Match Report U9 Wolves (11-08-2012)

Match Report U9 Wolves (11-08-2012)





Springwood Wolves



Match Report

It was the last of the regular season games before our club gala days and the Wolves were up against the Springwood Wolves at Summerhayes Park.

The last time we met Springwood was at the start of the season when they proved to be a strong and skillful outfit, so this game promised to be a good measure of our improvement over the year.

We entered the game still without Josh and without any subs, the team was going to have to dig deep to run the game out and play hard until the end – and that they did with enormous courage and commitment!

Pre-game we spoke about applying lots of pressure to the opposition when they had the ball and being composed when we were in possession.

All of our skills that we have worked on during the year were on display early. We were well organised, held our structure, used lots of talk and made space to pass the ball.

Alex was great in goals in the first half and Luke and Layla were awesome in defence, worrying Springwood out of numerous attacks. On the few occasions they were able to find a way through, Alex pulled off some brilliant saves!

On the counter attack, Martin and Hamish held great position and made some really good attacking moves.

Lachie and Kynan were applying great pressure in the middle and every time they won possession of the ball, looked up to find a Wolves teammate to pass the ball to.

In the second half, Hamish was outstanding in goals. A gale force wind blowing toward Springwood’s scoring end made it hard to move the ball out of our defence and really put our resolve and fitness to the test.

The focus of all the players was magnificent. At no time did we panic and despite the pressure, we consistently ensured we were following our plan of playing out wide from defence, looking for a teammate in space and not giving the opposition time and space.

There were some awesome passages of play during this period. Martin had an absolutely brilliant all round game. He ran hard all game, every possession was composed, in defence he made some precise passes under pressure to find Alex and in the second half made a great run forward with a shot on goal from a slight angle that missed by centimetres only. Great game Martin!

Also an awesome game by Kynan who was like a mountain in the middle and defence. Some great passes to find players, great commitment to keep running hard all game and kept his team’s spirit alive with lots of voice. Great stuff Ky!

Luke was brilliant in defence in the first half. Not once were the Springwood attackers able to get past Luke and he turned defence into attack several times. Great game Luke!

Lachie ran through the middle in the first half and applied lots of pressure, working hard to get on the end of the kick outs, and made good passes when he had the ball. In the second half, Lachie played forward but worked up to help our defenders and mids to win the ball, whilst pushing forward well when we had the ball. Great stuff Lachie!

Alex and Hamish were more than solid in goals, they both made some absolutely brilliant saves and showed great dedication to the team. Great stuff guys!

Layla showed early that she was up for a big one. She was absolutely relentless in defence for the whole match. Layla attacked the ball and won it at will, making penetrating passes out of defence. During the second half when there were signs of players from both teams tiring, Layla continued to fight hard, chase and tackle, and never gave up. She worried Springwood out of attacking moves several times on her own. Great game Layla and deserving Player of the Week!

On the score sheet, we showed that we have closed the gap with Springwood significantly and on the day, we did it without Josh and without rest.

Importantly, we played to our mantra of working hard continuously, despite the score and without giving up on the contest, and in doing that, we showed not only are we able to change the course of the game and control the outcome, but we also inspire each other and all those watching us and supporting us!

It has been a great season Wolves. You have improved tremendously and become a really solid, dedicated and respected team and along the way, shown you can play great football together!

Well done Alex, Hamish, Josh, Kynan, Lachie, Layla, Luke and Martin. You all have a lot to be proud of and I’m extremely proud of all of your efforts.

Let’s finish off with some fun and show our club our best football these next two weekends.

Go Wolves!


Goal Scorers

Player of the Match

Layla Clune