Match Report U5 Bears (28-05-2011)





Springwood Racoons



Match Report

The Bears had a very exciting game against the Springwood Racoons in their first Gala Day. The teams were well matched and the Bears had to work hard as a team. Harry, Mason and Will all scored goals in the first half and along with Daniel also performed some great tackling and blocking.

Taking to the field in the second half, the Bears were noticeably tired and concentration was waning. Meanwhile, the Racoons remained focused and twice accurately aimed the ball from a halfway kick off through a busy Bears "meeting" to score goals. The team managed to gather themselves together, with all the boys enthusiastically blocking, tackling and attacking through a tight Racoons defence. Harry scored three more goals while Jasper, after a quiet entrance to the field, performed some great blocks.

Alexander participated in training and end of game shoot out but preferred to watch the game from the sideline.

Goal Scorers

Will (1) Mason Harry (6)

Player of the Match