Match Report AA.5 (07-08-2011)





St Mary’s Convent



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy day as the AA5’s headed down to play St Marys Convent on their home pitch (to the right of Ripples if looking from the front door of Ripples). Each game still so important – to give us a chance to make the semis.

I had a good feeling when I heard that Crusty had begun to paint his house in an effort to mimic Daniel-San of Karate Kid and, at the same time, increase his physical and mental skill. Crusty had some great turns and shots today and by the time the house is done, he’ll be ready to tear down any defence!

In other news: as rare as Dez enjoying a beer, we saw Liam turn up to training! This also saw Liam in fine form today, bringing him inches from his first goal.

A fast start and a good passing game saw the Blueys taking it to the opposition and after some patience, we saw our first goal go in! Cheers, Dez.

A big cheer to BK for giving his hamstring a test today. His tenaciousness was rewarded with our second goal!!!

Another big cheer for the unknown masked photographer who, I’m sure, has captured some great ammunition for the G4 slide show!!!

The second half saw the Blueys scrambling as a desperate opposition continuously booted the ball up the field. After some near misses from the team, Liam ran onto a Dez pass through the backline and smacked a shot at the goal. The keeper was lucky to deflect the shot before Disco hit the volley home. Post-game discussions resulted in an alternative nickname for Disco – simply "Egg"Ā or "Googie" because he likes them poached! Of course the third goal wasn’t poached – I was there, I saw everything šŸ˜‰ This goal also involved a good run up the field from Slasher.

Thanks for those, too, who turned up whilst still crook. Get well soon. The opposition allegedly described us as "fit"Ā. Whilst the unknown masked photographer believes this comment related to the team’s apparent fitness level, I believe that they were slightly partial to the Navy Blues LOL See ya all at training.

Goal Scorers

Grass Hopper, The Doctor, Disco/Egg/Googie

Player of the Match

The unknown masked photographer