Match Report U7 Sharks – 09-08-2008

vs Emu Plains Panthers
Opposition Score 1

Match Report What a terrific game! We watched our team play fantasically well as a team – a mean feat for a bunch of 7yo boys. Every player scored at least one goal and every player had at least one attempt at goal … that missed. Doesn't matter – the boys all had fun, as witnessed by the giggling and laughing and mucking around that was going on in-field when the ball was dead. We had our first own-goal in a long time (good on ya, Sasha), but so what. It was a great game, a pleasure to watch for us families and seemed a pleasure to play, from the boys POV. Player of the match was Joshua, who has never scored two goals in one game in his entire football 'career'. Well done, Joshua – we're all so very pleased for you! This week we missed Lachlan, who was hopefully sunning himself somewhere in Qld. Thanks for your coaching, Jason – seems like the team are finally 'getting' it. And, thanks, Martin for a great job this week as referee. Three games left, boys – k eep up the excellent work!
Goal Scorers Joshua (2) Jake (2) Christian (1) Drew (1) Kegan (1) Sasha (1)
Player of the Match Joshua