Match Report U15.3 – 12-08-2007

vs Springwood
Opposition Score 8
Match Report Derby Day at Summerhayse Oval Early Sunday morning our young chargers took to the field as goalie James (replaced by Samantha) took to the city to surf. On a clear and unusually warm morning the Bluies took some time to wake from their morning slumber. The sluggish start resulted in a 2-zip half time score line. But the process had begun. It seemed little would wake our sleepyheads from their slumber and the traditional 9am start and 2 goal start for the opposition was simply going to be the way of things and nothing short of a Tommy Ridonicus face slap would change things. Luckily the threat of goal duties and the extra rising of the sun started the process within the kids. None were immune and not through self doubt but rather first half exhaustion did we labour through the first half. In fairness it was an even affair with Springwood doing all the pressing and were playing on bravado and confidence as a soft first goal following a keeper spillage (sorry Sam that how it was) was followed up by a harder chance 10 minutes later. A gentle whisper in the ears of the players as they came off for a spell to engage to opposition and tackle, tackle, tackle provided dividends as the 50/50 challenges started going our way and the Woodies were put back on their heels. A half time rev up and the thought of self belief restored saw a rejuvenated 11 take to the field and immediately began to impose themselves on the opposition. After 10 minutes the Woodies looked flat and the deficit was reduced by one following a drive into a crowded box by James Hunter who pivoted of his left foot and slotted a right foot goal between two players. This was the trigger for a strong finish as all lifted and ball movement became less staggered and flowed more freely for us. This movement benefited James Crowe as he got on the end on a lovely ball movement and drove the advantage to the goal line and poked a cheeky shot into the corner of the goal ad the keeper desperately tried to cut the angle. Our chargers were tiring but still fresher than the opposition and a keeper change was made with Cameron who had done a mountain of work on the left side and kept the strikers and wingers quiet. Similarly Aden on the right arose from his slumber and showed some nice touch on the ball as well as punching through some nice through ball a la Cameron style. Mitchell Carter was moved around and pretty much ran himself into the ground. Along with Steve the two boys held the defensive line when needed and charged forward on every occasion, Steve’s turn of pace impressive yet unfortunate to pick up a goal or two. For my mind Brendan had a typical tough game and gave not even an inch away as he shut down his win and proved an inspiration in both halves. Ben, Liam, Nick laboured in mid field where all the action was for most of the game and Liam and Ben fired up in the second half and drove the lads around the field. An injury interrupted Nick was playing to his usual high standard and was respond sidle for most breaks in the first half but played a holding role in the second letting Liam and Ben move the ball in the second half. Justin worked tirelessly down his wing in attack and defence and whilst ridden hard by the coach still managed a smile. A less compassionate Justin in the second half confronted the opposition with almost no option. By the time Sam got into the field the Bluies were pressing 90% of the game with the odd break coming to naught. The damage had been done by the strikers and like the first game we were unlucky not to run away with the win because we were all over the opposition who were now falling apart everywhere and hung in for a well earned draw. The game kind of summed up our year. With the team showing all the potential but delivering late in the season. The next game is for the Pennant on Sunday and the later start should see our young sleepy heads rise from their slumber just in time for the kick off. The emphasis being on a sprightly played first half and a grinding second half which hopefully bring a good result. We will just have to wait and see. For those wanting to see the game it on at 10.45 am (kick off) at Inalls Lane this Sunday. Good luck guys and Sam.
Goal Scorers Mitchell H & James C
Player of the Match James C