Match Report U13.5 – 11-08-2007

vs Bligh Park
Opposition Score 7
Match Report Tough going in the Hawkesbury On a very warm and windy Saturday afternoon a near full contingent of Bluies arrived at Berger Park for the last game of the year and possibly a game that decides the top four or pennants. The team was particularly sprightly and started the game began in that fashion. Running downhill with the wind the team took early advantage of the conditions, particularly Ben and his now booming kicks. Most of the first half saw the bluies on one relentless raid after another and the ball seemed to run a little faster down hill on some opportunities were tantalising close to conversion and the early push was definitely on by the bluies. After about 15 minutes the deadlock was broken as a Brianna pounced on a ricochet off the goalie following a nicely taken drive by Michael and she tucked the first goal away in the corner on the follow through. Bligh Park scored soon after as “play on” was called dismissing a hand ball call by us and the charge resulted in a scrappy goal tying the game up at one a piece. As the heat began to take its toll the larger Bligh Park outfit employed a more physical approach and slowly started getting into the game. Ten minutes from half time Bligh Park over ran the defence with numbers and constructed a second goal. Much can be said about our defence but they were under the pump the whole game as firstly the opposition forwards were giants in comparison, faster and generally out numbered or backs opting for a break on the run and given these factors did well to hold the opposition and keep the team in the game. A break through in the game as the play was entering the frustration period with the bounce of the ball deserting us and the forwards began being frustrated. A nice break from Wade in the middle of the field beat the defence and he ran in a clean goal shortly before the half time whistle. A half time pep talk could d little to stem the second half onslaught as the heat and wind increased and the physical game intensified. The final straw was a number of offside decisions were not called and resulted in two goals a third of the way into the second half. The large Bluies support contingent were not happy with proceedings but held their tongue and let the team do the talking. Unfortunately the situation didn’t change until a 5- 2 score line was reached and some decision started going our way as a consolation. A tough lesson was learnt that day and the referee is part of the conditions that you play to and with all that was going on the team held their head and surged on. Given the size limitations a fourth placing in the comp is quite a good result but at the business end of the year the smaller Bluies pack is realising that size does matter but it is not everything and we are competitive when we play smart football. Good things we took from the game was the defensive effort from Brendan, the General, Olivia Katie and Tim who worked tirelessly and stood firm even knowing decisions were going against them. Brianna got on the boards and a sick Rebecca and Wade punched through the barrier. Hanna & Jordan are always improving and tackling well. The rest of the team pushed on and now is the time when we employ team specific strategies from what we learned this year. Well done on reaching the finals kids and the best is yet to come.
Goal Scorers Brianna & Wade
Player of the Match Rebecca