Match Report U5 Kangaroos (12-05-2012)




U5 Monkeys


Match Report

With the Kangaroos down to the minimum 4 players this week it was a pretty easy pre-game training session. Thomas Cartman showed improvement from the previous week, getting more involved in the play and tackling well. Jasmine Filla was, as always, strong on the ball and defended superbly to stop the opposition on a number of occasions. Her bright red cheeks at the end of the game showed how much she had run. Nicholas Michaleris was strong on the ball, scored 2 really nice goals and worked very hard for the team. Bodhi Jack was supposed to be a bit under the weather however you would never have known – he was everywhere. He scored a number of great goals with 1 from the sideline. Most pleasing though was his excellent defending and his ability to read the game and time his tackles to perfection. WELL DONE KANGAROOS ………………

Goal Scorers

Nicholas Michaleris, Bodhi Jack, Jasmine Filla

Player of the Match

Bohdi Jack