Match Report U8 Panthers (30-07-2011)




Wentworth Falls Panthers


Match Report

Another early start at the upper end of the Mountains. Lovely big, lush green pitch although pity the Council only mows in the Summer!

Swapping the kids around a bit to give them a go in different positions took a few minutes to get used to. After conceding a goal though they responded fantastically. Kane’s persistence earnt him a goal; Ash smashed one in and dribbled passed virtually the whole team for his second; James scored two goal-poachers finishes.

In the second half, Con came out of goal, with Ash going in. Arwen and Maeve worked really hard in the midfield all game and it was a split decision between them for POW. Kieran’s passing was great to see, setting the others up on many occasions. Goals for Riley and Aiden were well taken.

Goal Scorers

James, Riley, Ash, Kane, Aiden

Player of the Match