Match Report U7 Emus (30-07-2011)






Match Report

Playing with only four this week the Emus had their work cut out for them. It was a great display of what they have been practicing at training and praise must go to coach Paul. Saxon – you are looking like a real footballer, looking for your options, moving to space and passing off to players in a better position. Braydon, the super boot – your sense of moving forward when needed, then getting back to defend was excellent on the weekend and your challenging is exactly what is needed, so keep it up. Lochie, nice goal and unlucky not to score a second, which missed by a whisker. Eddi,e your skills have improved out of sight, some great turns and your ball control is excellent. You scored 5 super goals and didn’t forget to defend when needed, great effort. Boys, you kept a good side scoreless too, so be proud of your effort.

Goal Scorers

Eddie, Lochie

Player of the Match