Match Report AA.5 (29-05-2011)





St Mary’s Convent



Match Report

A dark & stormy year it has been for the AA5’s. Indeed it took 6 games to achieve a victory! One of the team scribes now lifts his pen to expertly exaggerate the torrid events.

Also, it is this scribe’s first opportunity to welcome the new Bluey strip!! Where do we start the story Tingles? From the beginning: where a lightning “bend em like beckham“ needle in a haystack shot from the opposition worked its way passed Tingles who was first half in goals. The punching of a random hard object, however, was not to be had from our new coach as he must have had an inkling as to what was to come!

There was good work over the field including:


  • Denty’s ‘get out of the way’ runs up the pitch
  • Mungrel’s tackling and deft lay-offs
  • Slasher’s dogged marking and needle thread passing (I was at the end of one!)
  • Liam’s lightning runs down the line (our new Pharlap!)
  • Chris’ presence in the middle with some great ground passes!
  • Tony’s all-in efforts on the wings (pressuring the opposition)
  • Dirty’s dribbling and 1-2 passing!
  • Cranky’s holding ability in the middle of the mayhem
  • BK’s 110% effort for 110% of the time
  • Maxi’s multi-talented efforts in the goal and up front!
  • Tingle’s too for the multi-talented efforts and for his inspiring words at half time
  • The Scalpel’s precision holding techniques 😉
  • Grasshopper’s asic’s for holding up
  • Slider’s consistency in defending the important part of the field
  • Mini, Crussell and Heather for keeping the sideline colourful!


Mucho gracious from the team for slotting the 4 goals away – BK for 1, Tingles for 1 and Grasshopper’s Asic’s for 2!!! Well done lads.

Goal Scorers

BK, Tingles & Grasshopper

Player of the Match

First win – certainly a team effort!