Match Report U14.4 – 8 April, 2006

vs Blaxland
Opposition Score 1
Match Report The first half saw good disciplined defensive play from Blue Mountains, with Liam, Tom, Steve and Sarah coping well with Blaxland’s fast forwards. Liam was a terrier at left back, fearlessly tackling and usually winning the ball from opponents often much bigger than him.

Blue Mountains pushed forward more in the second half, with good running midfield play from Mitchell H, Steve, Scott, Mitchell C, Otis and Rachel and some fine runs up the wing from Tim.

At the other end the defence was stretched, despite good work from Ben, Aden and Will. 3 individual breakaways by fast Blaxland forwards were bravely blocked by James running out, one followed by his positioning enabling him to save a shot from very close range. However with 14 minutes left Blaxland’s pressure paid off with a well taken goal.

Blue Mountains continued to attack, and in the dying minutes Tim’s cross after a great run up the wing found Mitchell C whose strong shot was foiled by a good save by the Blaxland ‘keeper.
Goal Scorers
Player of the Match Liam (first half), James (second half)