Match Report U9 Hawks – 12-06-2010




Springwood Black


Match Report

After not playing for two weekends, the boys showed some fine form.  Even the President of the Club was impressed by their skill level!  Jacob Bishop wasn’t feeling 100%, but you wouldn’t have known it by the way he was playing.  Zac Okabe and Sasha Duetoft did really well up-front, with Sasha scoring a "cracker" of a goal in the second half and Zac scoring a hat-trick.  Christian Giles and Drew Hamilton were absolutely amazing in mid-field, whilst Nathan Gregory had a great game in defence and goals.

When our boys come off at full time, they have a habit of guessing who the POM is  for that week.  This week they picked Jarred Gregory and the coach totally agreed with them.  Jarred was tenacious in defence, really got in there with his kicks and never let up on the opposition.  Well deserved, Red!

Goal Scorers

Zac (3), Sasha (1)

Player of the Match

Jarred Gregory