Match Report U13.5 – 5 May, 2007

vs Cranebrook
Opposition Score 2
Match Report A case of de ja vu

Our travels away felt more like another jungle safari, this time to the Serengetti of Andromeder Oval, a recently opened field by council. The field was lush and traffic was slow. But one thing we learnt at Glenmore Park is how to play to the conditions. This the team executed better than the opposition.

It was a very tight affair and the score pretty much relfected the game as a thin bluies line up took on some real giants that also boasted plenty of speed all over the paddock resulting in truly entertaining end to end football, the spectators being the real winners.

The performance was a real team affair with no one playing below their best and the game was taken to the opposition and fortune at first seemed to favour Cranebrook who conceeded a goal only to strike back immediately to level the score. Whilst early traffic went our way the score didnt reclect the attack and shorthy before the second half Cranebrook pressed forward continually.

Half time debrief allowed for reflection and instructions but again we were under the pump from the start and went down another goal. The game was still in the balance and the young blues dug in deep and defended in midfield and were rewarded with a goal as the oppostion tired.

The game went into overdrive as both teams pressed forward continually but with only seconds remaining we pinched a clever goal to record a valuable away win. Truly heart breaking for Cranebrook who pushed us all the way.

Players played out of position at times but did very well including Ashley on the wing, Daniel M in goals and Brendan up front. The midfield combinations of Wade, Michael, Daniel M and Ben was ultimately crucial and stopped the opposition from having their way. The ever reliable backs of Dan L, Tim & Olivia stood firm and were courageous under relentless attack.

Rebecca, Jordan and Brianna never stopped working with Bri pinching the last goal after harrassing the opposition backs all game. Finally a big thank you to a sick Lauren who batteled on under less than ideal fitness and provided relief for others in the many positions that she played.

Another memorable game to add to the memoirs and this performance should send a clear message to other teams that we are ready to go and we should give the competition a real shake.

Goal Scorers Wade, Michael & Brianna
Player of the Match Wade Murray