Welcome to the 2006 season with the Blueys!

Welcome to the 2006 season with the Blueys.

Registrations are complete for another year and our season starts with trial matches at Knapsack over the next two weekends. These will allow the teams and coaches to get the cobwebs out and begin to mold their play.

Our Premier and reserve teams have been training hard since early January and have already had two or three trial matches. They are going to be a formidable squad this year and will be worth watching on Sunday afternoons.

Coaches and players, there are amendments to the Laws of the game this year that will affect you each week so make sure that you take note of the announcements and are up to date.

Referees will be very strict on dangerous and reckless tackles, swearing and abuse in any form. Please ensure that your players a nd supporters retain control at all times.

We will again be having our younger teams refereed by cadet referees from the U12’s & 13’s at Knapsack. They are learning this side of the game at home before they take the full referee’s exam at 14. While learning they will make mistakes, so please give them your understanding and full support.

Enjoy the season and get behind your club when we ask for your assistance.

Ian Monaghan
BMSC President