and occasionally hands. For the first game in some time, it was not applied to us in our goal box on Saturday.
GILDA, PRUDENCE, PORTABELLA, DORCAS etc: Random girls with odd names who achieve acts of greatness in match reports but never seem to make a real impact on the actual game.
B1: A player who makes rare appearances on the playing field doing actual ‘AIR KICKS’ but spends the vast bulk of the season on the sidelines with a vast and varied range of injuries.
SIMON: An expert chef and coach who had slowly become more jaded with each game.

Please ensure these dictionary terms are used and applied in future games.