Match Report U7 Zebras (19-05-2012)








Match Report

In a fury of fur and teeth the Jaguars and the Zebras played an all-out campaign in the Knapsack Savannah today. The Jaguars found that Zebra muscle is tough and strong, and we found that Jaguars are fast and have sharp claws. A terrific long-distance shot from Mathew wove its way through a gaggle of legs and found the goal. A speedy hoof by Kaelan found our other point for the game. The Jaguars defended several attacks from Isobel, and Alexander and Ben thwarted several attacks. We were so excited to see the Zebras playing beyond their stripes and working well as a team. Well done to both teams on a terrific tussle. Tune in next week, when the Zebras go shark diving!!!

Goal Scorers

Mathew and Kaelan

Player of the Match