Match Report U10.2 White (22-06-2013)








Match Report

Game was played at St John’s at an unusually late 3pm, time enough for the rain to come down and the ground to get nice and soaked.

All players were a bit frantic from the kick off but we settled into our formation after a couple of minutes and played a very good structured game, with great forward passing plays and combination work between Josh (playing forward mid) and Will and Alex either side.

Aidan was in goals for the first half and made some good saves.

Will, Alex and Josh all found the net and there was great support from Martin who played centre mid with some great forward passes, and also a couple of great defensice runs to cover in the second half.

Hamish went in goals in the second half and made a couple of good saves but especially good plays out with long wide balls that set Alex up on the fast break.

Luke applied some good pressure in the midfield and defense, so to Kynan and Layla and Corin attacked some contests really hard which kept us in the play.

Lachlan Farnsworth won Player of the Week with some good efforts to put his body on the line and attack the ball when the team needed it in the second half.

We let the opposition score too easily by not following our fundamental play of pushing the ball out wide in our defensive half.

However going forward, we controlled the ball and moved it around really well, creating fantatic opportunities.

With just a bit more polish with our touches, we could’ve had at least 4 more goals from great crosses and forward combinations.

Goal Scorers

Alex, Wil,l Josh, Aidan.

Player of the Match

Lachlan Farnsworth