Match Report U6 Zebras (28-05-2011)





Springwood Emus



Match Report

Today we played host to the Springwood Emus, who certainly had a spring in their step, and used their renowned speed and powerful kicks. After a mysterious pep talk by our coach at 1/2 time, the Zebras got to their hoofs, and Kaelen and Isobel gave the net a welcomed workout. Alexander, Mat and Ben played great defence and attack, setting up our shooters and thwarting many an onslaught. The end result was an honorable victory. The shots for goal at the end showed how accurate and strong both teams shooting match was. Great job for both teams.

Goal Scorers

Kaelen 3 Isobel 2

Player of the Match

"Everyone" – We decided ALL Zebras played such a good game.