Match Report O35.4 (17-07-2011)








Match Report

A re-scheduled game away to Cranebrook, played at Emu.

Knowing that we had sewn the League Title up the week before, we carried out our cunning plan to confuse Cranebrook (who we play again next week and in the semi’s) by playing everyone out of position (and out of form as it panned out). With midfielders in defence, and defenders playing up front, we took the field ready for some fun. 2 nil down after twenty minutes, we decided bugger this and went back to our usual positions. Only Swinger had been handling it well up until then as apparently he is used to having a go in all sorts of positions.

Unfortunately this made sod all difference as Cranebrook continued to soak up the pressure we applied, break and score, lots.

Ipswich continued his goal streak by giving the keeper no chance from a pin point cross. Problem was the keeper was Leeds!

Fair play to Cranebrook, they played well and deservedly won. Next week is our last game of the season, at home and we are determined to maintain our proud winning record at Knapsack.

Goal Scorers

El Capitano (pen), Ipswich (wrong end though)

Player of the Match

Everyone – we were as bad as each other!