Match Report U8 Bears – Season 2010

While the football at the World Cup provided some entertaining football this year, it was overwhelmingly dwarfed by the 2010 season of the under 8 bears. The whole group through their effort, abilities and progress provided not only a lot of entertaining football (and moments) but created a team that everyone would like to see stay together.

There were momentous occasions of achievement, such as the moment in the last game of the year when “get into the middle” actually meant players getting into the middle.This represented a whole season of development.

Individual players shone, often in more ways than one. Shaun slowly but surely relinquished the “lead with your bottom” tackle, while also scoring a goal from halfway. Erin and Eva dominated the fullback positions and progressed from the delicate girls to the “dual hatchets”. They both worked extremely well together. There may be some denial, but there were rumours that Erin’s mum Caryn was counting the boys that her daughter floored. Samuel claimed himself a superb goal in the last game and nearly a second with the most powerful shot of the year. None that will impress more than making a goalie save with his head while not looking. Faith improved wonderfully over the year and gave her take on football as “I like being goalie because you can talk when you play and don’t have to run.” She has that position summed up beautifully.

Hugh found his feet this year and has found skill with his pace as well as passing and understanding the game very well … he was everywhere this year. The strongest man in the game – Zach -did the job of 20 people each week. He was always there and has strong associations in the hatchet group (in the nicest possible way). Speaking of enormous amounts of work, Aaron was his remarkable self and continues to amaze with his skill, speed, tackling and strength, despite being one of the smaller people on the park. It took a lot of effort to deflect Bayern Munich’s attempt to steal him, and his performance was well worth it. Rob learnt the art of “skinning” someone and surprised himself by his ability to do so – added to his passing and tackling, it really was only his Dad calling him “Chuz” that held him back. Storming Alyssa continued to shrug off the boys, only disappointingby not being able to play as much as everyone would like.                                    

We are very proud of the whole team, not only from their soccer but their effort and attitude. We look forward to all of them playing together next year and building on such FIFA developmental initiatives as “get into the middle”, “don’t tackle with your bottom” and “stop being so mean to the boys”.