Match Report O35.4 (07-08-2011)

Match Report O35.4 (07-08-2011)








Match Report

‘Write when you’re winning, you only write when you’re winning’, I can hear you all now. After getting towelled in our last game of the regular season the week before, Swinger took me under his wing and helped me forget all about it with a massive night at The Club. Unfortunately this meant I completely forget to write last week’s match report. Summary was we were spanked – oh, I meant against Cranebrook, not Swinger and I, well … we’ll leave that behnd closed doors’, eh Swingy?

So to this week’s game. After a great training session on Friday evening to get last week’s touch up (against Cranebrook, not … you get the idea) out of our system, we arrived early for the late afternoon game. The 5’s inspired us with a great comeback from 2 down to earn a draw. Then the rain came. It bucketed down just before our kick off. The pitch was a quagmire and with over half the team being English we knew this was a good sign.

We got an early breakthrough when Daddy Warbucks latched onto a ball in the box to clinically fire past the keeper. Soon after, a ball over the top fell perfectly in front of The Kaiser. Waiting for it to roll forward, he then swung and missed as the ball got stuck in the mud. Gazza made it two and then, as planned before the game (should he score), ran off for a slide in the mud. Unfortunately, he ran away from the mud and gave himself a nasty grass burn. He made up for it a few minutes later, sliding to get on the end of a great cross from The Kaiser. Ball went over but I think Gazza enjoyed being caked in mud nearly as much as the kids did after the game.

Ipswich got booked for the second week in a row for a love tap near the sideline – seriously, we have been belted from pillar to post in plenty of games and never seen a card. Apparently some clown then told Ipswich to calm down, referring to him as Björn Borg due to the mightly Ipswich Town sweat bands worn every week. Pfff. Oh, if you get time, check the Championship table, ‘we are top of the league, say we are top of the league’. Only 40-odd games to go.

Toward the end of the half, Gazza earnt us a penalty. El Capitano had the first one saved, but the keeper had come running out toward him before it was taken. The second one was calmly dispatched, showing great nerve.

In the early part of the second half Jamo came at us and we did well to soak up the pressure. Chrome Dome dribbled through the opposition’s defence and then as he lost the ball, pressured the defender into poking it past his own keeper.

Intensity took over as centre forward with The Kaiser having to go off injured and scored a cracker, dinking past the on-coming keeper. El Capitano capped off a great game firing in his second. In the dying seconds off the game, Gazza pulled the ball back from the by line for Björn to politely ask El Capitano to step aside for a moment so he could steer the ball home into the bottom corner. Björn, you cheeky git, get that into ya.

After the game, Swinger was not happy. He had burst forward a few times in the second half but the delivery of the final ball to him was lacking. His actual words were ‘I am not used to making a penetrating effort into the box, only to then come away completely dis-satisfied’.


Leeds was so happy about the result he decided to take his pants off. Here we can see Intensity giving him his reward for a great save when we were 6-0 up ensuring a clean sheet was kept. 

Well done boys, great result.

Goal Scorers

El Capitano (2, 1 pen), Egg Head, Gazza, Intensity, Björn, Oggy


Player of the Match

El Capitano