Match Report U13.5 – 18-08-2007

vs Blaxland
Opposition Score 4
Match Report

Semi Finals derby Day On a glorious Saturday afternoon our young Bluies ventured to St Johns for their semi finals match up with the young Redbacks. Previous outings resulting in two drawn games suggesting there was little difference between the two teams. Optimism in the camp was high and the team duly prepared for the game. The game started in a typically end to end fashion with both teams going blow for blow and as predicted the game was played out in midfield with the backs being involved in plenty of action.

Early tactics showing dividends as Ashleigh single handedly shut down the opposition striker marking him out of the game and eventually retiring him to the backs. On the left wing Morgan was doing a similar thing and effectively shut down her side forcing play down the centre of the park for Brendan and Michael to dominate. Up front Brianna was following on from last week’s strong performance and harassed the backs resulting in some sporadic play and a little messy which really didn’t favour any team. It was Blaxland who opened the proceedings with a delicately chipped goal over Ben at a time when the ball was played every where but on the deck.

The surges continued and resulted in the first of 2 eleven metre goals and our regular shooter Ben stepped up and took a clean shot in the top left corner to level the score before half time. Inspirational attack and tackling from Hanna was the highlight of her game that highlighted how far she has come. Similarly Katie had an exceptionally strong game and bravely defended her side. The General on the other hand was freed up and cleaned up a lot of loose ball into safety.

In general the smaller Blues were matching it with the Reds and it was a game worthy of the finals.

Second half started and the game ebbed and flowed the same as in the first half with plenty of opportunities being created at both ends. But again it was the reds who surged into the box and slotted their second goal early in the half while the Bluies couldn’t deliver that killer blow, try as they might. It was certainly proving to be a hard day at the office for Mick, Wade, Rebecca and Tim who stood firm in the middle of the park.

Midway through the half Blaxland took a decisive lead from an acute shot that crept under a diving Daniel Mc and the game then went into overdrive as the Bluies stepped up a seeming impossible level and did all the running at a tiring outfit. All the lead up work saw wade pushed through a tight gap and was brought down in the box. Ben stepped up for his second eleven metre penalty which limped over the line from what was almost a great save.

The last eight minutes were frenzied to say the least as the Bluies looked every where for the equaliser and the team pushed forward holding only two backs and a last minute clearance saw one of the redbacks pop out the other side of the blues defence and thumped a speculator into the goal mouth that bounces over an out of place Daniel into the goal. Very unlucky but effectively ended a tough campaign.

All played a brilliant game including Daniel Mc in Midfield, Lauren and Jordon out on the wing all of which fought to the very end and typified the teams Resolve. Thanks go to a healthy Bluies support contingent who have followed their kid’s progress this year and been the benefactor of some splendid football of what is a lovely bunch of boys and girls. Well done all and enjoy the summer break

Goal Scorers Ben x 2
Player of the Match Brianna