Match Report U8 Tigers (22-06-2013)




Springwood Black


Match Report

After moving to 3 different fields until we finally found the pitch we were meant to be playing on, the boys understandably took a little longer than usual to settle in.

But we soon remembered that positioning and passing is more effective than running around like a herd of sheep, and we soon found space again.

Cy was the recepient of a good through ball, and did well to net it on a bit of an angle and distance from goal.

Joe made a welcome return to the team after a few weeks off, and was rewarded for all his hard work with a goal in the second half.

Zac put his body on the line in goals in the first half, and was solid as usual in the second half, cusing turnovers and making great passes.

Jayden was able to show off his dribbling skills again this week, beating opposition players at will on his raids down field, and unlucky not to score in the 2nd half.

Ethan, too, made good runs in the first half before putting in a rock solid effort in goals 2nd half (minus a couple of scares where he more interested looking at what was happening on the sidelines)!

Tayden caused a lot of turnovers as always, and impressed the opposition sideline with his powerful right boot (comparisons were made to Happy Gilmore’s golf swing) – just couldn’t get it on target this week!

Jack got stuck in to everything as usual, and maintained correct positioning throughout the game whether he was fullback, winger or forward.

Brad ran himself rugged as he does every week, and although he claims he can’t keep away from the ball, his positioning is improving each week.

Goal Scorers

Cy, Joe.

Player of the Match

Matt – always listening and always maintaining great positioning.