Match Report U10.2 (28-07-2012)








Match Report

The mystery continues of why we struggle to score goals.

We have a team very equally balanced in skill level, and every boy is well suited to Division Two football or even higher. Somehow though, we play wonderful football but just can’t get the ball in the net. This game against Penrith FC highlighted the problem, we had far more possesion of the football, they had very few attacks, but won the game.

Aiden Monaco improves every week and had many amazing runs down the wing, enjoying dribbling past defenders. Gus Langworthy showed his versatility having a run up-front and Jack Higgins’ ability to be a split second faster than the opposition and steal the ball is a highlight.

Globetrotting Goalkeepers Angus Callinan and Noah Clarkeburn were both sensational, both looking very comfortable in the brightly coloured jersey.

It was good to see D’arcy Salmon back with his team mates for the second week, and being a very valued member of the defence.

In the final seconds of the game, Penrith scored a goal that taught the boys that they need to listen to the Ref’s whistle. The ball was well over the line, in fact, nearly in Jamisontown, but the opposition played on and put the ball in the net.

Three time ex-Socceroo Alan Ainslie is running this week’s training session; hopefully he can get the goals flowing again to prove what a talented team we really are!

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